the magical couple

i am a long time fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch! So it was only a matter of time till I drew her :)
I remember my dad took my brother and I to the store to pick a toy, I got the Sabrina Barbie doll. I wish I still had it!
Did you ever watch Sabrina? Remember her relationship with Harvey Kinkle? *sigh* I was SO happy they ended up together in the finale! Of course I had to add Salem in the drawing. who didn't love him? omg, he was the funniest character. The show is just plain good and I could watch it everyday if I had the seasons of dvd! haha. Come on Netflix! haha.

if you have any characters or couples you would like seen drawn by me, leave a comment :)
(Ned & Chuck from Pushing Daisies are next)


  1. This is so cute! I miss that show so much. I had the Sabrina and Harvey dolls. I remember loving the Harvey doll's jacket so much that it was the main outfit for all of my future Ken dolls, haha!

  2. I love this. I was also happy Harvey and Sabrina ended up together. I was always rooting for them.

  3. this is so cute and you added the little kitty :)

  4. Okay, so I officially have a little crush on you! Your illustrations are totally beyond cute, but most of all, you like Sabrina!!!! Every night at 6pm I watch Sabrina, The Teenage Witch! Its on tv here (in australia!) every night, and it is a part of my daily routine. I go for my daily walk at 5pm and walk super fast so I get home in time to watch it while I'm feeding my baby daughter. I LOVE Harvey! He is so sweet, like a little puppy dog!