Todays Drawing

Pen & Color Pencils.

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin 4x4 Print

Get it on my Etsy today :)

New Pick Ups : Urban Outfitters

I went to Urban Outfitters last week and grabbed a few awesome things.
First, i made my way into the "Sale" room and found this great piece of art of a sewing machine. It was $34.00 and on sale for $10 ;0)

I also wanted to pick up a few side table books and i found these two:
STUFF Every Women Should know & Banksy Myths & Legends

STUFF Every Woman Should Know is a very helpful book!! Get it!!


Being the nail polish nerd that i am, i found these two gorgeous bottles. $5 each, but 2 for $8.
The glitter one is titled Afterhours and the peach color is Hangover

My Favorite Purse at the Moment

So i wanted to do a post of my current favorite purse. 
I have been eyeing this purse for a good while at Forever 21. Recently i noticed that they were not selling them anymore.. and honestly, i was VERY sad, i cant tell you how much i REALLY  wanted this purse. Well, one day, while i was Christmas shopping.. i seen it just laying on top of a bunch of scarves. Totally out of no where.. just ONE.. sitting there staring at me. I grabbed it right away.. looked at it, to see if it was damaged or not, but i was perfect.. and without hesitation.. I BOUGHT IT.
I love the style, the color. The long strap, retro-kind of old school feel to the purse.
The purse was about $23 dollars. Too me, thats not a bad price for how cute this purse is!

It may not look like you can fit everything in this purse, but i use it for special occasions or if i can find something to really match with it. all i put in here is my wallet, phone, lotion, keys and Chapstick.

I also fell madly in love with the inside of the purse, the floral fabric.. Definitely gives it more character!
detailed strap

Matching my outfit is a bit tricky, but i learned to just have fun with it. If i want a real nice look i will wear a black dress with it. For a more fun and more bright look, i have a blue dress (that i also got at Forever 21) that goes well with the purse. 

First Post of The New Year.

Welcome to my new blog, The Rosa Dairies. For those of you who do not know a thing about me, i am Rosa Aplaon and i am an artist. I paint, draw, craft, design.. I also love movies, fashion, quotes, poems, animation, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Tim Burton, The Vampire Diaries and God. My blog will consist of all of the above plus more.
I have tried many times to start a blog but fail everytime, it mostly has to do with.. "what do i blog about?"
but i realize how much i do, creatively, and i want to show you all my work along with the things i like and love :)

To tell you a little more about myself,
I live in a small town in California. Bay Area bound. 
I am 24 years old and i am a Filipino-American. I have a boyfriend, a best friend, a handful of amazing friends and the best family anyone could ask for. 
I didnt grow up with much but I grew up knowing i can have so much more then just "things": Creating, the amazing people in my life and God are more than enough for me.
The littlest things make me smile, im easily amused, and I believe in miracles.

Heres a quote for you all:
"Sometimes I wish I could microwave my dreams.. But I know they’ll taste better when they come out of the oven.." - Banks

Stay tuned for my next post.