New Years Eve

Even though im working and have become sick today (out of all the days) im trying to make the best of it. i got to hangout and have coffee with my best friend (who i have not hung out with in a while.. well, just the two of us) on my lunch. She got me a new Disney mug that she got from Disneyland this past weekend. love it! We just sat at Peets coffee and talked talked talked. It made this New Years Eve.. so far.. a pleasant one :)

I decided to go back to my once upon a time healthy routine. When i was working out back in February i changed my diet. Like homemade smoothies and Juice from Jamba Juice. Even though i don't count on Jamba Juice drinks completely healthy its actually better than most of the things i consume. haha. really all i get from there now are the Juices (which works for me). Today i got one with kale, apple, pineapple and chia. delicious, btw. I hope to bring this healthy kick into the New Year. Along with working out (again).

Speaking of! I decided to post my New Years resolutions. I figured what better way to keep up with them and never forget them than to document it here on my blog. haha.

2014 New Years Resolutions:

🌼 pray more - this is my main thing
🌼 read more - I still have three books to finish =/
🌼 go on more adventures - more LA trips please
🌼 go to comic con & wonder con - I tell my myself every year but this time its going to happen
🌼 more running marathons - my first step is Warrior Dash
🌼 paint more - I wont fail at this
🌼 work out (of course) - predictable.
🌼 always look my best - no matter how tired I am. you just never know who youre going to meet.
🌼 see more movies - even if its by myself
🌼 no drama - this is always a toughy but it mainly revolves around the people you associate with.
🌼 try something new - food, places, etc
🌼 be more responsible - with money, mostly.
🌼 illustrate and/or write a book - mainly childrens
🌼 smile more - even when im exhausted, I must do this.
🌼 go to more concerts - I see them in my future
🌼 help others - in any way that I can.
🌼 be more social - that's my main issue =/
🌼 be more confident - in myself. oh, Rosalyn, please try to do this.
🌼 organize, organize, oh and organize - this means: my room, workspace, my blog and my life in general.
🌼 meet new people - which also fits in the category of "be more social".
🌼 save money!

so, that's a pretty long list. I had no idea. And im pretty sure theres more (I will add them when they come to mind). haha. what are your New Years resolutions? Id like to hear them!
Tonight, ill be spending my New Years with my family. there really is no better way ;)
Have a fantastic night, you guys! be safe!

Rosa Clementine

10 films of 2013

being the movie fanatic that I am, I figured id make a list of the 10 movies I obsessed over this year. now, there are some that didn't make the list because i haven't seen them yet (those movies are: The Desolation of Smaug, Saving Mr. Banks, Her, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty). And im certain they would all make the list once ive seen them (which im sure will be after New Years). Heres my top 10 movies! All recommend, of course!

10. Captain Phillips : This was insane anxiety throughout the whole film. The fact that its based on a true story is what makes it more interesting and believable. Tom Hanks never seizes to amaze me!

9. Gravity : speaking of anxiety.. haha.. yeah, this film probably won that award. I got to see it in 3D (which im not too fond of but I wouldn't have seen it any other way with this one!). The fact that it had only 2 actors, the effects and simplicity of something so real is pretty impressive. This was a really good film!

8. This is the End : I think this movie was pretty brilliant. taking celebrities as they are and filming this intense situation. its a genius comedy. the story took me a little bit by surprise and some things were a little heavy (haha) but I didn't take it seriously (its a movie!) and it was just full on hilarious!

7. Fast and Furious 6 : been a Fast and Furious fan since the beginning but didn't really like ALL films. I think the first, five and this one was the best. Fast 6 was a really good fun/action film. I laughed and I gasp! (RIP Paul).

6. Thor the Dark World : I got to see this one 2 times in the theater :) so yeah, of course this would make the list. I actually favorite this film over the first one. Mainly because theres is just much more going on. I also love the fact that Loki had this on-going humor. There were some things I wasn't too fond of in the film but overall I think it was very entertaining. it also reminded me a bit of Star Wars, you can comment if you're interested in that part. haha.

5. Frozen : this movie. oh my. this movie. I thought this movie was just lovely and hilarious! more hilarious than anything. I loved the character of Ana. They made her character very relatable to ton of girls (i.e. me haha). I loved her awkwardness. Oh and Olaf the snowman.. one of the best characters ever made. though I didn't fancy the music so much, this film is probably one of the best animation films ive seen.

4. Monsters University : I waited for MU for so dang long. the wait was SO worth it. I was not disappointed one bit. the animation was incredible! the music.. oh my! and the humor.. just. YES. i just cant get over the quality of the film. MU has become my top favorite animation films.

3. Hunger Games Catching Fire : every time i would see the trailer for this film id get serious goosebumps. So you can probably only imagine how i felt watching the entire film. i love the first film but this one was just truly amazing. its one of the best films ive ever seen. i told everyone that my anxiety was so bad, that i almost threw up. haha. its true. i was either going to vomit or walk out cause i couldn't handle it. its just that good of a film. haha.

 2. Star Trek Into Darkness : never was i a Trekkie fan until i saw the trailer for the first Star Trek film (directed by J.J. Abrams). i wanted to see it so bad which was really weird. So, i saw it and completely fell in love. i was one of the geeks that got all super giggly and excited when Into Darkness came out. J.J. Abrams is just a genius. every film he takes on is just incredible! The acting, music, humor, effects and action in this film was full on fantastic! One of my favorites!

1. The Worlds End : Edgar Wright fits the genius category with Abrams. Huge fan of his work and (again) he did not disappoint with this film. Ive always admired the creativity Wright, Pegg and Frost have. To me, theyre comedic masterminds. The Worlds End was one of the funniest films ive ever seen. So random with brilliant humor, beer and alien robots. haha. Happy that it just fits so well with the other Cornetto films.

that's my top 10, id like to know yours!
leave me a comment and ill be sure to check out some more films! :)

Rosa Clementine

Best of 2013 (Instagram) + fave shot of the year

I don't think I could complain about any year! theres always the fun times and down times but its usually what you get out of it and what you learn is what makes you think back on the year. This year made me realize who I really am, what I want to do and what I want to be. Its made me write down the goals for next year. travel more, do more things (comic con, warrior dash, etc.) and do possibly anything that makes me happy! I gathered photos from my instagram of the highlights from every month. I encourage you all to do the same! Though, some months had more than one highlight I figured picking one photo would be more simple. haha.

January - was the start of being more active. hiked up Mission Peak for the first time and though it was a challenge I felt so accomplished.
February - Disneyland. Nuff said.
March - and after Disneyland, we made a day trip to Universal Studios. fun and exhausting day.
April - my UP/Disneybound birthday. My best friend, Felicia, made my cake. AMAZING.
May - getting to go to the FIRST Pixar night at the SF Giants game. and also getting to see John Lasseter throw the opening pitch!
June - I did my second RAW showcase! I was a nervous wreck but my friends made the whole night worth it!
July - a weekend trip to LA. which included the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. I want to go back!
August - my baby niece, Elayna, turning ONE.
September - making sales like I never had before in my shop.
October - another quick LA trip to see Danny Elfmans music from the films of Tim Burton. BEST. NIGHT. EVERRRRRR.
November - was a bunch of San Francisco trips which included hitting up the Nespresso café for the first time. im obsessed with their Iced Caffe!
December - MAUI. my first time ever in Hawaii and I hope I get to go back.

and as for my favorite shot of the year..

its simple but its become one of my favorites and probably one of the best days ive ever had. though I spent about 5 hours in Santa Monica that day, I seriously fell in love with the place instantly. Its made me love Socal even more. I have been wanting to move to LA for quite some time now and Santa Monica just got me smitten even more.

Can you believe its almost New Years?! I don't even have any plans yet. haha.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! :)

Rosa Clementine


this week has been so stressful. I really have no other word to describe it. I have been having terrible car problems that has got in the way of my Christmas shopping and getting things shipped out :(
I spent money on trying to get it fixed but it seems like theres still a problem. Im not even half way done with Christmas shopping.. Ive decided to just paint all my friends and family something until I can afford the real gifts I want to get them. Sounds like a plan, yeah? haha. Anyway, I couldn't bare to even think about my car and money anymore so I decided to focus my energy on drawing.
I whipped up a new drawing last night and Im kinda in love with it! It will be in my shop in the beginning of January with a whole bunch of new stuff :) So incase you don't follow me on Instagram, I went ahead and posted the picture here!
I will let you all know when tthis & the new stuff are added!

oh, don't forget to read the post below about the Custom Portraits being back :)


Custom Couple Portraits!

Custom Couple Portraits are back! Order yours today! id love to work with you all! :) Since the Holiday coupons expire today (at MIDNIGHT), I have another treat before the year ends!
Today (December 20th) until Decemeber 31st when you order a Custom Couple Portrait, youll get a secret coupon code sent to your email that allows you to get 25% off  the entire store! This is a one time deal! So, once you get the secret coupon code you must choose wisely! ;) Hope you all are having a great December so far! Cant believe its almost Christmas!

Rosa Clementine

Home + Maui pt. 1

im both sad and happy to be back home! Im sure you can guess why I am sad (haha) I sure miss Maui's beautiful beach! When I landed back in San Jose, the cold weather hit me hard. Im currently fighting the sniffles. Although the warm weather and beaches were nice, I am glad to be home :) ive missed being bundled up, blogging, seeing my nieces and nephew and hanging with my friends. I also miss drawing! For some reason I just had no inspiration in Maui. haha. I guess my brain was in "vacation" mode, but still. im ready to start creating new pieces! First, I just need a fat nap ;) Im about to show you part 1 of my Maui trip! So.. get ready!
I went to Maui with my friend and her family! We stayed at the Westin in Kaanapali. A crazy beautiful resort! right outside our window was the view of the swimming pool(s) and the ocean! it was pretty awesome how close we were to the beach. I think I spent more than a couple hours in the water on our last day. haha. anywho, our first day was exciting.. because, well, it was my first time there! :) We did some grocery shopping for the week and then went to dinner at a place called "Aloha Mixed Plate". oh my, my meal was DELICIOUS.

Second day, well, I had to get my iced coffee! of course! During the whole trip I was missing Peets coffee really bad. haha. That night we went to downtown Lahina. Which I really enjoyed! We did some shopping, watched Frozen at a very tiny theater (haha) and had my first shot at Hawaiian Shave Ice. Frozen was seriously one of the funniest movies ive ever seen. I kid you not, I was laughing so hard that I was crying. haha. its also a very sweet movie. totally recommend it! As for Hawaiian shave ice.. OMG. best ever. We had it three times! haha.

Third day was the 49er game! We watched it at the pool bar. it was crazy intense.. especially sitting in the middle of trash talking Seahawk fans =/ there were 49er fans there as well but the only seats available were next to the opposing team. I couldn't believe how much trash they were saying.. wait a minute.. I can. haha. In the end.. we won! :) i was so happy that day! haha. FYI: trash talking gets you no where ;)

Fourth day was Whale watching day! it was so grand! within the first 5 minutes a Whale was near us doing some jumps. i was pretty much jumping up and down squealing like a little girl. haha. it was a pretty awesome experience and such a relaxing boat ride! id love to do some whale watching again.

Well, that was part 1! i will post part 2 tomorrow or Thursday! :)

hope you all are having a fab December so far! guess what!? i haven't done any Christmas shopping! haha. ugh.

Rosa Clementine

Hello Monday

It has seriously been a decade since ive posted anything. Ive been wanting to but there was the old "I have nothing new or special to post" thing. ugh. it was quite irritating. haha.

This week im getting ready for Hawaii! I will be leaving Friday super duper early and coming home next Friday! Which explains why I haven't had any time to create any new drawings :( ive been busy with the Thanksgiving holiday, getting some work done, preparing for the trip and cleaning.. cleaning.. cleaning (my room) haha. Im hoping to have new pieces added to my shop before Friday! So, keep a look out!

Anyway, just cause I haven't posted, doesn't mean I stopped reading blogs ;) today I gathered some of my favorite recent post by different bloggers for you all to check out:

* Imogen Quay Rhodes meets The World - Apache & Honeysuckle
- Sarah from Arrow & Apple shared the story of her new born baby girl

* Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - Ahoy Miss
- Ms. Dee Disneybounding as Marie! #cutenessoverload

* Cookies & Cream Frozen Hot Chocolate - A Beautiful Mess
- Emma's recipe that I am dying to try

* Making Miniature Food - Nerd Burger
- Cazz's fun/cute/pretty hand-made jewelry

* A Holiday Custom Order: Pug Coffee Cozy - Twinkie Chan
- for those who know me well, knows that I LOVE Pugs!

* Etsy Cyber Monday Gift Guide - Pretty Little Fawn
- SHOP!!!

Don't forget about the Holiday Coupons floating around for Pretty Clementine!
Happy Cyber Monday!

Rosa Clementine