Le Tunes : The Drums

im switching up MCM here and there with Music! i actually havent been watching much movies lately, especially new ones *insert extreme sad face here* but i have been listening to music a lot (which is a bit rare for me). i dont listen to the radio (at all) and the only time i get to really listen to music is at work (sometimes). really, all i listen to are The Strokes, The Shins, Phoenix and big band music. i randomly decided to do the radio thing on spotify and basically discovered more music that i love! one of them being.. 
The Drums!

The Drums are from Brooklyn, NY and are made up of Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham with Conner Hanwick and Adam Kessler
ive heard a couple of The Drums songs before but have never paid much attention until i started listening to more of their songs and albums. so, im pretty obsessed now. their sound is sooooo perfect. its like 80's indie pop style. haha. if i could describe their music in a couple words id say.. chill and fun! They're making life quite amazing right now. funny how music can do that! but they (and The Strokes) seem to make me smile throughout the day!
ive put some of my favorite songs of theirs on a playlist on my Spotify if you want to take a listen (below): 



Wilfred Week : Ryan Newman (EC) & Season 4

i think this might be my favorite cosplay! i did Ryan from Wilfred and it really was a lot of fun to put together! Ryan is pretty simple. you see him either wearing plain colored shirts or plaid with some converse. i added a messenger bag to represent Ryan's suitcase (the one he always carries around for his job/job interviews). and of course, cant forget the watch!

(beware of season 4 spoilers below)
did you guys watch the premiere last night??? im a little bummed. i missed the second episode and only caught the last 10 minutes of it. *sad faced* but i did watch the first one and OMG was i surprised! Ryan was dreaming the whole time? what! and they ended up coming true o_O so thinking that his dad was dead the whole time to, hes actually alive, oh wait, and dies again. haha kind of crazy! then Ryan finds that photo of that place in his dream. it actually exist! i have to try and find that second episode somewhere online haha. ugh! i had a horrible (actually still have) ear ache yesterday and was so out of it.

on a brighter note........
if you follow me on instagram and twitter, you might have seen my new Wilfred illustration! :) im so happy with how it came out. and guess what? *eeeeeek* both Dorian Brown (Kristen) and Fiona Gubelmann (Jenna) tweeted/retweeted it yesterday!! life complete part 42! haha.

pretty awesome, right!? i freaked out. haha.
so (those of you who watch the premiere) what did you think of both episodes??

Wilfred Week : Art

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

cant believe tonight is the night! WILFRED season 4 at 10pm on FXX! im very excited if you cant already tell. haha. today is Wilfred art! to be honest though, i havent found much out there. well, like on Etsy and other shops. i found a couple on Society6 that i liked (1 and 4) and of course i had to add in my Wilfred art into the mix (2 and 3) haha.

i did, however, found a bunch of awesome Wilfred art on DeviantART! check them out here. im kinda in love with this one!

i cant wait for tonight and tomorrows everyday cosplay of Ryan Newman (Elijah Wood)!


Wilfred Week : Everyday Cosplay

Here's my everyday cosplay outfit for Wilfie! I made this one pretty simple. theres really not much to Wilfred other than his dog suit and bong! haha. i wish i had this whole outfit! i would totally wear it haha. can you believe the premiere is tomorrow? YAY! i also added my Wilfred and Bear pins to the outfit ;) how could i not! its so fitting!


Wilfred Week : Season 3

this week im dedicated every post to Wilfred! why? because season 4/final season is THIS Wednesday and i am a HUGE Wilfie fan!

Today im going to do a tiny recap of season 3! which, by the way, is finally on Netflix. i missed every episode after episode 8 and it was killing me that i hadnt watch them. i kept looking on Netflix to see if its been added but of course they'd add it a week before season 4. haha. Thank you David Zuckerman for tweeting it! i have this bittersweet feeling about the final season. i love that season 4 is finally here but im really bummed that its the last. *tears*

IF you have not seen Wilfred, its about a depressed man named Ryan Newman (Elijah Wood) who sees a man in a dog suit, Wilfred (Jason Gann), when everyone else sees him as an actual dog. the show revolves around their relationship together and the question of who or what Wilfred actual is.

some spoilers are about to take place (skip this part if you havent seen season 3)
in season 3 we find out where Wilfred was first owned, that Kristen was the one who drew Wilfred in "Ryans" childhood drawing, we finally see Ryan's Dad (but sadly, dies), we also finally see Ryan and Jenna kiss and at the end of episode 13 we see Ryan discovering that Wilfred may not be just... a dog.

cant believe the final season is just two days away!
are you ready for it? I might be the only one out of my friends who is a fan of the show. haha. so ill be having a premiere party by myself!
im excited for tomorrows post.. ill be doing an everyday cosplay of Wilfred :)

tune in Wednesday June 25th at 10pm on FXX!
also, visit my shop for Wilfred prints and pins!


As of Late

rarely do i ever do an outfit post but lately i have been feeling a wee bit confident in myself. as of late, i have been obsessing over shorts and tights. im not a big fan of shorts (im a tall gal and i feel like all people will see/notice are my legs. sure thats cool sometimes but im still not THAT confident. haha) so i thought id give the shorts and tights thing a try. even though you still see legs i feel so much comfortable with them on then without! im kind of in love with this style! :) i have also been straightening my hair this whole week (which i havent done in months). so, yes, its been a pretty good week when that cute barista gives you a compliment.


Everyday Cosplay : Caroline Forbes (TVD)

todays TVD everyday cosplay is the gorgeous, Caroline Forbes. Caroline is actually one of my top favorite characters on the show because she reminds me of Lexi a little bit. i love her! Caroline was once an insecure cheerleader and once she became a vampire she became bold, strong and pretty badass! but of course, shes still loyal and sweet. i actually prefer her as a vampire rather than human, haha. for her everyday cosplay outfit i went with black with hints of pink! i found these perfect earrings from Forever 21 (comes in a pack) that resembles drops of blood. the purse has a 3 color option (black, red, white) and i think the outfit would look good with either of them!



heres a film ive seen so many times, it isnt new, but i wanted to introduce you to it in case you have not heard of it! Grind (2003) is one of my absolute go-to comedy films and it brings me back to my high school days where my girlfriends and i would watch it over over and just die laughing. This movie has gotten so many bad reviews, i mean, i cant blame them. it isnt your typical Oscar film BUT if you enjoy the skateboarding scene and just down right dumb-funny with well-known actors of today.. you might like this movie. i would say it belongs in the Cult films category.

growing up around the Santa Cruz area i was always surrounded by the skateboard scene. id watch it, sometimes ride, play Tony Hawks Pro Skater (my favorite video game, ever) and study my favorite pro-skaters. so this film wasn't hard for me to like!

the film is about four guys following their dreams in becoming pro skaters. when they find out one of their favorite pros has a demo tour in town and they follow it and thats where their adventure begins! the films lead characters are Mike Vogel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) as Eric Rivers/the dreamer, Vince Vieluf (Rat Race) as Matt Jensen/the funny, Adam Brody (The O.C.) as Dustin Knight/the brains and Joey Kern (The Sasquatch Gang) as Sweet Lou/the sexy. the film also stars Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time) as Jamie, the leading lady. Not only that but what got me so much more excited about the film was seeing all the pro skaters. Chad Fernandez, Bam Margara, Ryan Sheckler, Bucky Lasek (my fave) and Bob Burnquist. You will also notice a couple more famous folks, like Jackass stars. haha.

as incredibly cheesy this movie is its in my book of favorite films! what can i say, im easily entertained!

movie: Grind 
directed by: Casey La Scala  
starring: Adam Brody, Mike Vogel, Joe Kern, Vinve Vieluf, Jennifer Morrison.  
rated: PG-13  
recommend: only if youre easily entertained - dont expect it to be Oscar rated. 
rating: worth a rental.


12 Pubs of the Golden Mile

Yesterday i had this idea of adding all the 12 pubs from The Worlds End into one drawing. i started off with something else, threw it away, then came up with this. it was probably one of the most funnest drawings ive ever done. i loved trying to figure out where to put each pub! i think the hardest one to add was the Cross Hands but an idea sparked later on! im pretty satisfied with it! :) i have been wanting to create more Cornetto art and im real happy with this one. now if only i had the guts to ink it. im so afraid ill mess it up =/ haha.

12 Pubs of the Golden Mile:

1. The First Post
2. The Old Familiar
3. The Famous Cock
4. The Cross Hands
5. The Good Companions
6. The Trusty Servant
7. The Two Headed Dog
8. The Mermaid
9. The Beehive
10. The Kings Head
11. The Hole in the Wall
12. The Worlds End


Everyday Cosplay: Damon Salvatore (TVD)

Todays TVD Everyday Cosplay is none other than the bad boy himself, Damon Salvatore. This one was quite fun to do! i was hesitant between pants or a dress.. i thought a dress would be more fun to create over! haha. of course we have to go all black for this outfit! i added a mood ring to represent Damon's daylight ring and a gold necklace to represent his drinking habit. haha. I also had to add a Crow in there somewhere, so i found the perfect earrings on Etsy! oh and we cant forget that leather jacket ;)


Heroes and Comics Night - SF Giants

I love theme nights at the ball park! theyre so much fun! last year my friends and i attended Pixar Night at the SF Giants game and it was so much fun! We went all out with a Pixar theme vest! i had a lot of fun creating them. I also got to see John Lasseter throw the opening pitch! ah! I got to attend Heroes and Comics night this past Saturday. Of course, the special guest was Stan Lee! but what happens when you take the rapid transit from Fremont to San Francisco and have to walk a mile to the stadium? You're 10 minutes late :( so i didnt get to see him throw the pitch BUT i still had a lot of fun! :) There was even a race in the water by the ball park between Batman, Spiderman, Superman and the Hulk! it was hilarious. Superman won! i was rooting for Spiderman haha.

For the Heroes and Comics theme i went as Magneto, as ive said before :) for some reason i knew the whole dress thing wouldnt work out, so i bought a purple shirt (the day before) and pretty much wore whatever i had in my closet. i even painted my nails purple! Im hoping to attend a couple more games this year.. including Star Wars Day! i will most likely be wearing a Jedi robe that day. haha.

i had a blast with my best friend! we dont hang out so much anymore =/ so it was really such a treat to get to hang out that night! above are photos of us, my outfit, the game and note the photo on the bottom right.. a photo of Angel Pagan batting! my voice was gone after than game.. haha ugh, hes so handsome.

and of course, this post just wouldnt be complete if i didnt add this photo. channelled Magneto at the ball park. haha.

p.s. we WON. sorry, Mets ;)



Took me a while but i finally saw Her (2013). It was quite intriguing when i first saw the previews to this film. i mean, intriguing and interesting. i love movies like this. out of the norm and unexpected! I also wanted to see it because of Joaquin Phoenix. im a huge fan of his and hes really such a fantastic actor. I think this might be my favorite character of his :)

If you havent seen Her, i really suggest you do. i watched it with my brother and brother in law and the both of them were really hard headed about it. haha. they were completely weirded out by the whole story (i mean i'd have to agree, its out of the ordinary). i kept telling them to look past it and see the movie for what it actually is, its creativity! i was so in love with the cinematography, the style, music, the futuristic technology, the incredible acting and.. the story! if this movie was made by any other than Spike Jonze, it probably wouldve been a failure. in my opinion. But it just had that Spike Jonze feel to it!

The story is basically what you see in the previews.. Theodore; a lonely, introverted man, who is going through heartache over a divorce falls in love with his operating system, Samantha, and everything pretty much revolves around that. I love that through it all (having a relationship with the operating system) he becomes different and more alive. more happy. even though the whole idea of dating a computer is just plain weird, i really liked seeing his transformation.

rent the movie and watch it! just fyi, theres a few sexual encounters. haha. even though my niece and nephew were in their rooms, the sound was a bit awkward.. kind of had to do the mute button a few times. haha!

movie: Her 
directed by: Spike Jonze 
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Pratt 
rated: R 
recommend: yes (no kids aloud)
rating: worth a full price ticket (if i had the chance to see it in theaters).


Fassy Friday : silly

Fassy Quote:
"We feel a lot of pressure about looking silly or appearing weak, whatever that means, or being a failure. You have to keep in your heard: what's the worst that can happen?"

Happy Fassy Friday!!!


oh and...
i really wish i found a photo of Fassy and a doughnut or had the time to photoshop it to this photo like i wanted to =/ BUT if you were wanting some new doughnut art, i have my very own
Rosa's Donut Pin back in my shop AND i have also added new donut pins:
you can get them HERE!

Grab a donut today and watch a Fassy film!


Sketch Dailies : Thumbelina

i did this one really fast =/ i havent been feeling all too well since Sunday. uh well, this will do!


oh and since i am so very grateful for all the sales i have been making in my Etsy shop and of course for all the support.. im throwing in a discount code for you all! Now until Monday (the 9th) use coupon code: THANKYOUTONS on orders $5.00 and over for 15% off! yay!

also, how great would it be to make my EW! illustration into pins?! im doing it!!


DIY: Fan-girl brooches

Heres my little DIY tutorial on the Magneto brooches i made! I really hope you guys make some of your own because i would love to see them! Before i begin, please excuse the bad lighting and my disgustingly chipped nails. haha. This is an easy DIY with 10 steps! enjoy..
e6000 glue
heart wooden piece(s) (or any size of your desire)
a pencil
mod podge (Michaels)
bar pins
paint brush
x-acto knife
cutting mat 
1. choose your picture(s)! i found Fassy photos i liked, scaled them to smaller sizes and printed them out onto basic white paper.
2. grab a wooden piece and find that exact part of the photo you want. (tip: trace from the back. i used light to measure exactly where i want to cut).
3. after you have found it, trace it!
4. after you have traced it, brush on Mod Podge to the wooden piece.
5. carefully place on to the traced area of the photo (from the back).
6. smooth out the image onto the wooden piece.
7. use x-acto knife to cut around the wooden shape. if you dont have a cutting mat, you can use a piece of cardboard.
8. it should look like this!
9. once you've cut off the excess, brush on Mod Podge over the image to seal it. let dry for about 10 minutes.
10. after it has dried a little, turn it over and add a drop of E6000 glue then attach bar pin! let the glue dry for at least 24/hrs before using your brooch :)
TADA!! these were so much fun to make! :) im currently making more for my friends and i. if you end up making your own, please let me know in the comments so i can see! This particular project would be so much fun for a Girl's Night In party with any movie involving Fassy, Hiddles, Pegg or really any man you fancy! ;)


Everyday Magneto

So today is suppose to be Animation/Artist Talk Tuesday and i had something planned but sometimes plans dont follow through. haha. Ill have to post it next Tuesday instead. Since i dont have much planned for today and since im currently doing a Vampire Diaries edition for Everyday Cosplays on Wednesdays.. i figured id share the Everyday outfit ill be wearing this Saturday. In my last post i talked about Days of Future Past and also mentioned that this Saturday is Heroes and Comics night at the San Francisco Giants game (i get to see Stan Lee.. OMG)! My decision is final and ive decided to go as....

I chose Magneto, i mean not only for my love of Fassy, but because Magneto is the shiznit annnnnd i love the pops of color! Red and Purple are two colors i dont wear a lot. i love wearing black. haha. So i figured this would be a lot more fun to try out. I already have three out of the outfit. the ring, lipstick and boots. yay! all i need is to purchase the dress and i think i may have a purple cardigan lying around somewhere. And if that dress doesnt fit me (sometimes Forever 21 Large's dont fit perfectly *sad faced*) my alternate would be a red shirt and black pants. oh! i will also be wearing...

These brooches i made last night! I had this vision in my head of creating these and they came out exactly how i saw it. I had some heart shaped wood pieces lying around and i was planning to use them for my shop but i thought it would be a perfect fit for this particular DIY. I will probably post how i did them on Thursday, in case you wanted to make your own! :) yay!

Im not very photogenic but i will try my best to take pictures of my outfit on Saturday :)


Days of Future Past

Ive been a long time X-Men fan since i was little. X-Men comics were probably the first comics i ever picked up. Which probably explains my love for Storm! I could honestly watch all the X-Men films over and over and not get tired of them. Theyre those "feel good" movies for me. haha. Like, do you ever just put on a movie, sit back and it makes you feel comfortable? haha. Am i weird? But anyways X-Men films fit into that category for me. Though, in my opinion they do have some flaws. like the casting for Storm and Rogue. in my opinion, i think both were way off. Both characters, to me, are these extremely strong women. but they come off a little too soft in the movie =/ uh well. haha. 

Lets talk about Days of Future Past! I was so excited to watch this film and it did not disappoint me. You're constantly surprised, laughing and just straight up full of emotions. haha. What separates this X-Men film from the rest is how deep it was. You're watching the relationship between Erik and Xavier and i think that was something everyone wanted to know. brilliant! Personally, as much id love to see the action i also like knowing the deeper parts of characters. This film (and First Class) were films i enjoyed.

The movie takes place in both future and past. I was talking to someone recently who hasnt seen it and was confused at the title itself haha "i dont even know what its about? is it in the future or past?" im like "just watch it!" :) How do i give a story without giving anything away? Hm, ill try my best! the movie starts off in the future. Pretty much everything gone wrong after something that happened in the past. to fix that problem? Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) sends Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back to the 1970's to find Erik and Xavier in helping him stop Mystique from making the biggest mistake they would endure in the future.

I think Michael Fassbender as Magneto is one of the best castings. i swear im not being biased. haha. Fassy is such an amazing actor. Hes really good at being the bad guy and thats why i love him as Magneto. As much i love Storm, she hasnt done it for me in the X-Men films. Id have to say my favorites from the all of the X-Men films are Magneto, Night Crawler and....

Pietro Maximoff! aka Quicksilver! If you have seen Days of Future Past you might feel me on this one! Adding Quicksilver was the ultimate plus in the film. Im so happy they finally added him and i heard that he will be in the next X-Men film "Apocalypse". YES! and will also appear in the new Avengers film (as a different actor). I heard that theres this whole thing about people complaining about Quicksilver's get up? i didnt have a problem with it. I mean, hes a kid so they made him look like one. haha. I must admit though, Aaron Taylor-Johnson in his Quicksilver get up in the next Avengers film looks more like the character than in X-Men but uh well. Overall this film was one of the best X-Men films ive seen! and can we all agree that Hugh Jackman was made to play Wolverine!? I swear, hes just perfect for that role!

This Saturday ill be going to the SF Giants game and guess what!? It so happens to be Heroes and Comics night! Im thinking of doing an Everyday Cosplay of either Quicksilver or Magneto! im so excited! First i got to see John Lasseter throw the first pitch and now STAN LEE! i better get there early! haha :)

Im still crushing over this movie and i have yet to watch it again! who wants to come with!? haha.
If youve seen it, what do you think of it? did you like it?

movie: X-Men Days of Future Past 
directed by: Bryan Singer 
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, James Mcavoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Ian Mckellen, Patrick Stewart, Nicholas Holt + more. 
rated: PG-13 
recommend: yes! 
rating: worth a full price ticket & see it twice!