Heroes and Comics Night - SF Giants

I love theme nights at the ball park! theyre so much fun! last year my friends and i attended Pixar Night at the SF Giants game and it was so much fun! We went all out with a Pixar theme vest! i had a lot of fun creating them. I also got to see John Lasseter throw the opening pitch! ah! I got to attend Heroes and Comics night this past Saturday. Of course, the special guest was Stan Lee! but what happens when you take the rapid transit from Fremont to San Francisco and have to walk a mile to the stadium? You're 10 minutes late :( so i didnt get to see him throw the pitch BUT i still had a lot of fun! :) There was even a race in the water by the ball park between Batman, Spiderman, Superman and the Hulk! it was hilarious. Superman won! i was rooting for Spiderman haha.

For the Heroes and Comics theme i went as Magneto, as ive said before :) for some reason i knew the whole dress thing wouldnt work out, so i bought a purple shirt (the day before) and pretty much wore whatever i had in my closet. i even painted my nails purple! Im hoping to attend a couple more games this year.. including Star Wars Day! i will most likely be wearing a Jedi robe that day. haha.

i had a blast with my best friend! we dont hang out so much anymore =/ so it was really such a treat to get to hang out that night! above are photos of us, my outfit, the game and note the photo on the bottom right.. a photo of Angel Pagan batting! my voice was gone after than game.. haha ugh, hes so handsome.

and of course, this post just wouldnt be complete if i didnt add this photo. channelled Magneto at the ball park. haha.

p.s. we WON. sorry, Mets ;)



  1. Sounds like fun. The traffic after a game though is horrible!! I tried heading to Oakland at night (right after a Giants game) and was stuck in traffic for two hours. Dx
    I hope to go visit soon and maybe catch a game. :) And I love your outfit!


    1. yes, it was a lot of fun! :)
      traffic does suck after a game!
      thank God for the Bart Rapid Transit! haha.
      yes, you must make it out to a game this year..
      the special event nights are so much fun!

      and thank you!! <3