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Le Tunes : The Strokes

so i dont know if youve noticed but ive added a new feature to my blog a couple weeks ago. on the top right corner you'll see "Tune of the Week". i havent talked about it but i think its a good combination with Music Crush Mondays. Every week i feature my favorite bands, music, radio, comedies and even new music ive recently discovered (probably new to JUST me, since i dont listen to the radio haha). you can click on that photo of the featured artist and it will direct you to my Spotify playlist! So, i hope you have Spotify! haha.

this weeks tunes goes out to... The Strokes... duh ;) my favorite band, ever, ever. The Smashing Pumpkins is a close second! i love them too haha. anywho, back to the Strokes. its rare for me that i can actually sit and listen to every song on an album. One of the reason i love the Strokes so much is that i could listen to all five of their entire albums without skipping a song. Yup! True love man!

i have actually seen The Strokes live, once! it was amazing. i wish i got to see them more than that but it just never happens. a month ago, i bought a ticket to see Julian Casablancas (& The Voidz) for their show in San Francisco November 9th! soooo, thats definitely something im really excited for! its not the whole enchilada but Julian is seriously good enough :) his voice is one of my favorites!

you can listen to a playlist i made by clicking on their photo under Tune of the Week :)


Weekend Recap

still, have not seen any new films. major bummer. Guardians of the Galaxy comes out this friday and i realllllly hope i get to see it. i will actually be working both my full-time and part-time job that day and wont be getting off till 9:45ish pm. haha. i dont even care if im tired, i need to go see it. Speaking of part-time job, if you follow me on Instagram you already know where my second job lies. yes, i now work at Peets Coffee and Tea! yay. All that time spent there i get offered a job. its pretty sweet! im both excited and nervous. nervous because im actually the shyest person you will ever meet. haha. i just have to pull it together to talk to customers. the funny thing is i applied there when it first opened in my town but didnt get the job. haha.

you might have also seen the recent video i did of the surfer dude, surfing to The Drums song "Let's Go Surfing". it was my entry to the This is Ground x Grado contest on Instagram! i had fun making that one but did it pretty quick. there was a bunch of details i wanted to add.

i bought two new toy this Saturday (i would have bought more but they didnt have the Funko Pop i wanted). i didnt feel too bad buying Cap because he was actually on clearance. i really shouldnt be buying toys, so when its on sale i dont feel too bad. haha. The Mark Hamill Simpsons toy on the other hand.. it was not on sale but i just really HAD to get it. haha.

My friend celebrated her birthday at a place called Grill 'em Steak House in Campbell, Ca. it was pretty cool sports bar. the whole cooking your steak thing was weird to me at first but when we did it, it was actually pretty fun. i have actually never grilled a steak before so i was a bit worried. it came out good! but next time ill take it off a litttttle bit sooner. i like mine rare to medium rare. hehe.

this weekend was sooooooooooooo hot that i spent my Sunday at home. no tv on (surprisingly), just music and drawing (and coffee). i dont know about you guys but i really hate summer. its the worst for me, walking outside is just torture. im really looking forward to the fall/winter sooo badly. hurrrrrrry!

yeah! Home-I-Con was pretty much me the entire time Comic Con was happening. i think i almost cried like 30,000 times and actually cried like 5 times from peoples post's and pictures. so torturous. haha. i was also searching forever for that little Batman vs Superman teaser trailer and finally found it. haha. i cant wait for it! Gal Gadot looks sooooo gorgeous as Wonder Woman! Also, i know theres a new Walking Dead teaser floating around too.. i refuse to watch it! i just cant watch it, get excited and still have to wait!! October is so dang far!! haha.

i read the Nerdy Girlies SDCC post' and im pretty jealous of her photo with Elijah Wood =P here i go again, crying.... haha. im so happy for her though! and everyone else that had a great time! ill see you guys next year, FOR SURE!  xx

oh and heres my video of the Surfer dude.....

i used the #partypartyapp


Stop-motion fun : Party Party App

Alien Invasion by Rosa De Los Reyes

have you (iphoners) downloaded the Party Party App yet? im kind of in love with it! its like an app for Stop-motion beginners. haha. i use to do random (super short) stop-motion videos years ago and ones that ive done recently, ill use Flipagram (a plus with that app, is that you can add recordings/music). What i love about the Party Party App is that they have really good filters! The only "bad" thing i could say about it is that it should have its own album in the App so that all your videos are saved onto there.. because when you save it as a video but forget to save it as a GIF. or accidentally delete in your camera roll, its gone :(

if youre following me on Instagram you might have seen the 3 stop-motion videos i did, using the Party Party App! the one above is the latest one i posted! i use construction paper to create it. it was a lot of fun to do! i was at work yesterday and did a story board of this! came out exactly how i imagined it haha.



Art Lately

if youre following me on Instagram, youve already seen the art work above :) the painting of Buster was a gift for one of my friends (hes moving back to Sweden on Monday *sad faced*). so i really wanted to gift him something special. his favorite character from Arrested Development is.. Buster! i kind of love how it turned out so im making prints of him soon! the Rod Serling painting was one that i did this week! im a serious Twilight Zone nerd so it was only a matter of time till i did some fan art :) i still have the original but i also made some prints available in my shop, here. have you ever been so proud and happy with how your art turned out? this is one of them for me. i really like my Rod painting. haha. the middle photo is a painting im working on you know who it is?.............. its Brick (Steve Carell) from Anchorman. haha. i love his character so much in that movie! im also in the process of working on a Detroit Rock City (one of my most favorite films) painting. ahhh. im so excited. these ideas are killing me though, i didnt realize how behind i am on customs. i hope no one hates me =/ anyway, im trying to get a ton of work done before i start my second job! wish me luck :)

who would you like me to paint??


Everyday Cosplay : Stefan Salvatore (TVD)

another Salvatore brother *swoon* if you didnt already know, im actually team Stelena ;) haha. i LOVE Damon but ive been rooting for Stefan and Elena since the beginning. i mean, i love bad boys but i also love them sweet ones. and Stefan is definitely that sweet guy! his everyday cosplay is pretty simple. Stefan is pretty simple! youll always catch him wearing a plain shirt with a hoodie and jacket! i actually have that jacket up there, i love it! i think my favorite from this EC is the ring! it fits the Salvatore ring so well and it has that old/vintage look to it. i also added a backpack (which i reallllly want!) because, well, Stefan is just always leaving, always got somewhere to go. haha. hope you liked this one! x


Talk Art : Your Fan Club

i wanted to shine light on Kate's new Etsy shop, Your Fan Club! ive mentioned Kate a bunch of times in my blog.. im sucha fan of hers :) when i first saw her blog post about her new shop, i immediately fell in love with the pins and ended up purchasing: Vincent, Charlie, Pizza and a Dole Whip fan club pin! i just saw today that she had updated her shop and added more! like Tom Hiddleston and Rod Serling (i bought both today!) OMG! Im patiently waiting if she would ever add Fassy, Simon Pegg and/or Elijah Wood! *squeeling* which brings me to this....

Kate not only offers four pins for the price of $20 (WHICH IS A SUPER GOOD DEAL) but she also offers custom fan club pins! =O so, maybe ill get to have a Fassy pin after all! haha

whatever youre a fan of, im sure youll find it in her shop! go get one and join the club! x


MI Ghost Protocol

when it comes to Tom Cruise movies, i usually stay away. i dont know when my dislike for him started but i know it was sometime before high school. i remember when we had to watch one of his movies in History class (cant remember what it was) and i was seriously irritated. haha. the only exception to Tom Cruise movies would be Top Gun and War of the Worlds. so why on earth would i watch Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011)?

yesterday i was watching tv, well sorta, it was just on while i was doing something, probably on my phone. what made me look up was the score of the movie. it was the beginning credits and that score grabbed my attention. all i kept thinking was, "sounds like a Michael Giacchino score.." (who is one of my favorite composers) and while i was guessing i saw that it said "Directed by Brad Bird" (one of my favorite directors annnnd who directed my favorite Pixar film, The Incredibles) and i was suddenly interested. i also recognized the score sounding like Mission Impossible theme but i knew that i had to put aside Tom Cruise and just give it a try! alsooooo... i think the first scene had Simon Pegg in it, so i knew i just had to put the remote away. haha.

i know, i know.. im really late watching this film and i totally skipped like all the other MI films before this.. but whatever. haha. i also forgot that Jeremy Renner was in the film. hes pretty hott. haha. fun fact: Jeremy is from Modesto, California (which is a little over an hour from where i live). my cousin actually knew him and went to a community college with him. pretty rad!

anyways, i actually really liked this film! it was funny and filled with action! totally forgot that Tom Cruise was Tom Cruise throughout the whole film. im sorry, Tom. for being such a jerk and refusing you. haha. i will give more Tom Cruise movies a try. TRY ;)

movie: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol 
directed by: Brad Bird 
starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton 
rated: PG-13  
recommend: Yes! 
rating: worth seeing in theaters (i really should have!)



My Disney Pin Collection

i actually did a post of of my Disney Pin Collection, a year or two ago, but i cant find it. haha. my collection is still really small but its slowly growing. i ended up getting an annual pass in February (ive only gone twice so far =/) which led me to getting my very first lanyard. it was a toughy picking out the perfect one.. but of course, i picked Star Wars! haha. on my last trip to Disneyland (April) i didnt end up getting a pin for myself. i was so picky the night i was looking for one and i didnt want to spend more than i wanted to. i realize now that i should have just gotten the one i really wanted. haha. (it was Jessica Rabbit and Roger Rabbit). im a wee bit picky when it comes to the Disney pins. its gotta mean something to me haha. like i dont want to buy it just because, i have to really like it.. i have to really like the characters/theme.
my small Roger Rabbit collection! these are my most favorite pins. i LOVE Roger Rabbit. He is my absolute favorite Disney character (next to Pinocchio). i got the first two online and the third one on my trip to Disneyland in February! its funny, usually when i go to Disneyland my mind tends to think i should get gifts for people. i never end up getting anything for myself. but i realize... i really should start! haha. so i gifted myself that pin (along with a couple more) :) Kermit & Miss Piggy were pins that i bought off of an online friend on Instagram! i love the Muppets.. a lot. and then theres Jiminy and Pinocchio. words cant explain how much i love Pinocchio. i think the fact that the film is so much more than just a boy. i had my friend get me these pins when she went to Disneyland a couple years ago.
Star Wars! Darth Maul is my favorite Star Wars character (& R2D2) so it was a must have to get that pin! i actually got that one online. the Storm Trooper pin i got when i went to Disneyland in February. my goal is to get all them SW pins! haha. My Mickey & Minnie SF Giants pins! never knew i would ever love baseball. haha. i use to hate it. but i attended my first SF Giants game 5 or so years ago and i loved it. so, of course.. Disney and the SF Giants all in one. DUH! :) got them at the AT&T Park. now, if only they had 49er Disney pins =O haha. my little Pixar collection.. Mr. Pricklepants is my favorite Toy Story character! i got him a couple years ago when i went to Disneyland. it was, i think, the first Disney trading pin i ever bought. i love it. Luxo was bought, again, in February. that one was a no brainer. i had to get it! haha. Smitty (from Monsters Inc) was purchased through Ebay, last year. i found him and Needleman (his bff) on there and i had to get them! i gave Needleman to my best friend for her birthday! i cherish that pin.. not only because my best friend is apart of it but also because they dont make those pins anymore.
thats my very small Disney pin collection! i only started a couple years ago.. soooo.. im slowly getting there. haha. if you know any Instagramers (or anyone) with legit pins theyre selling, let me know! x


Fassy Friday & Favorites

Happy Fassy Friday! Seriously, this face makes Fridays the best (well, any day actually!) haha.

Who's on First: as ive mentioned in my Twilight Zone post, Spotify has the TZ radio dramas available. well, they also have comedies as well (this is why i prefer Spotify over Pandora!). Spotify has a section called "word" under Genre & Moods. its probably my favorite section! they have my favorite "Sci-Fi Radio Dramas" and "Old School Laughs" - which includes Abbott & Costello! you can listen to them, here!

Time Machine to the 90's: im such a fan of Kate! she is always creating the cutest/coolest things ever. (i mean, i recently purchased some pins from her new shop, Your Fan Club, and they are so cute!). Kate posted about this new product on her blog and i remember seeing it on her Instagram. i wondered whatever happened to it and well, its now listed in her online shop, Sweet & Lovely! after reading her blog post, i IMMEDIATELY purchased my own Time Machine to the 90's! haha. im so excited to get it! :)

Parlor Tattoos: another artist that i recently followed on Instgram, @parlor_tattoo_prints! holy cow! no words to describe this womans talent! her work is incredible and i immediately fell in love with her Shaun of the Dead piece! which, in fact, i will be getting a tattoo of (after i purchase the print of course)! im so excited! my love for Simon Pegg and Shaun of the Dead on me forever? heck yes! you can visit Quyen's Etsy shop, here!

Cuteness Craving for Embroidery: so, i recently found this amazinggggg artist on Instagram (@iggystarpup) and im so in love with her work. i mean, check out those Simpson embroidery hoops! are you kidding me!? its LEGIT. i love her feed and im just in awe of her craftsmanship! check out her Etsy shop, here! she also does custom orders!

Anything Pizza, i love!: gosh, im so in love with everything Jenny & Aaron create! they are the talented duo (Everyday is a Holiday) that did this deliciously looking cheese pizza die cut! seriously? that looks so real! haha. and they are packaged in pizza boxes? is that not fun or what? you can purchase your slice in there online shop, here! whatever you prefer, the classic pepperoni or the classic plain cheese! now im hungry..

The Place is Here, The Time is Now: i really cant obsess enough over The Twilight Zone! and im really sorry if it gets annoying, haha. but please take the time to watch some episodes. Hulu + has all the seasons! :)

Cazz's Rufio Moment: i loved seeing Cazz' Rufio Cosplay process on her Instagram! She posted her time at Oz ComicCon on her blog - Nerd Burger - and im seriously so happy for her.. she got to meet Dante Basco! whaaaaat? i watched her Vlog about it too and i was totally feeling her excitement! thats probably how i would feel meeting Simon Pegg :)

My Opera Singer: another favorite would be that George Komsky tweeted me back on Twitter (@georgekomsky) and followed me on Instagram, haha. i kinda freaked out a bit. i mean, ive become a fan of his after seeing him sing. sooooooo... im pretty darn happy! :)

hope you all have a great friday/weekend! x


etsy love - thanks

i reached over 100 sales in my Etsy store and i couldnt be more grateful! im seriously so overwhelmed by all the support im getting and its seriously amazing to know that people enjoy my art. so thank you!! i wanted to show my appreciation by offering you all a coupon code until the end of July! use code HEYTHANKS25 to get 25% off orders $10+! Also, i will be doing a giveaway at the end of this month on my art Instagram! so if you want to participate, you gotta follow my IG :) more info on that later! for now, enjoy the coupon code and happy shopping! THANKS! x


Chris Botti

i got to attend my first concert at the Montalvo Arts Center. i always hear about the place but have never been! i think a year ago or so there was a concert there that i wanted to attend, Randy Newman! ugh. but i didnt get to go *sad face*. the other night my friend text me if i still wanted to go to the Chris Botti concert, i said yes! why not! Montalvo? jazz music? live music? im there! ive heard some of Chris Botti's music before but dont listen to him religiously. my friend on the other hand, loves him! anyways, it really was a night of first for me! Montalvo and Chris Botti. i really wish i snapped some shots of the mansion but i really had no time. i want to take a day, go back and just photograph that gorgeous place.what i loved most about the concert in Montalvo was how personal it felt. it was a pretty small theater area and i loved how the stage was just so close to everyone.
i was seriously gushing at all the musicians and guest singers! i cant even begin to tell you how incredibly talented these people are. the first to appear was Caroline Campbell (sounds like a beautiful old school hollywood actress, huh?) well, she was very beautiful and the most talented Violinist ive ever seen/heard! so incredible. she had a solo that just blew my mind and ended with a standing ovation. second was Sy Smith! i mean.. i cant even begin to describe this womans voice. maybe, EFFORTLESS. and im really not exaggerating. please take the time to listen to Sy (and Caroline)! you will not be disappointed! Once Sy set stage, everyone immediately fell in love with her. not only with her voice but just.. HER. she was so spunky and fun! i would love to see her again! third on stage was the handsome George Komsky! an opera singer with a beautiful voice. George has performed the national anthem at the ATT Park as well as the San Francisco 49ers (HOLLA!) vs the New England Patriots game (in 2012?). it was that football game where Chris Botti discovered George and contacted him to become apart of his tour. so awesome! i must also mention how AMAZING the entire band was. Billy Kilson (drummer) was so BAD ASS.
at the end of the concert everyone seemed so quick to leave (maybe to catch the shuttle? but there really was no time limit for it. or maybe that the crowd was a bit older? haha. no idea). but my friend and i (along with like 20 or so people) stayed while we watched the techs clean up the equipment on stage, the line to the shuttle grow and uploaded photos onto our instagram. my friend had seen Chris Botti at Montalvo before and mentioned that he came out in the back to sign autographs. so we waited and im pretty sure all those folks that left had no clue about it. haha. so we went to the restroom and then made our way to where Chris Botti was. my goal the entire night was to get a photo with George Komsky. even standing 2 feet from him i just couldnt get myself to interrupt his conversations. so i waited and waited. but, FAILED :( i did, however, get my autograph from Chris and so did my friend. she also got a photo with him! at that time i was bummed about not getting my photo with George that getting one with Chris wouldnt have been the same. haha. lame, i know.

it was a really great night! i really want to attend another concert at Montalvo and to also see Chris Botti again!! i made a Chris Botti sample playlist on my Spotify if you want to take a listen, here!


Art Lately

here are some recent art that ive done lately. its been so incredibly hot that its seriously making me not want to do ANYTHING haha but i have been pushing myself. i wanted to create new pin back buttons for my shop - so i came up with new Disney inspired stuff! Ariel, Esmeralda and Sleeping Beauty. the butter painting is for another project im working on for my shop and the other two (in black and white) are Twilight Zone inspired pieces! Ring-a-Ding Girl and The Masks! im thinking of making something available in my shop with The Masks piece. we shall see :)

so, how sweet is it that i got a random comment on my Instagram to be featured in a blog post. the ever so sweet Jessica of Little Miss Wearwolf added me to her lovely Tuesday Treats along with very talented artists! check her & her blog out! :)
Thanks, Jessica!


The Twilight Zone Marathon : favorites

if you have been following me on either Twitter or Instagram you might have seen my annoying Twilight Zone spam. haha. last week i discovered that Spotify has a Sci-fi radio! (pretty freakin awesome)! They have 4 or 5 episodes (that ive found so far) of the radio versions of TZ. which, in my opinion, doesnt compare to the actual show but its still pretty awesome! After listening to all of them i had the craving to watch the actual episodes. it was then that i found out that Hulu Plus has ALL of the seasons! what!? So, i had my very own TZ marathon. haha. later i found out that the annual TZ marathon was happening on the Fourth of July so i saved up my energy and waited! haha.

Did you all watch the TZ marathon on the Sci-Fi channel? i didnt wake up on time (haha) but i did watch a chunk of episodes. i then had to go over a friends house but of course no else wanted to watch it. haha.
being older i feel like i appreciate the TZ stories more. like, i understand them more and its pretty amazing stuff. as a kid, it was just more of entertainment. but i got to re-watch a lot of episodes and i must say, im so in love with TZ even more. i want to share some of my favorite episodes (which was a tough choice):

The Obsolete Man.
written by Rod Serling.
about a man being on trial for being obsolete. his occupation as a librarian and a believer of God being the crime and is to be executed. the story is just one of the deepest that i have seen. he chooses his own method of execution, only him knowing how hes going to die. he traps the Chancellor inside his study (where he wishes to die) and as the nation watches, he reveals that his execution is by a bomb. as the Chancellor begins to panic, you see the librarian calmly as calm. stating his purpose and beliefs. knowing hes about to die yet he remains peaceful. the Chancellor finally begs in the name of God to let him out and the librarian frees him. moments later, the bomb goes off and the librarian dies. When the Chancellor returns to the courtroom he discovers that he is replaced. he is now obsolete and being called a disgrace for being a coward. what a turn around! the message couldnt be more clear. emphasizing on the importance of free speech! absolutely one of my favorites!
To Serve Man
written by Rod Serling (based on a story by Damon Knight). 
aliens landing on planet earth and stating that their motives are to help the humans with all the earths troublesome. with their advance technology they wow the humans and they have nothing to fear. on the other hand a staff full of deciphers led by a man named Chambers are still trying to find out what the aliens book translate to. at the end, humans are being allowed to travel to the aliens planet and while Chambers walks the steps of the alien spaceship, one of his staff members races to catch him in time, stating that she figured out the translation of the book... being a "cookbook."
The Masks.
written by Rod Serling.
not only did i think The Obsolete man was pretty deep but The Masks as well. a wealthy, dying old man is visited by his daughter, her daughters husband and grandchildren. all having terrible traits and only there for the inheritance. the old man gives each family member a mask to wear which represents each of their terrible traits. as time goes by, the old man passes and each family members face turns into the character of the mask theyve worn. they now wear the faces of all that was inside them. 
The Invaders
written by Richard Matheson
this story was a thinker! you think the women is a human and the spaceship that lands on her roof are aliens. but it turns out its the other way around. freakin genius! this episode was so brilliant and quite horrifying. what i loved most was that there was no dialogue which made it ten times more intense.

i started following @thenightgallery on Twitter, i think a day before the marathon, it was pretty cool reading their tweets while watching each episode. they would post what episode was next and facts about them.
so, those were some of my favorites and if youre a TZ fan as well, let me know your favorites! but if you havent seen these episodes (or any TZ episodes at all) i really recommend you start watching them! GREAT STORIES!!!!

(all images credited to

Movies : The Boxtrolls

my favorite form of animation is claymation! i literally tear up when watching any claymation/stop-motion film (i know, im so weird) but im just SO amazed at how beautiful it is. the detail and the amount of work that goes into it is just amazing and unbelievable. that being said, i have been waiting for The Boxtrolls for quite some time now! (of course, the way i found out about it was the fact that Simon Pegg is in it. haha). ive been following The Boxtrolls facebook and im so happy that they have been posting images of the characters and all its details. i found out yesterday that they have their own instagram!!
=O i mean, you have got to check out their IG and follow. You will be so incredibly amazed at those pictures and videos! if you have not heard of The Boxtrolls, its about an orphaned boy, Eggs, being raised by underground creatures called the Boxtrolls. Eggs has to save his family from an evil exterminator! the movie stars Elle Fanning, Issac Hempstead-Wright, Ben Kingsley, Simon Pegg (hehe), Nick Frost & MORE. you have got to check out the trailer ---> here.
heres a couple of my favorite images! amazing right!!?? i cant wait for this movie!!

The Boxtrolls comes out the 26th of September of THIS year!

(all images are credited to the Boxtrolls instagram)