Everyday Cosplay : Stefan Salvatore (TVD)

another Salvatore brother *swoon* if you didnt already know, im actually team Stelena ;) haha. i LOVE Damon but ive been rooting for Stefan and Elena since the beginning. i mean, i love bad boys but i also love them sweet ones. and Stefan is definitely that sweet guy! his everyday cosplay is pretty simple. Stefan is pretty simple! youll always catch him wearing a plain shirt with a hoodie and jacket! i actually have that jacket up there, i love it! i think my favorite from this EC is the ring! it fits the Salvatore ring so well and it has that old/vintage look to it. i also added a backpack (which i reallllly want!) because, well, Stefan is just always leaving, always got somewhere to go. haha. hope you liked this one! x


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  1. love the boots :)