MI Ghost Protocol

when it comes to Tom Cruise movies, i usually stay away. i dont know when my dislike for him started but i know it was sometime before high school. i remember when we had to watch one of his movies in History class (cant remember what it was) and i was seriously irritated. haha. the only exception to Tom Cruise movies would be Top Gun and War of the Worlds. so why on earth would i watch Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011)?

yesterday i was watching tv, well sorta, it was just on while i was doing something, probably on my phone. what made me look up was the score of the movie. it was the beginning credits and that score grabbed my attention. all i kept thinking was, "sounds like a Michael Giacchino score.." (who is one of my favorite composers) and while i was guessing i saw that it said "Directed by Brad Bird" (one of my favorite directors annnnd who directed my favorite Pixar film, The Incredibles) and i was suddenly interested. i also recognized the score sounding like Mission Impossible theme but i knew that i had to put aside Tom Cruise and just give it a try! alsooooo... i think the first scene had Simon Pegg in it, so i knew i just had to put the remote away. haha.

i know, i know.. im really late watching this film and i totally skipped like all the other MI films before this.. but whatever. haha. i also forgot that Jeremy Renner was in the film. hes pretty hott. haha. fun fact: Jeremy is from Modesto, California (which is a little over an hour from where i live). my cousin actually knew him and went to a community college with him. pretty rad!

anyways, i actually really liked this film! it was funny and filled with action! totally forgot that Tom Cruise was Tom Cruise throughout the whole film. im sorry, Tom. for being such a jerk and refusing you. haha. i will give more Tom Cruise movies a try. TRY ;)

movie: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol 
directed by: Brad Bird 
starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton 
rated: PG-13  
recommend: Yes! 
rating: worth seeing in theaters (i really should have!)




  1. I've watched the other MI films but haven't gotten around to this one yet!! thanks to your awesome review, it's def. on my to-watch-soon list!!!

    Tom Cruise is one of those 'eh' kinda actors. i really loved him on Minority Report, Rock of Ages (*swoon*) and the second half of Knight and Day (NOT the first half! the first half of that film was complete rubbish, but it picked up in the second half!!).

    1. i agree. hes always been an "eh" actor. haha. i hope you like this one!!
      i need to rent the other MI movies and watch them haha.