Stop-motion fun : Party Party App

Alien Invasion by Rosa De Los Reyes

have you (iphoners) downloaded the Party Party App yet? im kind of in love with it! its like an app for Stop-motion beginners. haha. i use to do random (super short) stop-motion videos years ago and ones that ive done recently, ill use Flipagram (a plus with that app, is that you can add recordings/music). What i love about the Party Party App is that they have really good filters! The only "bad" thing i could say about it is that it should have its own album in the App so that all your videos are saved onto there.. because when you save it as a video but forget to save it as a GIF. or accidentally delete in your camera roll, its gone :(

if youre following me on Instagram you might have seen the 3 stop-motion videos i did, using the Party Party App! the one above is the latest one i posted! i use construction paper to create it. it was a lot of fun to do! i was at work yesterday and did a story board of this! came out exactly how i imagined it haha.




  1. agh! I am gonna tell my boyfriend about this app! He will be obsessed in no time. he likes to do stop motion on Vine....or else he did when Vine was all the rage.