The Twilight Zone Marathon : favorites

if you have been following me on either Twitter or Instagram you might have seen my annoying Twilight Zone spam. haha. last week i discovered that Spotify has a Sci-fi radio! (pretty freakin awesome)! They have 4 or 5 episodes (that ive found so far) of the radio versions of TZ. which, in my opinion, doesnt compare to the actual show but its still pretty awesome! After listening to all of them i had the craving to watch the actual episodes. it was then that i found out that Hulu Plus has ALL of the seasons! what!? So, i had my very own TZ marathon. haha. later i found out that the annual TZ marathon was happening on the Fourth of July so i saved up my energy and waited! haha.

Did you all watch the TZ marathon on the Sci-Fi channel? i didnt wake up on time (haha) but i did watch a chunk of episodes. i then had to go over a friends house but of course no else wanted to watch it. haha.
being older i feel like i appreciate the TZ stories more. like, i understand them more and its pretty amazing stuff. as a kid, it was just more of entertainment. but i got to re-watch a lot of episodes and i must say, im so in love with TZ even more. i want to share some of my favorite episodes (which was a tough choice):

The Obsolete Man.
written by Rod Serling.
about a man being on trial for being obsolete. his occupation as a librarian and a believer of God being the crime and is to be executed. the story is just one of the deepest that i have seen. he chooses his own method of execution, only him knowing how hes going to die. he traps the Chancellor inside his study (where he wishes to die) and as the nation watches, he reveals that his execution is by a bomb. as the Chancellor begins to panic, you see the librarian calmly as calm. stating his purpose and beliefs. knowing hes about to die yet he remains peaceful. the Chancellor finally begs in the name of God to let him out and the librarian frees him. moments later, the bomb goes off and the librarian dies. When the Chancellor returns to the courtroom he discovers that he is replaced. he is now obsolete and being called a disgrace for being a coward. what a turn around! the message couldnt be more clear. emphasizing on the importance of free speech! absolutely one of my favorites!
To Serve Man
written by Rod Serling (based on a story by Damon Knight). 
aliens landing on planet earth and stating that their motives are to help the humans with all the earths troublesome. with their advance technology they wow the humans and they have nothing to fear. on the other hand a staff full of deciphers led by a man named Chambers are still trying to find out what the aliens book translate to. at the end, humans are being allowed to travel to the aliens planet and while Chambers walks the steps of the alien spaceship, one of his staff members races to catch him in time, stating that she figured out the translation of the book... being a "cookbook."
The Masks.
written by Rod Serling.
not only did i think The Obsolete man was pretty deep but The Masks as well. a wealthy, dying old man is visited by his daughter, her daughters husband and grandchildren. all having terrible traits and only there for the inheritance. the old man gives each family member a mask to wear which represents each of their terrible traits. as time goes by, the old man passes and each family members face turns into the character of the mask theyve worn. they now wear the faces of all that was inside them. 
The Invaders
written by Richard Matheson
this story was a thinker! you think the women is a human and the spaceship that lands on her roof are aliens. but it turns out its the other way around. freakin genius! this episode was so brilliant and quite horrifying. what i loved most was that there was no dialogue which made it ten times more intense.

i started following @thenightgallery on Twitter, i think a day before the marathon, it was pretty cool reading their tweets while watching each episode. they would post what episode was next and facts about them.
so, those were some of my favorites and if youre a TZ fan as well, let me know your favorites! but if you havent seen these episodes (or any TZ episodes at all) i really recommend you start watching them! GREAT STORIES!!!!

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  1. I haven't watched TZ in too long!! All these sound amazing!! My favorite is the skin deep episode! 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'

    1. OMG. i love that episode too! Rod was a creative genius!

  2. I haven't watched this in years, I think I should watch it again with fresh and "adult" eyes XD


    1. haha yes! <3
      youve got to let me know what your favorite episode is :)