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you guys! its almost Fall! which means.. my favorite tv shows are coming back. i already dislike summer and then to take away my shows the entire season, its just complete torture. haha. Luckily i had Wilfred to keep me company but i have been terribly missing my other favorites! I already know that i probably wont even get to watch these when they premiere (work), but thank God, i have Hulu (+). hehe.

The Mindy Project. Mindy Kaling is one of my most favorite human beings and when i found out she was having her own tv show, of course i had to watch it. So, you can call me a die hard fan of this show. before this, i watched New Girl but once Jess and Nick got together the stories became "meh" and i lost interest. All of my attention just went straight to Mindy! haha.
My favorite character(s): Morgan! :)
Tuesday / September 16 / FOX

The Vampire Diaries. if you didnt already know im a pretty huge fan of TVD. to the point where i went to the convention a couple years ago in San Francisco. i nearly passed out once Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Paul Wesley (Stefan) took the stage. that reminds me, i still need to document that day here on my blog. haha. They have been having the same convention throughout the entire year and the closest one to me is the one in September in Las Vegas (!!!) but looks like i wont be attending this time *tear*. Season 6 will have to do and i absolutely cannot wait. i actually have not seen the last episode of season 5 still.. i just didnt want it to end and have to wait so dang long for the next season. p.s. TVD > Twilight. psh!
My favorite character(s): Lexi (RIP) and Stefan.
Thursday / October 2 / 7pm / CW

Once Upon a Time. i love this show sooooo much! i find it so awesome that these fairy tale/disney characters are apart of the real world. its pretty genius! it almost feels like theyre actually real. haha. Also, one of the things i love is that they tweak some of the stories and some of the characters. If you watch OUAT you know that theyre bringing in the Frozen characters in the new season. im not a huge fan of the movie but im pretty excited to see a live action version of them. oh and thank God the show isnt a musical, haha. Most Sunday nights i spend over at my sisters house, we'll watch OUAT and right after that we watch... (next photo/show below).
My favorite character(s): this is kind of a tough one because there is so many. my currents are; Hook and Robin Hood.
Sunday / September 28 / 8pm / ABC

The Walking Dead. my sister and her husband are long time Walking Dead fans, so every time i would go over, they would be watching it (they would record the shows and watch them together when my bro-in-law would have to work on Sunday nights). but i didnt get into the show until a year ago (when my friends would have Walking Dead nights at their house). because i had already seen most of the episodes before, i started getting into it! BUT, funny thing.. i cant really watch the show by myself.. haha. yeah, im kind of a pansy. haha. Im excited for the premiere of Walking Dead but i think its kind messed up that they would make us wait this long =/
My favorite character(s): Maggie (she was also apart of the TVD clan, known as: Rose) ;)
Sunday / October 12 / 9pm / AMC

What are your favorites?

Man Crush Monday : Elijah Wood

Ive decided to make Man Crush Monday (MCM) apart of my blog. so you can now find my movie talks and reviews under "Movies" haha which is right there on the left. im slowly trying to make this blog my home so you will be seeing some changes here and there. One of the reasons i decided to add this new category on here is because i really do fan-girl over a lot of men. haha. that makes me sound like a hoochie o_o haha. im really not. I feel like all these men have so much more than just their looks and other than their handsomeness some of them have inspired me in some way or another. buuuuuuuuuuuut i also just really fancy them ;)

like many chicks, Elijah Wood was my very first crush! Kevin Zegers was a close second but we'll save that for another MCM. Wilfred is officially over and im excited to see whats next for Elijah. During his time on Wilfred he had other projects like; Happy Feet two, The Hobbit and The Grand Piano (which i still havent seen). Being the DJ (gosh, Elijah, what cant you do?) that he is, he also collab'd with Grado Labs in designing these awesome headphones made of Whiskey Barrels. You can read more about here. i will own them! one day! haha. One of the things i love about Elijah (i mean, besides his eyes) is his sweet spirit. ive not met him (yet) but have seen his interviews and he just seems like an all around good guy. Did you guys use to watch Punk'd? Do you remember when Ashton Kutcher Punk'd Elijah? he's like the sweetest guy on earth, haha. an incident happened and some guy was just mad and yelling at Elijah and Elijah just kept saying sorry, looking frantic. *tear* poor guy haha. What i also love about him? We have the same favorite band (The Smashing Pumpkins) :D

 my feelings for Mr. Wood is forever growing.

Fassy Friday & Favorites

Happy Fassy Friday to you all!


the quote from the very last episode of Wilfred. #Furwell

one of the coolest cosplays id ever seen. Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler from Jurassic park! genuis. (*)

this photo of Dean Martin and his parents. love.

this awesome Treebeard costume (on the right)! SO GOOD! (*)

though i think that the ASL Awareness can be made in another way (i mean, we're still in a drought), its good to see people spreading an awareness at all and donating. like this.. of Tom Hiddleston.. have you all seen this video? yeah, im happy he donated but can we just sit back and stare at this amazing human god? *sigh*

Boy Meets World was one of my favorite shows in the 90's and Eric was always my favorite. the things he says.. hahah.

last but not least, new toys that i purchased this week! (*)

Comikaze Expo : First Timer

im pretty excited y'all! ill be attending Comikaze for the first time and im pretty excited. ill actually be attending Hello Kitty Con as well (the day before), so its going to be a rad weekend. The only Con ive been to is the Vampire Diaries (omg, Ian Somerhalder was like 15 feet away from me and i got to take a picture with Steven R. Mcqueen!) a couple years ago, so i dont know exactly what to expect from either of these Conventions.
I do know that i want to dress up for both. Lets start off with the Comikaze Expo!

Yep! i want to cosplay as Peter Quill/Star-Lord! Since i dont have much time to "make" anything, i bought his gun online (Meli did a recent post about Cosplay for Dummies: Store Bought and one of the links she recommended was Costume Super Center. thanks, Meli!) . i forgot that he has two, so im still debating whether to buy another or not (what do you think?). anyways, im really excited about cosplaying as Peter Quill, not only do i favor him a lot in GOTG but also because his costume looks comfy. haha. I also love the fact that he wears boots. i love BOOTS! haha. id wear them forever if i could (it just doesnt work in the summer unfortunately *sad faced*).
Now, its time to look for a red leather jacket or something super similar. I will be hunting at thrift stores. wish me luck!


Wilfred : Resistance/Happiness (Spoilers)

so, its been a week since Wilfred ended and im still feeling all sorts of sadness. i really cant believe one of my most favorite tv shows is over! maybe ill get over it when Mindy Project, Once Upon a Time and the Vampire Diaries starts up again. haha. but for now, all i want is my Wilfie back. Watching the last two episodes was really hard for me. i actually watched it on Saturday because i just didnt want it to end. haha. Like with TVD, i actually didnt watch the last episode of season 5 until two months later because i knew i wouldnt be seeing them again until October. yeah, i take my shows seriously. haha. i guess theyre like books to me. i get attached to the characters and the stories that i start to get emotional about them.

Back to Wilfred, if you didnt see the last two episodes and dont want to know a thing then beware of spoilers.. right about.. now...

Episode 9 and 10 of Season 4 were both featured as the finale episodes on Wednesday. Like every Wilfred episode, it starts off with a quote. Episode 9 Resistance: "Resistance is Useless" - Doctor Who (oh how i wish i watched Doctor Who). At the end of episode 8 we find out that Wilfred officially has lung cancer and we finally see Ryan and Jenna together! i actually thought it wasnt going to happen. but it did. they hooked up and she said she wasnt going to hurt him anymore. Episode 9 was really heavy in my heart. We had to sit back and watch Wilfred get put down (they showed the real dog, which i was actually so happy to see!) and we also saw the end of Ryan and Jenna's relationship (i knew it was too good to be true). His love for the girl next door wasnt real and i loved how he told her off. oh and Drew buying a new puppy right after Wilfie's death? too soon buddy! Throughout the episode i began to notice Ryans transformation. In the beginning Ryan tries to commit suicide and is this "pathetic loser" afraid to take chances. During this episode, Ryan has become more aware of things around him, more comfortable with himself and more assertive. thats what i loved about Wilfred. even though he got Ryan into trouble sometimes, he gave Ryan adventures.

Episode 10 Happiness: "Happiness does not to depend on outward things, but on the way we see them." - Leo Tolstoy. The quote fit so perfectly with the last episode. During this episode we finally find the answers. im not sure what exactly was the answer i was looking for but it was right in front of us the whole time. Wilfred was simply part of Ryan's mental illness. Which also explains his attempt to commit suicide once again. During the final episode, Ryan finds all the answers. His dad not being his real dad and his real dad being a cult leader of the Flock of the Grey Shepard. Ryan then finds out that Wilfred is just not real and everything that Wilfred "made him do" or all the "tricks" he did was just all Ryan himself.. He discards Wilfred from his life and in the end he realizes how much he misses him and needs him. At the end we see Ryan and Wilfred (man in the dog suit not the actual dog) together once again.

i think the ending was just perfect. the fact that Ryan accepted himself and brought Wilfred back into his life. Im still sad that real dog Wilfred is dead but i happy to know the imaginary man is still around. like ive said before, im so sad this show ended but really happy it even existed. haha. Elijah Wood and Jason Gann were the perfect duo and i hope to see them both in another show (or movie) in the future. Also, i feel like Jason Gann should be more famous than he actually is! that guys is genius and super freakin hilarious.
Kudos to David Zuckerman for developing a great show! You did an amazing job, sir!

p.s. the artwork featured above is my fan art! Fun fact: my Wilfred and Bear illustration was retweeted by the Wilfred official Twitter (OMG) and the watercolor one i did of the cast (bottom right) was retweeted by Fiona (Jenna) and Dorian (Kristen)! they also tweeted me which was awesome! that was my ultimate FAN GIRL moment! that and the time Edgar Wright retweeted and then tweeted me! *dead*

thanks for reading! i hope you enjoyed the finale episodes as well as the entire 4 seasons! x


Art Lately : Elsa

as of late, i have actually been in the process of creating my art into brooches and randomly painting in my watercolor book (by random, i mean when i have the time). last night before bed though i had the urge to digitally doodle. im not a huge Frozen fan. when i first saw the film i loved it but wasnt so big on the music (sorry guys!) and pretty much fell in love with Olaf (i seriously died laughing in the theater) and Kristoff the most. but i did like the animation aspect of it! which is why i love drawing Elsa. i have yet to draw Anna. that will come soon!



added a new print to shop! BACK TO THE FUTURE! BTTF is my favorite movie, ever (first one being my very favorite)! i cant even tell you how many times ive seen the trilogy. i remember one summer, i slept over my cousins house and all we did was watch BTTF. no joke, after it was over, we started it over from the beginning. this went on, everyday.. morning to night. haha. crazy kids, huh!? ;) but anyways, i have been wanting to make BTTF art to add to my shop but havent had much time. usually nights before a day i have to work all day, ill go to bed super early. but my mind was just in creative mode and i really wanted to get this one done and added to my shop! so i went to bed at 1am =/ which i kind of regret because i only got 4 and half hours of sleep and im currently at work fighting to stay awake. on top of that i have work at the coffee shop until 9ish pm. im only complaining at the fact that i need sleep. and food. other than that.. i really like how my BTTF print came out. its super simple but i think its quite fun! hope you guys like it too! you can get it here!


Art Lately

i really wish i could say that i have new art lying around. but i dont. and that makes me really sad. in fact, im actually behind on custom orders so creating new art is going to take a while. i knew that time was going to be very limit once i started my second job but not only that, it has made me super exhausted. when i get home from a full day of work (7:30am-9:45pm) all i want to do is EAT, read a comic or watch a 30 minute tv show and go to bed. haha. this is where i really have to try to get stuff done when im not working at the coffee shop. energy is much needed!!! so, anyone waiting for their custom order, thank you for being so patient with me. also, to everyone and anyone! i have this coupon code for 10% off orders over $5+ that sends to your email when you purchase from my shop. in case you havent been getting it, its: ROSA10. ;)
happy shopping! x


Guardians of the Galaxy

i got to see Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) yesterday! i took my nephew with me. i mean, there really was no one else better to see a Marvel movie with. haha. i love when i anticipate to see a movie so bad and it turns out exactly how i expected it.. awesome! GOTG was straight up fun, funny and action packed!

Chris Pratt did such an amazing job as Peter Quill. He has always been a very well liked actor and extremely hilarious, so he fit the part so well. i think its great that he has become apart of the Marvel family. I was also so siked to see Lee Pace' performance as Ronan. im such a huge fan of his! Pace (to me) just never disappoints. and i think thats why he's able to play such a variety of characters (a pie maker, vampire, elf). it was great seeing him as a Marvel villian and im pretty happy he has become apart of the Marvel family as well. That being said, id have to say Peter Quill and Ronan were my favorites from the film.

But i mean, that doesnt mean i didnt like Rocket and Groot. those two.. amazing freakin characters. tell me why i couldnt picture Bradley Cooper every time Rocket talked. haha. so weird. Rocket was seriously a bad-ass character! Groot, a lovable character and its pretty funny how Vin Diesel only had like two lines (repeating one of them). haha. oh yeah, and theres Drax! i liked his character but i think he stood out the least, for me.

Zoe Saldana as Gamora, she was fantastic. i loved her fight scenes. most of all, i was seriously digging her green makeup. haha. which steers me into the direction of... She-Hulk. is anyone else hoping they'd do a She-Hulk movie? i am! i mean, if theres already talks about this, please send me links. im not sure who would make a great She-Hulk but i would love for her to get her own movie and join the Avengers!

i have to say that i was also excited to see Peter Serafinowicz in the movie! he stared in Spaced, Star Wars Episode I (as my favorite, Darth Maul) and Shaun of the Dead ( my favorite Cornetto film). Hes such a handsome lad! :)
ok, overall, this movie was seriously amazing!! i enjoyed it from beginning to end. i really want to see it for a second time! if you have no seen it, please do!!!

movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
directed by: James Gunn 
starring:  Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista + more.
rated: PG-13  
recommend: YES! 
rating: worth seeing in theaters and seeing it twice or thrice!


Fassy Friday + Favorites

its that time again where i post one of my favorite Fassbender photos and indulge in how amazingly handsome he is. *sigh* Happy Fassy Friday to you all! hope you have an amazing weekend and go watch Guardians of the Galaxy! i work a full day today and im hoping someone will see it with me at 10:30pm. haha.


does anyone else fancy Sebastian Stan!? i love him as Bucky Barnes! but he was also in two of my favorite shows: Gossip Girl and Once Upon a Time (as the Mad Hatter!). i wish Gossip girl was still on! i was so obsessed with that show. haha. and i wish he was still in OUAT! BUT him as Bucky/Winter Soldier is definitely good enough. So amazing as that character! anyways, my friend sent me this on Pinterest a couple days ago and i about died.

Funko Pocket Pops! Keychains! holy amazing! Nerd Fu posted about the new keychains on their site and Facebook and i seriously freaked! i noticed Daryl Dixon right away and want it so bad! apparently it doesnt come out till November.. ahhhh!

this Gif of a young Vincent Price. oh dear. i am swooning. he was such a handsome man! :)

Kate's unicorn outfit! i think this would be my absolute favorite outfit of hers! everything about it, i love.

this photo of the some of The Hobbit cast and Peter Jackson! ugh. i die! i love it! i saw it on my Facebook feed and immediately shared it. haha

Avengers - Guardians of the Galaxy crossover? The Nerdist talks about it in their site, here! im actually freaking out a little right now. haha. When i first heard about the Guardians of the Galaxy film coming out, i was wondering if they would ever do a crossover with Avengers.. and well.. now you can read about it and see that its a possibility!

thats all for now! hope you enjoyed my faves! x