Comikaze Expo : First Timer

im pretty excited y'all! ill be attending Comikaze for the first time and im pretty excited. ill actually be attending Hello Kitty Con as well (the day before), so its going to be a rad weekend. The only Con ive been to is the Vampire Diaries (omg, Ian Somerhalder was like 15 feet away from me and i got to take a picture with Steven R. Mcqueen!) a couple years ago, so i dont know exactly what to expect from either of these Conventions.
I do know that i want to dress up for both. Lets start off with the Comikaze Expo!

Yep! i want to cosplay as Peter Quill/Star-Lord! Since i dont have much time to "make" anything, i bought his gun online (Meli did a recent post about Cosplay for Dummies: Store Bought and one of the links she recommended was Costume Super Center. thanks, Meli!) . i forgot that he has two, so im still debating whether to buy another or not (what do you think?). anyways, im really excited about cosplaying as Peter Quill, not only do i favor him a lot in GOTG but also because his costume looks comfy. haha. I also love the fact that he wears boots. i love BOOTS! haha. id wear them forever if i could (it just doesnt work in the summer unfortunately *sad faced*).
Now, its time to look for a red leather jacket or something super similar. I will be hunting at thrift stores. wish me luck!



  1. O M G I get to see you at Comikaze!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! xx

    1. YAY!!!!!!! i cant wait! :))
      p.s. just letting you i nominated you for a Liebster Award :)