Man Crush Monday : Elijah Wood

Ive decided to make Man Crush Monday (MCM) apart of my blog. so you can now find my movie talks and reviews under "Movies" haha which is right there on the left. im slowly trying to make this blog my home so you will be seeing some changes here and there. One of the reasons i decided to add this new category on here is because i really do fan-girl over a lot of men. haha. that makes me sound like a hoochie o_o haha. im really not. I feel like all these men have so much more than just their looks and other than their handsomeness some of them have inspired me in some way or another. buuuuuuuuuuuut i also just really fancy them ;)

like many chicks, Elijah Wood was my very first crush! Kevin Zegers was a close second but we'll save that for another MCM. Wilfred is officially over and im excited to see whats next for Elijah. During his time on Wilfred he had other projects like; Happy Feet two, The Hobbit and The Grand Piano (which i still havent seen). Being the DJ (gosh, Elijah, what cant you do?) that he is, he also collab'd with Grado Labs in designing these awesome headphones made of Whiskey Barrels. You can read more about here. i will own them! one day! haha. One of the things i love about Elijah (i mean, besides his eyes) is his sweet spirit. ive not met him (yet) but have seen his interviews and he just seems like an all around good guy. Did you guys use to watch Punk'd? Do you remember when Ashton Kutcher Punk'd Elijah? he's like the sweetest guy on earth, haha. an incident happened and some guy was just mad and yelling at Elijah and Elijah just kept saying sorry, looking frantic. *tear* poor guy haha. What i also love about him? We have the same favorite band (The Smashing Pumpkins) :D

 my feelings for Mr. Wood is forever growing.


  1. I love Wilfred! Elijah has never been a crush of mine, but I find it funny how his face has never changed. He looks the exact same way as he did in The Good Son. LOL

    1. haha YES! that is what i always say! he hasnt aged one bit haha. still looks like a little boy =P ugh i love him! haha. so happy to hear youre a Wilfred fan as well! <3 i will miss that show so much! x

  2. I 100% agree with this crush. He seems to never grow older though. So very pretty.

  3. He was my very first crush too! Radio Flyer! I knew I really loved you! We were destined to be friends!! I finally got to meet him at SDCC this year and about cried! LOL xx