Fassy Friday + Favorites

its that time again where i post one of my favorite Fassbender photos and indulge in how amazingly handsome he is. *sigh* Happy Fassy Friday to you all! hope you have an amazing weekend and go watch Guardians of the Galaxy! i work a full day today and im hoping someone will see it with me at 10:30pm. haha.


does anyone else fancy Sebastian Stan!? i love him as Bucky Barnes! but he was also in two of my favorite shows: Gossip Girl and Once Upon a Time (as the Mad Hatter!). i wish Gossip girl was still on! i was so obsessed with that show. haha. and i wish he was still in OUAT! BUT him as Bucky/Winter Soldier is definitely good enough. So amazing as that character! anyways, my friend sent me this on Pinterest a couple days ago and i about died.

Funko Pocket Pops! Keychains! holy amazing! Nerd Fu posted about the new keychains on their site and Facebook and i seriously freaked! i noticed Daryl Dixon right away and want it so bad! apparently it doesnt come out till November.. ahhhh!

this Gif of a young Vincent Price. oh dear. i am swooning. he was such a handsome man! :)

Kate's unicorn outfit! i think this would be my absolute favorite outfit of hers! everything about it, i love.

this photo of the some of The Hobbit cast and Peter Jackson! ugh. i die! i love it! i saw it on my Facebook feed and immediately shared it. haha

Avengers - Guardians of the Galaxy crossover? The Nerdist talks about it in their site, here! im actually freaking out a little right now. haha. When i first heard about the Guardians of the Galaxy film coming out, i was wondering if they would ever do a crossover with Avengers.. and well.. now you can read about it and see that its a possibility!

thats all for now! hope you enjoyed my faves! x


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