its in a book

These are my current reads! I actually almost added another (Hunger Games), buuuuut i think four would be pushing it. haha. Since ive found the book Twelve Extraordinary Women in my room, i just had to finish reading it. Mindy Kalings Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? (and other concerns) is one that i have been wanting to read since it came out and i finally bought it. Crazy Love by Francis Chan is book about God and a book that my College and Career group (18-30 yrs old) at church are reading. So, im excited to finish reading all three of them. It might take me a while but my illustration life has been a bit slow lately. I also love that inspiration can be found in books!

What are you reading?

and i quote

Lately i have been lacking drawing inspiration. ugh. I havent been drawing as much as i should. On a brighter note, i have recently made two sales in my Pretty Clementine shop. yes! Also, i think lately i havent been focusing mainly on drawing but more on my walk with God. Ive been rethinking things and trying to get myself back on track. What does that mean? Well, just praying more and finding out what my purpose is in life. I know i want to be someone great, not just great, but a great woman of God. Im looking forward to finding that out. The other day i decided to rearrange my room. worst.. idea.. ever. My back is still hurting and my room looks like it just threw up. *sad faced*. So i got a ton of cleaning to do, which is actually fine since ill be having a spot at our church flea market this Saturday. Anywho, while rearranging my room, i stumbled across a book i was reading 4-5 years ago. i seriously forgot all about it! So maybe rearranging my room wasnt such a bad idea? haha. Well, i found it in perfect timing because i have been (also) lacking inspiration in God. My spiritual life was emptying out. I wasnt feeling like i belong. The book i found is called "Twelve Extraordinary Women" and im so glad i bought it 4-5 years ago. It brought a smile to my face and all i thought of was *thank you Jesus*! The book talks about ladies from the bible and their dedication to God. How inspiring is that? It felt perfect, like, exactly what i needed. These ladies (and God) will give me the inspiration to draw near to him. im excited. So, that is basically my current read!

"Scripture never discounts the female intellect, downplays the talents and abilities of women, or discourages the right use of women's spiritual gifts. But whenever the Bible expressly talks about the marks of an excellent woman, the stress is always on femine virtue. The most significant women in Scripture were influential not because of their careers, but because of their character. The message these women collectively give is not about "gender equality"; its about true feminine excellence. And this is always exemplified in moral and spiritual qualities rather than by social standing, wealth, or physical appearance"

What have you been inspired by lately?

side note:
This is actually the lastest drawing i have done, which was a drawing for a friend. (i forgot to snap a shot after finishing the hair, haha).

p.s. I want to do a little giveaway on my blog when i reach 25 followers. All 25 (or more?) will
automatically be in it and i will do a random drawing to see who wins the "package" i come up with (which includes my artwork and lots of fun stuff). We'll talk about this later :)

Current Favorites

Yeah, im not very good at bloggin on Weekends. Its usually relaxing or busy! So just FYI. haha. Here are some of my current favorites:
  • I found this quote on Pinterest on Friday and i seriously died laughing! I posted it onto my instagram and everyone got a kick out of it as well! haha. Its a quote from the comedien Emily Heller.
  •  So, a couple days after the NKOTB package tour.. i bought their new album "10". OMG, im kinda in love with it. I think "Survive You" is my favorite song from the album. If youre a NKOTB fan or just boy band crazy, check out some of their songs on Spotify or Youtube. I recommend "Remix"!
  • heres something super adorable that i found on Pinterest! I love it! Im eager to find a cart and paint it *pink*!
  • a friend of mine told me about eShakti a while ago and i thought it was the coolest site for customized dresses, tops and skirts! If you didnt already know, im Apostolic Pentecostal annnnd its really hard to find shirts with sleeves up to my elbow and for a 5'7'' girl to find a skirt to go below my knees.. i mean, why do all these awesome clothing stores have so many short skirts?? Im pretty sure that theyre getting shorter every year =/. This site is pretty pricey for me.. but im thinking of saving and getting this skirt sometime soon! One thing for sure though... i gotta start learning how to sew. haha.

Big Eyes

So being a Tim Burton fan i thought id make a post about his new film coming out next year. Im pretty excited about this one seeing as he will be directing a film about the artist Margaret Keane and her husband Walter Keane. The film is called "Big Eyes". Those of you who dont know Margaret Keane's work, im sure you have seen those paintings of little girls and children with the intensely big eyes (seen in the photo above). Its pretty hypnotic and a tad creepy (in a good way). The film is suppose to surround the story of Margaret and her husband Walter, about their divorce and over the rights to the paintings. It will be interesting to see the story in film and exciting to see the paintings in the film as well. Amy Adams will portray Margaret and Christoph Waltz as Walter, i think theyre a perfect pair of fanastic actors! Im also excited that Jason Schwartzman and Krysten Ritter will be in the film as well, i love the both of them!
for more about the movie here are some links:


NKOTB: The Package Tour

So Friday the 12th was the night i dub theed the completion of my life. ok, not really but OMG was it amazing. I got to FINALLY see New Kids on the Block in concert! I also got to see my long time crush Joey Mcintyre in the flesh.. and from afar. haha. NKOTB has this Package Tour going on with BoyzIIMen and 98 Degrees! Performances from both boy bands were truly amazing! I like BoyzIIMen but was never a big fan, 98 Degrees on the other hand i was a sucker for when i was in middle school. haha. Seeing them perform brought back so many memories! Drew Lachey was my favorite. ok, back to NKOTB.. yeah.. theyre much older now but wow can they still dance and sing! I thought Prince was my favorite in concert but being a long time NKOTB fan annnnd seeing what kinda show they put on has definitely changed my mind! Loved their performance to pieces! Next time im saving up for better seats though, we got the nose bleed seats! haha. Which was honestly, better than nothig ;)
 98 Degress with Nick Lachey on the screen *swoon*
98 Degrees, once more!
Break time before a 2 hour show of NKOTB.

 Joey sang "Please Dont Go Girl"! my favorite part of the concert! He killed it!!!

I had a ton of fun! and i seriously cant wait to see them AGAIN! :) Now if only Nsync would get back together.. *sigh*

Found this video below of Joey singing Please Dont Go Girl from the concert i went to:

Hollywood Trip: Part 2

we arrived in Hollywood at around 3pm on that Friday, rested then pretty much just walked around Hollywood and Highland at night. No photos were taken since i didnt bring my iphone with me. So instead i have photos from the hotel and Saturday. We stayed at the W hotel. Wow, i mean wow. I cant believe how "Hollywood" that place was. haha. The hotel was beautiful, clean and party central. At night they'd have parties in the lobby and they had a rooftop pool area. When my friends and i went to check it out everyone there looked like they stepped out of the tv show 90210 (new one). haha. No joke. I could honestly say that i did not fit in whatsoever. We couldnt get into the pool area because we forgot our ID's in our room (i didnt know we needed them), probably because there were bars and such. So i was glad to turn my butt around and head back down to the room.... and stay there. haha.

 Saturday morning we were in need of coffee. LA's "starbucks" is The Coffee Bean. First timer! I got the Iced Vanilla Latte. it was super delicious AND im in love with the ice. haha. It was like crushed ice. haha. Im a fan.

Driving to the Coffee Bean, we passed by this huge poster board on the WB studios. OMG. duh, picture time.

Well as you can see in the photos above we had a great Saturday afternoon! We got the VIP tour tickets to the Warner Bros. Studio. If you are ever planning a trip to LA and love movies and tv, plan on going to a studio tour! The Warner Bros. Studio tour tickets were pretty afforable! Check out their site and plan your trip! I got to see a ton of neat things and it will forever be burried in my memory haha. I have a TON of pictures and will probably make this Hollywood trip to part 4 or 5, maybe even 6. Stay tuned...


Hollywood Trip: Part 1

For my fourth of July weekend my friends and i made a trip to good ol (and extremely busy) Hollywood. I gotta say, i really had a lot of fun! Our first stop of the adventure was to Pismo beach. I actually have never been before so it was really exciting for me. We ate at a place called Splash, which is famous for its clam chowder. And yes, i got the clam chowder haha. Apparently its the place to be, because after we left there was a HUGE line outside. We got there just in time. After Splash we decided to just walk around and check out the beach. We probably spent a good time just watching the waves and surfers. It was a nice break from the rode.
and yes, the clam chowder was VERY delicious.

Then it was my turn to drive! Did i mention we drove my friends parents BMW to Hollywood? We rode in style and definitely in pain, haha, i didnt find it too comfortable. But thats just me.
More of my Hollywood trip will be added soon! :)