girly Pegg's

Of course I would do another Cornetto drawing. I was having fun last night with time to myself drawing away. I did a bunch of drawings while reading at the same time (not exactly at the same time but on tiny little breaks) and it was just grand having some time to just relax and not have any work to do (which is usually nice but getting to draw my own thing is much more fun). one of the drawings I did was an inspired piece by the Dole Whipettes (cc. @dolewhipettes on Instagram) you can see the drawing on their IG :)
So right before bed time I had the urge to whip up yet another Cornetto drawing and I think this has become one of my favorites. I made Simon Pegg's Cornetto characters into girls! haha. next, I would like to do Nick Frost' characters :) I think what made me draw his characters as girls was the fact that I really do have a hard time drawing guys. haha. So I gave up and decided.. hey, why not! :)

hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday so far!

Rosa Clementine

Holiday Coupons

Its been so silent in here! haha. my days have been crazy busy and i finally have some time to myself. Heres whats going on at Pretty Clementine! NOW until December 20th there are Holiday coupons floating around my shop! below you will see the three Holiday coupon codes i am offering. They cannot be combined and they cannot be used on paintings, printable & customs.

20% off orders $10 or more with code: SANTA
30% off orders $20 or more with code: GINGERBREAD
50% off orders $100 or more with code: HOTCOCOA

and you all already know the coupons i offer in my shop already:
10% off with code: PRETTY
Free shipping on US orders $25 or more with code: SHIPPINAWESOME

 im taking my last orders for Custom Couple Portraits TOMORROW (and will resume in January).
Any Purchases from my shop from December 6th through December 15th all orders will be shipped on Tuesday the 17th of December. 

i have also added some new Holiday prints in my shop (one of them being the photo above).. three 4x6 prints for the price of $15! Time to start Holiday shopping at Pretty Clementine :)

Rosa Clementine

a different Hunger

While I was watching tv last night, the Hunger Games Catching Fire trailer came on. I suddenly had the urge to create a Hunger Games piece since the movie is coming out very soon! I didn't feel like drawing anything illustrationy or animatey (yeah, I know, they're not words) but I wanted to created something more realistic I guess. Im always so fond of the skills people have drawing on photoshop with all these different brushes. it amazes me how real they look! So, I thought id try!
Ok, this isn't super realistic.. but im still learning. haha. ive never really drawn a person like this before and I thought drawing my version of Katniss would be a start!
Even though its not all crazy realistic with crazy shades and techniques.. I actually want to put this in my shop. I like how it turned out and im also thinking of creating her in another outfit. I also have a couple more people that I want to draw. Hopefully I have some time tonight :)

Hunger Games Catching Fire is out in theaters November 22nd.
im so excited. every time I see the trailer I get goose bumps and teary eyed. haha.

Rosa Clementine

info : shop & me

Since the Holidays are approaching and my trip to Hawaii is super duper soon, here are some info about whats going on at Pretty Clementine and also with me.
Custom Couple Portraits - I will be taking the last batch of portraits (well, all customs) on November 20th and will have them done before Thanksgiving. Customs will resume the beginning of January. Any Purchases from my shop from December 6th through December 15th all orders will be shipped on Tuesday the 17th of December. Other than customs and not getting things shipped the week I am in Hawaii the shop is all good ;)

Id also just like to thank everyone who has visited and ordered from Pretty Clementine! ive had my shop for almost two years (started with Etsy) and it has finally started to rocket (there has definitely been some depressing moments, wondering if my shop would ever really take off.. but I know it always requires patience)! im so incredibly blessed and especially thankful to everyone for being so supportive and for just liking my art, period. Every kind word.. I really take that to heart & it really makes my dream more possible.

I really have been drawing since I could hold a pencil and since I was younger (sitting in front of the tv, drawing Daria characters) I knew I wanted to be an Artist. Growing up in a traditional Filipino family that wants you to become a nurse, I had a lot of convincing to do with my father and some of my family. making sure they knew that drawing is something I want to do for the rest of my life. Ive made it my major attending junior colleges and then attending the Art Institute majoring in Media Arts and Animation. And though I did not finish (finding a job to pay my rent and a lot of my bills was too important to pay for an expensive school), im glad I went there because I learned so much, met so many great & talented people and I really wouldn't have the mind set I have today.

Its incredibly hard work trying to get yourself and your work out there! Honestly, I have a lot of people to thank for that! So, thank you to those who have played some parts in my play :) I have really met some wonderful and super kind people on blogs and instagram.. I hope to meet all of you in person some day!

ok, enough of my sappiness :) haha.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and hope your week is blessed!

p.s. I watched Thor The Dark World twice this past weekend. yes, its pretty dang good. #TeamLoki

Rosa Clementine

Friday faves : geek love

geek love

Happy Friday!! ive put together a bunch of awesome geek like things I have been wanting!!
  Scrolling through Forever 21's website (finding clothes for Hawaii hehe) I stumbled upon THIS awesome Simpsons sweater. OMG. as a long time fan.. I just gotta have it!
 Yummy You! scarf by Twinkie Chan on Modcloth! whaaaaa?? I would say this is more in the ADORABLEY CUTE than geeky category though. such a fan of hers!
♥  Mermaid bookends! Mermaids! Books! Double amazing! I go kinda nuts seeing awesome bookends like this! My most favorite(s) though? the Star Wars ones!
  now if only they had Scotty! haha but these Star Trek salt and pepper shakers are on my list for my future home! I need these!
♥  Shakespeare and Star Wars.. now that's my kind of combo. I have a Star wars collection and a small collection of Shakespeare books and I would love to add this William Shakespeare's Star Wars book! This is actually A MUST HAVE!
♥  This duvet cover is pretty pricey for me and if any of you find something similar & cheap please let me know! I love this so much!
♥  When I saw this Clock I immediately thought of Peter Pan! I want this in my home!
  So im kind of getting tired of unplugging and plugging the different USB cords to my computer when im working.. I should probably consider purchasing a USB hub! I found this Cloud USB Hub that I am thinking of getting soon!
hmmmm, I would say this is probably my Christmas wish list ;) haha.
this and money for Disneyland! =P
Have a great weekend!
Rosa Clementine

Christmas fever in the shop

my shop is into the Christmas spirit! :) ive added a bunch of Christmas themed art! Like PDF printable gift tags! print and cut! so easy and you can print as many as you want! I also created a new piece involving Joel and Clementine (from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). I got some printed yesterday and they came out so wonderfully.. I even hung one up in my room haha. And as ive mentioned before ive got Christmas postcards in the shop! Send a sweet letter to a friend, a loved one or a stranger ;)

hope you all are having a lovely Thursday! :)

martian girls

I rarely share my pencil drawings so I thought id post one. As you all know I have changed the name of my blog, well I also changed the name of my etsy shop from Rosalyn's Pretty Things to The Martian Maitland. The reason why is that I already have my main shop Pretty Clementine (which features all kinds of illustrations) but have been wanting to start a new project. As an illustrator and a dreamer of becoming an animator I have been wanting to start up a series. This series will be drawings of Alien girls, also known as Martian Girls. my idea of it is fun, geeky and girly. I grew fond of Aliens for years and years and have sketched up a few drawings of them in the past but now im ready to take it further. Im creating these Martian Girls in such a fun and sweet way. above are some sketches of them with hints of desserts (I got to add desserts into my pieces haha) and then theres a Martian girl from the 1920's. These are just ideas of what im wanting to whip up for my new shop. They will be Martians with different themes.
im looking to create buttons, maybe hand-painted brooches, portrait paintings of them and prints (basically like my Pretty Clementine shop but all Alien themed). The shop wont be open until maybe December or January but I might add a few things to see how it goes.
what are your thoughts about my Martian Girls?

Rosa Clementine

my favorite brooches

theres really nothing I love more (ok, maybe Simon Pegg and Chris Evans) than hand-made items! Here are my favorite brooches that so happens to be hand-drawn, hand-painted and hand-made! im so happy to share them with you all. As someone who also hand-paints brooches, I know how much care and time these artist put into their work. So, that (and the incredible work itself) is what intrigues me and becomes a fan. The artists im about to mention are no strangers to my blog :) ive probably mentioned them a couple times on here.. but hey! im a fan!

Michelle of Creature Type created these adorably-delicious donut brooches! yes.. I bought two ;) im seriously so in love with them and im such a fan of her work! Visit her Etsy shop.

ive mentioned Diana in my All for Elfman post. She creates beautiful Disney inspired things! The chocolate ice cream pin is the first thing I ever bought from her and i was just so impressed by her craftsmanship! shes seriously one talented lady! You can check out her work in her Etsy shop: Love That Mouse.

Kate from Scathingly Brilliant makes the most pretty and adorable things.. ever. im such a huge fan of her shop Sweet & Lovely and have bought so many things! One of them being the ice cream sweater clips. I actually use them as brooches from time to time ;) theyre such so lovely! as you can tell by now, im a huge fan of dessert themed brooches (and other things).

Last but certainly not least.. how awesome is this Vincent Price brooch? the lovely Ms. Dee from Ahoy Miss has her own Etsy shop called Ghosts Waltz full of pretty-ghostlike art! im so in love with her work and im so happy to have finally purchased something from her shop. This brooch has become my very favorite! Just letting you know Dee, i will be purchasing more in the near future! haha.

have a lovely Tuesday!

Rosa Clementine

the holidays

I got a chance to add some new things to my shop! ive added new Holiday prints and postcards and MORE will be added sometime this week! yay! So go check them out! :)
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Rosa Clementine

a new blog name

i have changed my blog name to Hello Martian Girl! thought long and hard about it annnnd i did it! haha. Hello Martian Girl represents my love for Aliens, sci-fi and the geekery world. Its also based off the character The Martian Girl from Mars Attacks (one of my favorite films). I have also changed the name of my Etsy shop : The Martian Maitland. still deciding wether to change the name of my Storenvy shop.. but right now its im leaning towards "no" since my that shop has been doing pretty good lately and i dont want to mess anything up and confuse everyone. haha.

also, just a note to some customers.. if i havent emailed you or gotten back to you in the past 5 days, its because ive been incredibly busy with work (i have two and since ive been doing pretty good balancing them, sometimes it overloads). i apologize for that! but just letting you know your orders are coming VERY soon. Today has been the only day that i have actually got to myself and im getting orders done as much as i can :)
hope you guys understand!

anyway.. im so siked about this new name! i think because its more me. haha.
grab a button here and share!
hope you all have a great weekend!

youve got red on you

Shaun of the Dead is one of my most favorite films, ever. I knew at the beginning of the year that I wanted to be Shaun Riley for Halloween! But.. of course.. I waited until the night before and the morning of Halloween to put my costume together. haha. I mean, not that it was hard. but I was extremely exhausted from my trip to LA and really only had about 2-3 hours Wednesday night to go to 4 different stores and put everything together. the outfit was good and ready to go but by the time I finished I became even more tired. So I didn't get to create my Foree Electric badge AND make a cricket bat :( So I woke up a little earlier than usual and created my badge on Illustrator, printed it at work and put it together by taping it onto a piece of cardboard and attaching a pin to the back.
I went to work dressed as Shaun but no one really knew who I was. haha. I actually didn't put my tie on till later so maybe people thought I was just dressed in white shirt with red ink leaking. Actually, when I went to Wallmart on my lunch to get my tie, a man had stopped me and said "excuse me Ma'am, your pen is leaking" haha. I giggled and said that it was meant to look like that but thank you! haha he laughed.
at night I got to put some blood on my shirt! YAY! haha. not as much as I really wanted to since I was hugging and carrying the baby. If I wear this costume again I want to add more blood and definitely have a cricket bat this time. haha. im thinking of being Shaun again for Cosplay at Comic Con! This Halloween I stayed with my family and went trick or treating with my niece and nephew. it was a lot of fun. cold but still fun.
 I think this costume is one of my most favorites (a close tie to the one time I was Frodo), even though it was simple this costume was more than just a costume. it represents my love for the movie itself, the Cornetto Trilogy, being an Edgar Wright fan and being in love with Simon Pegg (haha). I think next year i miiiight be Gary King from The worlds End. maybe. i would love to be one of the Marmalade Sandwich girls if i had two friends that would like to join in! haha. We'll see!

shirt - wallmart / tie - wallmart / badge - handmade / blood - party city

Hope you guys had a great Halloween!! :)
Happy Friday!