a different Hunger

While I was watching tv last night, the Hunger Games Catching Fire trailer came on. I suddenly had the urge to create a Hunger Games piece since the movie is coming out very soon! I didn't feel like drawing anything illustrationy or animatey (yeah, I know, they're not words) but I wanted to created something more realistic I guess. Im always so fond of the skills people have drawing on photoshop with all these different brushes. it amazes me how real they look! So, I thought id try!
Ok, this isn't super realistic.. but im still learning. haha. ive never really drawn a person like this before and I thought drawing my version of Katniss would be a start!
Even though its not all crazy realistic with crazy shades and techniques.. I actually want to put this in my shop. I like how it turned out and im also thinking of creating her in another outfit. I also have a couple more people that I want to draw. Hopefully I have some time tonight :)

Hunger Games Catching Fire is out in theaters November 22nd.
im so excited. every time I see the trailer I get goose bumps and teary eyed. haha.

Rosa Clementine


  1. I didn't notice the title of this post or even scroll down to read the text before I recognized Katniss. Beautiful work! I love how soft it looks. I've tried playing around a little in Photoshop but I'm not much of an artist. Very envious of people who are. :)

  2. I'm quite impressed and jealous. I illustrate my blog but I illustrate a little more.... 5th grade style. I wish I could create beautiful art but... as my art teacher put it... I have other talents haha.
    Can't wait for the new movie - New follower: Whit with { Raspy Wit }