Sketch Tuesdays

If you live in the Bay Area and love art.. I suggest you get your booty to the next Sketch Tuesdays! I found out about Sketch Tuesdays through one of the artist I met at the Benefit for Jamie Baker. Sketch Tuesday is held once a month at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. A bunch of local artist are invited to create and post their work and sell them (similar to the benefit). While there last night I found out that anyone can pretty much sketch (just cant sit in the "invited" area) haha. so im hoping to get to draw next time I attend! :)
I had such a great time! everyone was just so chill, drinking a beer, meeting different artist, buying art and just having a good time. I got to purchase art from 3 different artist! Josh Thurman (Mummy with the Mustache), Ben Walker (a caricature of ME) and Donta Santistevan (R2D2 print and Coffee Cup print). I also snagged a *free* drawing and I wish I could remember who the artist was =/

You can find out more info and when the next Sketch Tuesday is -- here!
Hope to see you there! :)


Mary & Max

My inspiration for Animation comes from a handful of different things. One of them being, films. Heres a film that I want to talk about and also recommend to you all. Its a Clay-Animation film called Mary and Max.
Mary and Max - is about a young 8 year old named Mary Daisy Dinkle who lives in Australia and a 44 year old man named Max Horowitz who lives in New York City. Mary and Max become friends through letters and through two decades they share each others lives. Im not going to lie, I cry at the end, every time. =/ Im not giving anything away. haha. I actually found out about the film while stumbling through Netflix a year ago (the film came out in 2009). I was looking for something good to watch and the cover for Mary and Max intrigued me. I started reading the reviews and was a little hesitant when I read some saying "not recommended for children". I was like, "what? but its an animation film. I wonder why?". But I read on and the reviews seemed to be good so I gave it a watch.

While watching it I understood why it isnt recommended for children. the humor for one. second, the film has more of an "adult" like fashion. Meaning, it talks a lot about things that adults would mainly understand. Quoting Wiki - "The film deals with themes including childhood neglect, friendship, the obscurity of life, teasing, loneliness, autism (Asperger syndrome in particular), obesity, depression and anxiety."

When I first saw the opening of the film.. music playing while the camera takes shots of the Claymation hometown of Mary.. I think I shed a tear. Other than the story being incredibly good, the Animation itself is breathless. I have an obsession with Claymation. I think it just amazes me how much detail and craftsmanship is put into it. I could actually just watch the film with no sounds and still be satisfied. I like that NYC and Australia are both set in different tones. Max is set in a black and white tone while Mary is set in a more earthy tone. Max is more of this depressed person with anxiety which I think the tones match well and Mary is this sweet little girl with a more lighter tone.

I hope you all take the time to watch this film. Im not sure, but i think its still on Netflix. Or just buy the film, i promise, you wont be disappointed ;) haha If you have any Claymation film recommendations for me, please comment and let me know!
thanks for reading!!

-two first photos above are credited to Google-


hello all! has it been a week since my last post? woopsie. I have been pretty busy getting some illustrations done, I have not had the time to blog =/ I also missed Animation Talk Tuesday last Tuesday.. but I will have something up tomorrow :) anywho, I figured today would be a good day to bring up my new website (& domain). I have actually had a website for quite sometime but recently created a new one to showcase more of a portfolio. Its still in the works but im pretty thrilled about it.

illustration page on my new website

my domain has changed from to You can find pages full of my work (with more to come). I still have a lot of organizing to do. You will also see both my shops added. Im in the process of transferring all my prints and paintings to my new Etsy shop ( and keeping all the brooches and crafty work in my Storenvy shop ( hoping people wont get confused but im doing things one step at a time. haha.

hope you guys take a look at the new website.
have a great week!



Edwardian Ball 2014

I love that its only January and im already discovering new things. Like Ive said before, I have been living in the Bay Area all my life and I have continued to discover new things around here! One of them being...... the Edwardian Ball! If you are following me on Instagram you might have seen some photos that I have posted from the event. If you are not following me, then you must be wondering what the Edwardian Ball is?! Its a celebration full of music, art, fashion, theater, circus and the creations of the author, Edward Gorey! Every things set in a whimsical, Edwardian, steampunk theme! You can read all about it here! Its held once a year in both San Francisco and Los Angeles! I actually had just heard all about this last Tuesday and bought my ticket for Fridays event the night before. haha. I really wanted to go to Saturdays Ball but I think for my first time.. Friday would sufficed. it was one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed! Everyone was dressed in such amazing outfits. Some were even in character! dancing and acting all around the place. It was held at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. Which fit the whole theme perfectly! it was so Victorian and vintage. The event had about 3-4 levels full of partying. kinda. downstairs was actually a Vendors Bazaar.. people had booths and tables full of their Edwardian creations, it was so cool! I took some photos id like to share in this post but I apologize in advance for the crappy lighting =/ it was quite dark in there.
the upper room.
downstairs (Vendor Bazaar) with live music.
some Vendor Bazaar creations. I really wanted that Lion necklace.
me & my friend, Stephanie.
Vendor Bazaar.
main room. live entertainment.
main room.
 live painting in the upper room.

I had so much fun and I cant wait for next years event! thinking of probably making it a tradition ;) I really cant wait to put my whole outfit together. ive already got it planned and ive got a whole year to create it. haha. If youre in the Bay Area or LA (you can still catch the LA Edwardian Ball on February 8th!) and looking for something new/fun, you have got to check out the Edwardian Ball! Its definitely a memorable event!


JP Vine

its Animation Talk Tuesday! i wanted to start this topic for quite some time now! Couple years ago i started a Tumblr called "Animation Talk" but didnt exactly take it seriously. haha. i think i did like two post and that was it. Well, im starting it now (again). Thursday nights Benefit for Jamie Baker pretty much inspired this to be. I was surrounded by incredibly talented professional artist, that it was kind of a slap in the face. like, a wake up call! My dream of all dreams is to become an Animator of some sort ;) so, this year im going to be cracking down and learning everything there is to know about it and finding inspirations from anything and everything! Here comes the nerdiness guys! haha. I hope you all find inspiration in this!

Today, lets talk about JP Vine.

JP Vine is an Animation Director and Designer who currently works as a Story Artist at Pixar Animation Studios. I first found out about him from Thursday nights benefit! His drawings caught my attention, I mean they were mermaids! ahh! Not only that but the fact that his drawings still looked amazing with his "bad hand" was pretty neat. I became a little stalkerish and was actually watching him draw a little >.< When I discover a new artist to add to my list of inspirations, I get a little bit nerdy and go animation stalker crazy. that being said, did you watch the short film above? I found it on his YouTube page! You can find more on there, as well as a 2D Animation tutorial!

What I find so inspiring about JP Vine is.. 1.) the fact that hes so helpful to aspiring animators and illustrators! I *liked* his FB Page and found his helpful tips for applying for Pixar. *thank you JP*. I jotted down notes for when I apply to any animation studio in the future. 2.) his work makes me want to cry a little. In a good way! haha. his work is absolutely fantastic! his designs and drawings.. *drool*. take a look for yourself... *HERE*

My favorite of his work has got to be his Life is Story series!

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about JP Vine!
Hope you tune in for next Tuesday! :)


Illustrated Test Film

hey guys! heres a *super* short test film i worked on last night. im excited to start actually creating little short animation films. im hoping by the end of the year ill be able to wip up a somewhat decent animation film. gotta keep practicing! im going to try and work on another tonight! :)

ive also created a new YouTube account -- rosadelosreyesart.
ill be uploading a lot of them on there and on my instagram as well.


a Benefit for Jamie Baker

the other night I was scrolling through twitter when I saw a tweet by @munchanka (a Pixar Animator) about a fundraising event in SF. it was for his friend, Jamie Baker (who is also an artist at Pixar). the next morning I decided to look up more information about the event and more about Jamie Baker's fundraiser. Jamie had a stroke in 2012 which caused paralysis on the right side of his body, including his right hand. Undergoing therapy, he has been learning how to draw with his left hand (you can read more here). Showing support for Jamie, 30 artist' created art with their non-dominant hand and sold the art work to raise money! I thought that was just incredibly brilliant. so I decided, "im going!". Annnnd im so glad I went. I got to see a bunch of artist just draw away and it was just awesome to see how their work would turn out using their "bad" hand. the event took place at 111 Minna Gallery in SF, a place I am most familiar with since I had my first showcase there (ah, memories)!
the work of Jamie Baker. amazing, right?
 left: please note the LA LUNA drawings! drawn by the artist/director himself, Enrico Casarosa | right: one of Jamie Bakers print, LOVE IT!
left: Jamie Baker himself | right: Enrico Casarosa (OMG)
 more amazing "bad" handed drawings!
I came home with these two beauties! on the left is one of Jamie Baker's prints! Im so in love with it. on the right is an original "bad" handed drawing by the ever so talented Iggy Medeiros (you can check out more of Iggy's amazing work - here!)
im so happy to have contributed to Jamie's fundraiser (hmm, another act of kindness? :)) and you can contribute too! by visiting his fundraising page (HERE) and donating!
I hope to go to more events this year! :)
Rosa Clementine

interview + giveaway at ACB

Hey guys! guess what? Tia from A Caffeinated Brunette (ACB) did an interview with me and is hosting a giveaway over at her blog! Visit her blog for a chance to win a custom illustration by.. me! yay! :)

yup! that illustration on ACB is what I drew for Tia! So you will be getting one just like that... but of you, of course! I hope you all take the time and enter the giveaway and also check out her blog!

Rosa Clementine

the year of kindness

what I love about this new year is that Im already crossing some resolutions off my list and its only been a week. haha. One of the resolutions I would like to focus more on, is helping & being kind to others (which includes animals). I mean, in any way that I can. I already started some acts of kindness (with the help of Kate Gabrielle!) She had also tweeted about donating to your favorite charity. I mean, I pay for Netflix and Hulu every month, why not this? So I started writing down some charities and organizations and found that WWF was a charity im most fond of. I have a heavy heart for Wild Life animals. But not only do they protect animals but also the planet. Ive decided to become a monthly donor! im pretty thrilled and I get to keep up with all the news on their twitter page. Im also thinking about adopting an animal in a couple weeks. yay! a fact about me: I actually wanted to become a Wild Life Biologist before majoring in Animation :)

to keep up with this resolution, ive decided to do one today! I went to Safeway today to get lunch and as I was passing the card aisle, I stopped. reading the list of Random Acts of Kindness (thanks to Kate, again!), I remembered one about sending a "note of appreciation"! I have so many people to thank and I thought this was a great way of letting them know how much I appreciate them. I bought a stack of cards and will be writing and mailing them out on Thursday! :)

one of my favorite bible scriptures: "and as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise" - Luke 6:31. I always try to treat people the way I would like to be treated. that's something some people forget. heck, sometimes I do to! but its always been pinned in the back of head since I was little. i simply smile and say a sweet "thank you" or "hello" when i come across rude people and its not to get under their skin but maybe they are having a bad day and just need that little reminder! They may need that simple kindness to get through their day :)

i hope this encourages you all!
hope you have a pleasant Tuesday!

Rosa Clementine

Highway 1

What started off as a "hey, want to go to Big Sur?" ended up with a trip to Pismo Beach. I love my friends and their spontaniouness. It was the 5 of us and as we made our way onto 101, one of them asked "so, where are we going?". there was "Pismo?" and "LA?". We ended up deciding on Pismo since LA was a much further trip. We also left late in the day so driving back home would've been very tiring. We took Highway 1 for a view of the coast. Which was a brilliant idea! But also took a little longer than expected. haha. There wasn't much complaining since the view was incredible. We stopped about 3 times just to take in the view and savor it. here are some photos of our little adventure. Which resulted in eating the best clam chowder (ever) at Splash, trying my first Dole Whip (omg, heaven!) and just hanging out, listing to the waves. What a great start to 2014. One of my New Years Resolutions is to go on more adventures and this was one of the best days ive ever had.
Rosa Clementine