Mary & Max

My inspiration for Animation comes from a handful of different things. One of them being, films. Heres a film that I want to talk about and also recommend to you all. Its a Clay-Animation film called Mary and Max.
Mary and Max - is about a young 8 year old named Mary Daisy Dinkle who lives in Australia and a 44 year old man named Max Horowitz who lives in New York City. Mary and Max become friends through letters and through two decades they share each others lives. Im not going to lie, I cry at the end, every time. =/ Im not giving anything away. haha. I actually found out about the film while stumbling through Netflix a year ago (the film came out in 2009). I was looking for something good to watch and the cover for Mary and Max intrigued me. I started reading the reviews and was a little hesitant when I read some saying "not recommended for children". I was like, "what? but its an animation film. I wonder why?". But I read on and the reviews seemed to be good so I gave it a watch.

While watching it I understood why it isnt recommended for children. the humor for one. second, the film has more of an "adult" like fashion. Meaning, it talks a lot about things that adults would mainly understand. Quoting Wiki - "The film deals with themes including childhood neglect, friendship, the obscurity of life, teasing, loneliness, autism (Asperger syndrome in particular), obesity, depression and anxiety."

When I first saw the opening of the film.. music playing while the camera takes shots of the Claymation hometown of Mary.. I think I shed a tear. Other than the story being incredibly good, the Animation itself is breathless. I have an obsession with Claymation. I think it just amazes me how much detail and craftsmanship is put into it. I could actually just watch the film with no sounds and still be satisfied. I like that NYC and Australia are both set in different tones. Max is set in a black and white tone while Mary is set in a more earthy tone. Max is more of this depressed person with anxiety which I think the tones match well and Mary is this sweet little girl with a more lighter tone.

I hope you all take the time to watch this film. Im not sure, but i think its still on Netflix. Or just buy the film, i promise, you wont be disappointed ;) haha If you have any Claymation film recommendations for me, please comment and let me know!
thanks for reading!!

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  1. I am ashamed to say I have never watched Mary and Max. It looks fantastic. I'm going to check it out this week for sure.

    1. please let me know what you think when you watch it!! :)