a Benefit for Jamie Baker

the other night I was scrolling through twitter when I saw a tweet by @munchanka (a Pixar Animator) about a fundraising event in SF. it was for his friend, Jamie Baker (who is also an artist at Pixar). the next morning I decided to look up more information about the event and more about Jamie Baker's fundraiser. Jamie had a stroke in 2012 which caused paralysis on the right side of his body, including his right hand. Undergoing therapy, he has been learning how to draw with his left hand (you can read more here). Showing support for Jamie, 30 artist' created art with their non-dominant hand and sold the art work to raise money! I thought that was just incredibly brilliant. so I decided, "im going!". Annnnd im so glad I went. I got to see a bunch of artist just draw away and it was just awesome to see how their work would turn out using their "bad" hand. the event took place at 111 Minna Gallery in SF, a place I am most familiar with since I had my first showcase there (ah, memories)!
the work of Jamie Baker. amazing, right?
 left: please note the LA LUNA drawings! drawn by the artist/director himself, Enrico Casarosa | right: one of Jamie Bakers print, LOVE IT!
left: Jamie Baker himself | right: Enrico Casarosa (OMG)
 more amazing "bad" handed drawings!
I came home with these two beauties! on the left is one of Jamie Baker's prints! Im so in love with it. on the right is an original "bad" handed drawing by the ever so talented Iggy Medeiros (you can check out more of Iggy's amazing work - here!)
im so happy to have contributed to Jamie's fundraiser (hmm, another act of kindness? :)) and you can contribute too! by visiting his fundraising page (HERE) and donating!
I hope to go to more events this year! :)
Rosa Clementine


  1. I have never heard of Jamie Baker. What a fantastic artist. The cost of medical expenses over there for you guys is crazy. So rad to hear everyone is pulling together to help.

    1. yes, fantastic artist he is! that night he did a bunch of Star Wars drawings, so awesome!

  2. that's really cool I think it's great when ppl come together to support one another especially when it's art related :)

  3. Love how you people are supporting Jamie Baker :) ! Also, looks like an awesome event (none of the drawings looks BAD handed tho ;0) and love the prints you took home :)

    1. it was a really great benefit! and i agree.. everyones non-dominant hand drawings were still amazing!! haha :))