JP Vine

its Animation Talk Tuesday! i wanted to start this topic for quite some time now! Couple years ago i started a Tumblr called "Animation Talk" but didnt exactly take it seriously. haha. i think i did like two post and that was it. Well, im starting it now (again). Thursday nights Benefit for Jamie Baker pretty much inspired this to be. I was surrounded by incredibly talented professional artist, that it was kind of a slap in the face. like, a wake up call! My dream of all dreams is to become an Animator of some sort ;) so, this year im going to be cracking down and learning everything there is to know about it and finding inspirations from anything and everything! Here comes the nerdiness guys! haha. I hope you all find inspiration in this!

Today, lets talk about JP Vine.

JP Vine is an Animation Director and Designer who currently works as a Story Artist at Pixar Animation Studios. I first found out about him from Thursday nights benefit! His drawings caught my attention, I mean they were mermaids! ahh! Not only that but the fact that his drawings still looked amazing with his "bad hand" was pretty neat. I became a little stalkerish and was actually watching him draw a little >.< When I discover a new artist to add to my list of inspirations, I get a little bit nerdy and go animation stalker crazy. that being said, did you watch the short film above? I found it on his YouTube page! You can find more on there, as well as a 2D Animation tutorial!

What I find so inspiring about JP Vine is.. 1.) the fact that hes so helpful to aspiring animators and illustrators! I *liked* his FB Page and found his helpful tips for applying for Pixar. *thank you JP*. I jotted down notes for when I apply to any animation studio in the future. 2.) his work makes me want to cry a little. In a good way! haha. his work is absolutely fantastic! his designs and drawings.. *drool*. take a look for yourself... *HERE*

My favorite of his work has got to be his Life is Story series!

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about JP Vine!
Hope you tune in for next Tuesday! :)



  1. Fantastic animation, thank you for introducing him. I can't wait to see more of these animation posts.

    1. :)) im so thrilled you enjoyed it! hes such a great artist!