a Deer Crossing Inn wedding

Saturday i got to attend my friends wedding. It was so simple, small and lovely! I had a ton of fun and couldnt get over how perfect the bride and groom were together. It was really such a nice wedding, located in Castro Valley, surrounded my trees and the weather was just perfect!
I took some photos and thought id share them with you all:


Storenvy update: customized girl brooches

I recently just added a new listing to my store! This girl brooches are so much fun for me to make and ive decided to make this customizable (haha)! So if you are interested in one, check out my store and order one today! :)


my official birthday

 my official birthday was the 16th and i finally turned 26. Its a little weird, but itll probably feel like nothing after a couple days haha. I got to work and found a note on my desk from my cousin (yeah, we work at the same company).
 I tried to get my "free" birthday starbucks from my Gold Card but apparently i had already used it! haha. uh well!

 I got a ton of wonderful text messages, including this from one of my friends! Kinda like the best gift ever. haha. anyone who knows me, knows how much i love Captain America AND Chris Evans. hehe.
 After work, i went straight home. My mom had made spaghetti and my sister got me one of my favorite cakes - guava! :)

a celebration for others..

I share my birthday with Peter Billingsley (who is famous for being Ralph from a Christmas Story), Charlie Chaplin and the beautiful Selena Perez!

Not only will i be celebrating me today, but them as well! Happy Birthday to them! :)

I'll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls..

 My UP/Disneybound birthday party was a success! I apologize for some of the low quality pics.. i actually BARELY had my phone on me the whole day yesterday, so SOME photos are from other people. As you can see above and my previous post', i was Carl Fredricksen from UP. Everyone loved my outfit BUT i loved everyone else' outfits more! Im so happy that basically everyone dressed up for my party.. they all look adorable!
 The photo is missing a BUNCH of my friends, since they left a bit early. But here is the group that came and joined me in my birthday celebration.
Left to Right: Cruella, Pooh Bear (whos hidden, haha), Ariel, Belle, Ariel (again, shes hidden), Prince Eric, Tarzan, Jane, Donald Duck, Carl Fredricksen, Perdy, Boo, Dory, Jesse, Smee, Snow White, Esmeralda & Aladdin with Mickey Ears haha.
 My amazing UP cake made by my best friend, Felicia. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. SO GOOD!
I didnt get to take a bunch of pictures of my decor, but heres one of them that i took. I used a jar to hold my straws in and taped on "Paradise Falls", so fitting for an UP party :)
My beautiful baby niece as Cinderella! :)
one of my gifts was this Marzipan from Sweden! It was pretty good!
Ariel and Jesse (well, her "evil twin" haha)
Belle and Pooh Bear.
Rapunzel and Cruella with the props i made! 

Well as i type this i am enjoying my last night of being 25. Tomorrow is my official birthday and i am a bit sad and happy at the same time. Not really that happy about turning 26, only because there are certain things i wanted to accomplished a lot by this age. But i am happy, because there are other things i have accomplished i guess. haha. its just bowl of emotions! 
Tomorrow ill be working (i shouldve gotten the day off) and for dinner my mom is making Spaghetti. Should be a relaxing night! 

The Ellie Badge

I finally finished my "Ellie Badge". The one thing that got me was writing "grape soda" on the felt. So i tested out all my pens and nothing seemed to work! :( then i got the brilliant idea of using Puffy Paint. Putting a little dab on paper and using the tip of an xacto knife just lightly tapping and patiently writing grape soda. it came out pretty good and im really satisfied.
cant wait for tomorrow!

Carl Fredricksen Outfit

So i think im just about done with completing my Carl Fredricksen outfit! ;)
My outfit didnt go entirely as planned, but i kinda like it better! My whole idea was to dress pretty much exactly like him, just with a brown skirt instead of pants and a brown cardigan instead of a blazer.
But i couldnt find any of that =/ So i thought, why not wear just a white dress & brown cardigan?
i found the cardigan at Target, it was a liiiiiittle over my budget but it was the only one i found and i dont have any other brown cardigans. so i bought it :)
the white dress is from Forever 21 and was only $15! its a little short but i had bought a $5 white skirt from Walmart, yippee! The peter pan collar is an add on, i made it out of felt and its detachable.
Of course, a Carl outfit is not complete without the bow tie and glasses! I made the bow tie myself with black fabric i got from Walmart. The glasses are also from Walmart, only $5. The only thing that sucked about the glasses was that i couldnt find any black rim ones. The only one i found was a lime green rim so i bought it anyway. I painted the glasses with mars black acrylic paint then added Mod Podge to seal it. its a bit rusty in the picture because i havent made any touch ups yet, but ill get around to it.
Im pretty much done, only one more thing to do: make the grape soda pin. Which i will get started on right now ;)

i finally decided that..

.. my birthday party this Sunday will be a Disneybound/UP party :)
yeah yeah yeah, i have been so indecisive with my birthday plans, haha. Its just this weekend is pretty busy and packed already and i wasnt sure if i was going to actually do anything for my birthday.
SOOOO.. from today till Saturday night i will post some of the process and of course the finishing touches on Sunday :)
I will be going as Carl Fredricksen! My first choice was obviously Roger Rabbit, but since my best friend is making me an UP cake, why not be Carl?! im so excited to see the cake and everyones outfits. Also excited to just hangout and have a good time with my friends.
Not cool that my party lands on a Tuesday this year.. i mean everyone has lives on Tuesdays. haha.
Well, glad that i get to do it on Sunday!

my 10 obsessions

1. DONUTS. anyone who knows me, knows i LOVE donuts. not sure when the obsession started but i have alway wanted to open my own donut shop. SERIOUSLY. Its one of my life dreams. haha. The photo above are donut ornaments i got at Urban Outfitters. They were on sale when i got them ;)

1. COFFEE. coffee. coffee. im not just obsessed, im really addicted. is that the same thing? i cant go a day without it, thats pretty bad.. but its the truth. im more energized when i have it & when i dont i get very exhausted. Not only does it wake me up, but it taste soooooo good. I always get a grande Iced Caramel Machiatto, sometimes with an extra shot.

3. COLLARS. collars are in right now & yes, i am one of their fans! i wish i had more! For me they just make an outfit 10x more cute! im on a hunt for more of them.. or i can simply learn how to make them ;)

4. TIM BURTON. Tim Burton has always been so inspiring to me. I have been obsessed with him since i started getting serious about drawing. He is also what helped me show my work to people. I solitude myself when it comes to drawing and i never use to show people my drawings but then i found out how private Tim Burton was with his work and now look at him.. hes got books with his art, he makes movies, exhibits, etc.
5. NAIL POLISH. i love nail polish. my favorite brand is Essie and my favorite color from it is Eternal Optimist! which is the pink bottle in the front.
6. STAR WARS. im a huge SW fan!! the picture above is my collection but missing some that couldnt fit on the shelve. also, ignore Ariel and Belle for now, theyre obviously not SW, haha. I love Star Wars and i will keep collecting till i die =P
7. MJ PERFUME. Marc Jacobs, Daisy! my favorite scent ever, ever, ever! :) 
8. DISNEY. Anything Disney, i am obsessed. Ariel is one of my favorite Disney Characters and the photo above is a "piggy bank" i got back in 06 (i think?) when i went to Disneyland. I dont really use it as a bank but i just love it displayed in my room. 
9. MOVIES. I LOVE MOVIES. Especially at the theaters. well, minus some people talking and kicking my chair, thats happened a few times :( I hope to own a bunch when im old haha. One of my favorite films is Who Framed Roger Rabbit, i found this VHS at a Goodwill and grabbed it instantly! I have the DVD but i obviously had to have the VHS too. duh!
10. MACARONS. If im anywhere and spot a place that sells macarons, i HAVE to try it. This macaron was from a little market in Santana Row (San Jose, CA). Its chocolate and it was pretty good! i hope to go to paris someday JUST to try their macarons. Ok, maybe sight see and all that jazz too, but mainly the macarons.

Well those are just 10 out of a million things im obsessed with. haha.
What are your obsessions?