my official birthday

 my official birthday was the 16th and i finally turned 26. Its a little weird, but itll probably feel like nothing after a couple days haha. I got to work and found a note on my desk from my cousin (yeah, we work at the same company).
 I tried to get my "free" birthday starbucks from my Gold Card but apparently i had already used it! haha. uh well!

 I got a ton of wonderful text messages, including this from one of my friends! Kinda like the best gift ever. haha. anyone who knows me, knows how much i love Captain America AND Chris Evans. hehe.
 After work, i went straight home. My mom had made spaghetti and my sister got me one of my favorite cakes - guava! :)


  1. like the first photo

    xxx Zari

  2. Happy Birthday! I love your tights, and the cake looks amazing!!