I'll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls..

 My UP/Disneybound birthday party was a success! I apologize for some of the low quality pics.. i actually BARELY had my phone on me the whole day yesterday, so SOME photos are from other people. As you can see above and my previous post', i was Carl Fredricksen from UP. Everyone loved my outfit BUT i loved everyone else' outfits more! Im so happy that basically everyone dressed up for my party.. they all look adorable!
 The photo is missing a BUNCH of my friends, since they left a bit early. But here is the group that came and joined me in my birthday celebration.
Left to Right: Cruella, Pooh Bear (whos hidden, haha), Ariel, Belle, Ariel (again, shes hidden), Prince Eric, Tarzan, Jane, Donald Duck, Carl Fredricksen, Perdy, Boo, Dory, Jesse, Smee, Snow White, Esmeralda & Aladdin with Mickey Ears haha.
 My amazing UP cake made by my best friend, Felicia. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. SO GOOD!
I didnt get to take a bunch of pictures of my decor, but heres one of them that i took. I used a jar to hold my straws in and taped on "Paradise Falls", so fitting for an UP party :)
My beautiful baby niece as Cinderella! :)
one of my gifts was this Marzipan from Sweden! It was pretty good!
Ariel and Jesse (well, her "evil twin" haha)
Belle and Pooh Bear.
Rapunzel and Cruella with the props i made! 

Well as i type this i am enjoying my last night of being 25. Tomorrow is my official birthday and i am a bit sad and happy at the same time. Not really that happy about turning 26, only because there are certain things i wanted to accomplished a lot by this age. But i am happy, because there are other things i have accomplished i guess. haha. its just bowl of emotions! 
Tomorrow ill be working (i shouldve gotten the day off) and for dinner my mom is making Spaghetti. Should be a relaxing night! 

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