NEW drawings

Those that know me, know that the type of artist that i am is different from the "usual".
Often times, Artist can create amazing pieces through painful, hurtful emotions.
But me? Im a "Happy" Artist!
Meaning, i can only create when im happy.
Every time i would try to create when im sad, nothing ever comes out!
BUT, for a few days - i was completely devastated - and thought to myself, i wonder if i could draw with how im feeling.
So, i tried, i started drawing. I stopped a few times but decided to FORCE myself and i ended up drawing four pieces that i am quite proud of. 
My first time EVER drawing with sad feelings.
I hope you like them.


Best Friends Birthday!

This past Sunday my best friend, Felicia, had her birthday at the beautiful Big Basin State Park!
It was a blast!! for about 4 hours it felt like we were camping!
We took a small hike, ate sandwiches and made s'mores!
Good times!!
and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!

Its been wayyyy toooo long.

I have not been on in a long time. It's time to start posting again! Here we go! :)

Here are two of my favorite photos i have taken.
Lately i have been EXTRA obsessed with Photo-editing!
oh & i have also been EXTRA obsessed with COFFEE :)
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Park near my house