for the past 7 days I haven't been creating at all (lifes getting a tad busy again). I truly hate it when its such a huge gap like that. I need to be creating all the time. it always makes me feel like im not doing anything with my life (even though I have a full-time job). haha. So, I started drawing at work yesterday and (above) are two of them. I decided to start a Fall series, since its quite near. I love cold weather so much. even when I complain about being cold, id rather have it cold than hot. I love the rain, even when Im usually terrified to drive in it, I still love it. I love Fall attire. scarves, coats sweaters, long socks, beanies, boots, gloves. Everything good comes with winter! hot cocoa, caramel brulee lattes, ginger breads. haha. So, that pretty much explains why ive decided to start this series (yes, I know, ive started a bunch of series and haven't finished. haha. they'll get done). These ladies will have their own personalities and style. my favorite so far is the girl with the R2D2 shirt. *of course*. haha. ill be putting the Fall series up in my shop October 1st.
oh yeah, do you all shop at Old Navy? I actually don't (anymore). Not because I don't like the store but because its just the last place on my mind. I went to the mall couple weeks ago with my sisters and we stopped at old navy. I ended up purchasing some adorable blue flats with straps, a 49er shirt and this awesome Beavis and Butthead shirt (above). OMG. I love it. Now if only they had Daria :)
*oh and please excuse the random placement of things on my wall. I rearranged my room couple days ago (again) and still in the process of taking things down from my wall and rearranging them as well.*

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  1. THAT BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD SHIRT!!! So rad. I want it :)

  2. your fall drawings are awesome :)
    i love the black and white and all the details!!! I'm trying to start new projects too and celebrate fall :)