friday faves : blogger styles

happy Friday pretty friends! hope youre all having a good one so far! :) todays post is about the styles that I LOVE! here are some of my favorite bloggers and their styles. The one thing I love most about their styles is how their personality pops. Style is a favorite of mine, simply because its a way of expressing yourself and wearing the things that you... LOVE.

1. Ahoy Miss - im sooooooo in love with her hair. Often times I dream about having light pink hair then wake up and realize how funny I would look with it. haha. But doesn't Dee pull it off so incredibly well. I think shes so darling! Aside from her hair, I find her style sweet & whimsical.

2. Nerd Burger - how cute is Cazz' style? I love it to pieces. Her style reflects her personality completely. fun! nerdy! cute!

3. Scathingly Brilliant - I mean come on, so adorable right? I look at Kate for a lot of inspiration. I wear skirts and dresses all the time and the fact that she wears them regularly and puts outfits together really helps me out. though am not as cute as her, ive expanded my style horizons since ive followed her :)

4. Creature Type - I find Michelle's style to be sweet, fun and artsy! She has also been quite an inspiration in finding new ways to put outfits together!

5. Lark and Lace - I found EM's blog not too long ago and I fell in love with it and her! Her style is so fashionable! I love it! she has a lot of outfit post' and theyre my favorite. Theyre like something you'd see on Pinterest, *like* and pin it to your "style" board. haha.

6. Little Red Bowtalk - ive been following Marlyn on instagram before I knew she had a blog. ive loved her style from the beginning. she also has a little instagram shop where I would purchase a few things once and a while. her style is so cute, fun and simple.

all of these ladies are incredible and adorable in their own way! I love that we can express ourselves through style and they definitely show it!
who are your favorite blogger styles??

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all photos above belong to the blogger stated, I do not own any of them


  1. I was so shocked to see me on here. Thank you so much. I'm so glad you think I have fashion. :)

    1. youre very welcome! youre are so dang cute :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Rosa, thank you! :) Honestly though, you would look beautiful with any hair color!

  3. Eeep, catching up on my blogs this morning and just saw this! Thank you, Rosa! You're the sweetest. <3