friday faves : pinterest finds

happy Friday! I have been spending a lot of my time on Pinterest lately (well, before bedtime). So if you follow me, sorry for all the pinnings ;) haha. ive gathered some of my favorite finds and thought Id share them for todays post. Enjoy!

1 // a collage photo of Elijah Wood. this has got to me one of my most favorite photos of him. he just looks so dashing and handsome! it has also become my new wallpaper on my iphone. sorry Pegg.
2 // 1950's style. love! so classy at the beach. I also really love the umbrella! the photo itself is just all sorts of wonderful.
3 // a lovely photo of Mindy Kaling. im a wee bit obsessed with her. especially her style!
4 // I came across this incredible photo of a bedroom! it reminds me a lot of Anthropologie. I adore the color scheme so much and pretty much everything in it.
5 // Starfleet Insignia ice!! how amazing is that? like mega! Im getting them!
6 // an art piece of Chewie and his family. need.
7 // an amazing Spaced poster! Which was for a Spaced marathon night. If you have not heard of Spaced, its a Tv show from 1999 starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson. Also starring Nick Frost and a bunch more people you will recognize in Simon Pegg and Nick Frost films. I also must mention that the series was directed by the awesome Edgar Wright. The show is on dvd and some episodes can be found on YouTube. take a minute and watch, its hilarious.
8 // Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun - get it here. OMG. I just discovered this and the artist (Tony Larson). check out Megatone230 on Etsy! im kinda thinking of snatching some of his work!
9 // though im more in love with her hair; the style, the girl, & the color in the entire photo is absolutely darling.
10 // gorgeous cake with beautiful colorful fondant hearts!

welp, these were just some of my favorites!
hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Mindy is INCREDIBLE and I've had a crush on Elijah since I was 8 :')

    1. Elijah is such a dreamboat <3 he was my first crush! then i knew it was meant to be when i found out his favorite band are the smashing pumpkins haha ;)

  2. I wish I knew how to make/use fondant because that cake is SO lovely! I'd make it for every party and gathering haha! But those StarTrek ice cubes!!!