past couple of days

the last time I babysat a 1 year old was 9 years ago. my nephew. haha. My sister took a work trip to Oregon on Monday (she comes home tonight) and brother-in-law works at night. So she asked me to babysit my nephew and two nieces for two nights (Tuesday & Wednesday). I have one word to describe how I feel.. right.. now.. EXHAUSTED. haha. it doesn't help that Monday night I went to bed at 4am :( *short story time: as I was getting ready for bed an ugly spider was crawling on my wall, right next to my bed. I tried to kill it which led to me missing and it ended up falling on my bed. yes, MY BED. so I spent a good while finding it, waiting and trying to kill it. Then there was a moment where I didn't know if I had killed it and I spent that time worrying my butt off and eventually gave up. I still wasn't sure where it went but I slept on the other side of my bed from where I last saw it. I slept so uncomfortably.* Then came Tuesday night. I think my baby niece woke up about 3 times and I don't remember even falling asleep at all. I was even 20 minutes early to work. haha. Last night, however, wasn't too bad at all. I finally slept and my niece woke me up once. On the bright side; spending time with them these past two nights was great. my baby niece seriously makes me smile non-stop.

I posted that quote above on my Instagram, on a picture I took at SF recently. Thought id share it with you all on here. I really like it. Recently ive felt that a lot of people have been looking at themselves a lot and not others. not really looking at others perspectives. this quote is not only for them, but an inspiration to myself as well.

Im ready to finally be in my bed tonight and start working on some more projects. ALSO, have you guys purchased your dvd of Star Trek Into Darkness yet? im getting mine tonight! Im also very excited that my friend is having girls night tomorrow and were going to watch the film while we pig out on pizza and chocolate chip cookies. Im going to go all nerded out and DIY a Trekkie shirt and create myself a Starfleet Insignia - Engineer Officer for non other than Scotty! im so excited haha.

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  1. I have been having similar spider situations recently and you know what, it's terrifying!

    1. :( that's horrible.
      I think I may have a phobia of insects and bugs.. there have been times where i would freak out and not even care what was around me. like the time a bumble bee came flying towards my head and i fell in a swimming pool, fyi: i wasn't wearing swimming clothes just regular shirt and a jean skirt. hahah. ugh!!