the sweet sisters

finally, I got to paint and create! :) after I made myself a Starfleet Insignia brooch, I really had no idea what to do after. then I just sat there with a bunch of paint and disc in front of me and started creating. I just began painting on the disc without sketching my ideas down first. Which is actually good and bad. sometimes you get it the way you want it (key word *sometimes*) and other times its look crappy and then you gotta start over. Well, I had about 5 attempts until I came up with these (picture above). So I pretty much wasted 5 of those disc! haha. On the bright side, Im so happy how these turned out! Theyre called the Sweet Sisters. Im pretty sure you can guess why I named them that ;) Theyre exclusive, which means theyre limited and will only create more if people ask me to. Maybe more sisters (with different hair colors & desserts) will be added later on. They have all been added to my shop, so if youre wanting one... click here! yay.

oh yeah, its Friday the 13th. Am I the only one that believes in bad luck on this day?
well, one time on a Friday the 13th I slipped and fell in the shower and I now have a scar on my arm. and Today? I just had a failed attempt in my buying my ticket to the Danny Elfman concert and all I want to do is cry! ugh. :( oh annnnnnd I lost my Dwight brooch before heading to work this morning. I JUST got in yesterday and only wore it for about 4 minutes. it was pinned onto my dress. I remember still seeing it as i walked out of the house. but when I was checking the oil in my car I noticed it had disappeared. I even retraced my steps. I hope I find it. I seriously want to cry even more. hopefully today will get better with Scotty and Captain Kirk on the screen.

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p.s. shortly after I wrote this, I went ahead and tried to purchase my ticket (again) to the concert.. and guess what? I GOT IT! yes! Friday the 13th aint so bad after all ;)


  1. It is so sad when you lose jewellery
    I lost a ring my mum gave me, she bought it when she was 18 I was so heartbroken and felt so bad!
    Congrats on getting tickets for Danny Elfman, every time I hear the Edward Scissorhand soundtrack I feel like crying
    p.s. The mini donuts look so cute!

    1. aww no! so sorry about losing your ring!
      and I agree, the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack is brilliant!
      I cant believe ill get to heat it live! dream come true!

  2. I love the little freckles and the tasty cupcakes and donuts in their hair.