friday favorites

A couple weeks ago i saw Nerd Burger's post about a contest she won! The shirt she was wearing was sooooo cute and that was the day i discovered The Phantom Fly. Her work is so lovely, cute and creepy (in a good way) :) i just had to purchase some stickers. My favorite is the Kawaiicecream. I have been trying to find some really cool stickers to put on my laptop & im very picky about it.. pretty much only stickers that are worthy enough. haha. And The Phantom Fly made it on there (other stickers include: Johnny Cupcakes & Happy Body Slow Brain).
i find it really strange that i have been living in the Bay Area all my life, not to mention going to San Francisco here and there, and have never been to the arcade, Musee Mecanique, at the pier. im kind of sad about this but also thrilled that i finally went. Ok, if you are not from the Bay Area and haven't heard of this place.. please visit it if your ever plan on taking a trip here. They have a TON of old school games.. i mean very old school games. haha. i fell in love with all of it. If you've seen The Princess Diaries, youll see a bit of this arcade in the film :)\
my nephew loves to draw :) that makes me smile a ton. He recently whipped up this drawing of Syndrome from The Incredibles annnnnd i love it!
this..... i have no words.. but only the feeling of falling mad for this man even more. haha.

hope you all have a great weekend! :)


  1. Great post :) your photos are great and I love the quote you've included
    Meg xx (new follower)

    1. aww thanks so much!! and thank you for following! :)))

  2. That quote is quite true to my heart. I act more like a kid these days than I ever did as an actual kid. As long as it make you happy who cares what anyone else thinks!

  3. I am so excited that you liked the phantom fly as much as me. Too many rad designs to choose from. Your nephew is mega talented dude.

  4. loved this! your blog is so wonderful.