Fassy Friday : Tea Time

Happy Friday! or as i like to call it.. Happy Fassbender Friday! ;)
I feel like as a Fan-girl i should really express myself. haha. so, i created a topic on my blog for Fridays! Not sure what else it would entail just yet but, oh, you will be seeing a whole lot of handsome photos of Fassy.

To keep myself constantly blogging, because i have been terrible the past couple months, ive decided to create topics for each day. You'll see some changes going on in the next month or so. To give you a bit of what i want to do, heres a list.

Mondays: Movie Crush Monday (reviews/recommends/basically anything to do with movies)
Tuesdays: Animation (or Artist) Talk Tuesday (featuring my favorite & new artist')
Wednesdays: Everyday Cosplay Outfits
Thursdays: Sketch Dailies drawings or my art in general
Fridays: Fassy Friday (everything Michael Fassbender) or/& Friday Favorites
Saturdays: Simon Saturday (everything Simon Pegg)
Sundays: freebee

So, those are my current plans for my blog and i hope i can finally stay consistent! haha.
Anywho, hope you all have a great Friday! Dont forget to see A Million Ways To Die in The West! I hope i get to see it this weekend! x


Sketch Dailies: Storm

do any of you follow @sketchdailies on Instagram & Twitter? Well, its pretty neat! Sketch Dailies post a photo everyday for everyone to sketch. Pretty much a really good way of getting your creative juices flowing and just practicing. ive done a few of them and i figured id start posting them here on my blog. Heres my recent sketch from the topic #Storm.

Storm was my first favorite comic book character so i couldnt pass up the opportunity to sketch her :)
and speaking of Storm, have you all watched X-Men Days of Future Past? oh my goodness. ITS A MUST SEE! 


Everyday Cosplay: Lexi Branson (TVD)

one of my favorite things to do is to look up "everyday cosplays" of different characters (im constantly pinning them). if you have not seen The Nerdy Girlies list of Cosplay's shes done, go look now! shes my inspiration for this post! i have been wanting to do some "everyday" outfits on here but havent really taken the time to search around. i want to make it a regular post on here with different series.

My first series: The Vampire Diaries. i mean, being a huge TVD fan i had to start off with it! :) and my first TVD-er also has to be my favorite character on the show: Lexi! It still makes me sad that she was killed off so soon but she did make tiny appearances after her death! I still wish she was still around though! Her character was so bold, strong and loyal.
For this outfit, i stepped into my inner Lexi! Which means all black everything with hints of silver! oh and i cant forget the black cherry lipstick! ;)

for info/prices on the outfit, check out my Polyvore.

p.s. i am still Team Stelena! ;)


Etsy Shop Update

i spent my memorial day weekend catching up on commissions, packing orders and even updating my shop! head over to my Etsy shop! ive added some new pin back buttons and hand-painted brooches! my very favorite right now are The Office guys! Dwight and Jim! ahhh. is it weird to swoon over your own work? i think a tad. haha. but im pretty satisfied with how they turned out :)

Rosa De Los Reyes

Star Wars : Where Science Meets Imagination

In March, i got to FINALLY go to the Star Wars exhibit at the San Jose Tech Museum. It started in October 2013 until the end of March. I was so bummed that it took me so long to go but i seriously couldnt find anyone to go with. like ive said before (on my twitter).. i need more nerdy friends. haha. So, i ended up taking my niece and nephew. i was planning to take them anyway (hoping id go more than once). I love how i can inspire them to be geeky! both my niece and nephew have inherited my love for Star Wars. i love how i can talk to them about it and even other geeky categories, like; Captain America & Comics. The Star Wars exhibit was sooooooo awesome! i was so sad when we got to the end that i made us start over from the beginning again. haha. here are some photos i captured:

one of the things that i was hoping to see, was anything of Darth Maul (my favorite Star Wars character - & R2) but there wasnt anything of his. *sad faced*. i think maybe there was his lightsaber but i cant remember. anyways, it was pretty great and im so glad i went!!! i would be crazy if i didnt go! =O
Its a bummer that its over BUT i just discovered that theres this Jedi workshop thing happening in the museum.
i gotta check it out!! 

oh, by the way, check out my interview over at The Nerdy Girlie!
and follow her if you havent! shes the nerdiest of the nerds and she is awesome!!

Rosa De Los Reyes

Birthday Weekend

its friday! yay! also, its exactly one month since my birthday, so i decided to share photos from my birthday weekend trip. last month i went to Disneyland for my birthday weekend. it was so much fun! i took my nephew with me, which was 10 times better. my favorite people in the world are my nieces and nephew! i was bummed that my oldest niece could not come with but was still stoked that my nephew was able to go. as for my youngest niece, well shes only one so i couldnt bring her. haha. overall the trip was a blast! my nephew and i had such a great time.. the car ride and all! the only downfall was me driving the entire time. i was completely exhausted. haha. next time i will at least have another adult with me so we can switch off.
we left on a friday, around 5pm or so. we decided to make a trip to San Luis Obispo where my cousin lives and crash there for the night. ive never been to SLO and i completely fell in love with it! my cousin took us to a BBQ joint and it was really delicious. im still craving that corn bread pie thingy. i really dont remember what it was called exactly. but it was good! haha. My cousin then took my nephew and i on a tour at the auto shop he works at.
one of the first things we did when we arrived was get a Dole Whip. well... actually the first thing i did. haha. we went to go ride Indiana Jones, which was actually closed at the time :( the one ride my nephew and i could not stop talking about on our way there.. was closed. not to mention that the last time my nephew was at Disneyland, he was too short to ride it. it was a huge bummer. anyways, back to the Dole Whip. Walking back to Tomorrowland, i seen that there was no line to get a Dole Whip.. so i took it as a sign and got my very first float! man, it was amazing. Another thing that i HAD to do, was get a photo with Captain America. SUCCEEDED! Hes not the real Cap but good enough!
for lunch, i told my nephew he could choose anything on the park map. he chose the Village Haus in Fantasyland. Great choice! My favorite Disney character is Pinocchio (and Roger Rabbit. hehe) so i was super excited about eating there. The food was delicious. my nephew got pizza and i got a burger. neither one of us complained, we were satisfied! We got to ride a bunch of rides but not much of the big ones. i think for me, i was looking forward mostly to Indiana and i was just so bummed about it. We rode a lot of the rides in Fantasyland (which i never really get to do when i go with my friends), Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear and i think we rode Star Tours twice. haha. Cant remember much else but we both had a great time!
for dinner we shared a turkey leg while we watched the Fireworks. it was grand!! not only was it such an awesome birthday present to myself, i loved seeing my nephews face and his excitement throughout the entire day! so worth it! i must also mention that Its A Small World finally opened. Every time i went to Disneyland the ride was always closed. i didnt realized how much i loved the ride. i was so happy and stunned by the designs in the ride. even my 9 year old nephew (who is such a boy) loved the ride. haha. we couldnt stop talking about it.
the next morning we made our way back home. but of course, we had to stop at SLO one last time. We had lunch this time with my cousin at Splash Cafe (i kinda prefer the one in Pismo better, shhhh) but it was still good! haha. he gave us a little tour around downtown and i finally got to see the gum wall. i thought id be more excited about it when i saw it but i was more disgusted. haha. i didnt even walk through it. >.< haha. i also finally got my Peets coffee (vanilla cappuccino with a bit of whip cream and sprinkle of cinnamon - its such a dream!). the entire trip i was only able to get Starbucks (its every where and its much harder to find a Peets) but when youre like me and have been drinking only Peets coffee for over a year straight, Starbucks doesnt even compare =/ i couldnt even finish my drink. i hate being picky. haha. but its coffee!

So, that was my birthday trip! i want to go back so bad but im not sure when that will be.
hoping 24/hr weekend! but we'll see! I was feeling a bit down about my birthday (im really dreading getting older) but it turned out to be one of the best! After that weekend, i had a birthday dinner two days after. i couldnt believe how many of my friends showed up! 30+! im still shocked about it. haha. our table was completely full at the Old Spaghetti Factory :)
After dinner, a few of us went out for drinks while we watched the SF Giants play. they won, by the way!
We stayed until it was midnight (my actual birthday) and they sang and we drank!
it was the best!!!

oh and by the way, if you were curious, im 27.

Rosa De Los Reyes

Stanford Pow Wow 2014

im so was thrilled to have FINALLY attended the Stanford Pow Wow in Palo Alto, CA. I have a few friends who go almost every year and this past Saturday i got to go :) i was a lot of fun and really neat. My favorite part was seeing the Aztec dance. Im pretty obsessed, i kind of want to learn the dance! The Stanford Pow Wow happens every year on Mothers Day weekend. Friday - Sunday. heres some photos i got to capture from the event.
so i may or may have not fallen in love with one of the Aztec dancers. idk. haha. anyway, i would love to find more pow wows here in the Bay! I also cant wait to go to next years Stanford Pow Wow! What a long wait! haha. anyone living in Cali should possibly make it trip to next years! i came home with a dream catcher. hoping it will catch all of my zombie dreams and leave me with the good. that night i dreamt i was with Simon Pegg. So far, so good :) haha.

Rosa De Los Reyes

Sneak Peak - brooches

yesterday was kind of a rough day for me. i had a huge migraine and was in bed alllll day. even though i was in pain i felt like i had to do something. like, creative. so i started creating brooches. i have been wanting to start them up again for a while now, so why not! you can find my other handpainted brooches in my Storenvy shop: Pretty Clementine. im thinking of switching everything in there to my Etsy shop but im not so sure yet. i think these current brooches will be added there for now. the brooches above: pizza (because i love pizza), Louise and Tina from Bobs Burgers & the EW! from Jimmy Fallons Tonight Show sketch.
i wanted to create brooches that were things that i fangirl over. MOVIES! i decided to created brooches with quotes! one of my favorite things to do is quote movies. haha. ive been creating some from my favorite films. above: "im your density" from Back to the Future, "meet me in montauk" from Eternal Sunshine from the Spotless Mind. "scotchy, scotch, scotch" from Anchorman. "lets boo boo" from The Worlds End. "what the cuss!" from Fantastic Mr. Fox. i have a ton more from movies like Star Trek and Nacho Libre. haha.
the apple brooch is also Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired! Gosh, i love that movie! what are your favorite movies?? favorite quotes?? maybe ill be able to whip some up and add them to the shop! :)

Rosa De Los Reyes


if you follow me on instagram then you might have seen this illustration already. if not, well, here it is! Im a huge Jimmy Fallon fan (hes my favorite SNL cast member. & Maya Rudolph) and I love the Ew sketches on his show! The recent sketch featured Seth Rogan and Zac Efron (swoon) and its probably my favorite one! haha. if you have not seen it, please do! its so hilarious! I would post a youtube video on here but the computer im using at the moment has it blocked =/ boo! Anywho, heres the illustration I did of the three of them :

i want to do another adding little props from the sketch and possibly do one of Gary the stepdad! haha. you can find more recent illustrations on my IG: @rozofthedead.

Rosa De Los Reyes

20 things about me - just because

I really cannot call myself a blogger anymore. i mean, i have not updated my blog in so long. haha. i cant believe i didnt post anything for the month of April. I have a pretty good excuse though, life is just busy. its so very hard to find the time for things these days but im trying. So as my first post in over a month or two, i thought id do a little random "about me" thing. So, here it goes:

1. i love cola. just cola. like coca-cola. i dont like it flavored (cherry, vanilla, etc). coca-cola is my favorite soda of all time. i cannot stand flavored carbinated drinks. theyre not yummy to me =/ i wish i liked them though but my taste buds are like "EW".

2. in the art world & internet world, people call me Rosa (which is short for Rosalyn.) but everyone (friends/family) actually call me Roz. its been my "nickname" since elementary or middle school or something and its seriously the name everyone knows me as rather than Rosalyn (my real name). the reason why i dont go by Roz in the art world is because i prefer it to be my "real" name. So, yeah, thats just a little random info. haha. you are all free to call me Roz if youd like. Its basically my REAL name. haha.

3. Im a really huge Seth Macfarlane fan. hes just a ball of talent! & i really admire that. He sings (so very well), acts (& does voices), animates (i mean, Family Guy!! come on! i love BRIAN!) & he is super hilarious. I also find him incredibly attractive! ;)

4. i love collecting art. especially locals, art trades & especially from my friends. ive been going to a bunch of SF events and i always make sure to buy at least one thing. sometimes i end up buying more. haha. one thing i do love the most though, is people drawing me things. as much as i love drawing things for people its always nice receiving them too. not only that, but i love seeing peoples imaginations! So, if you want to do an art trade or anything, email me :)

5. pugs & miniature schnauzers are my favorite dogs. i hope to own either one of them in the future!

6. for woman crush wednesday, i choose: drew berrymore, kate winslet & miranda kerr.

7. my dream wedding: black, white, gold (& maybe hints of roseybrowns) will be the color choices, hot dogs/burgers/hot wings will be served & presented nicely while big band music plays (live, hopefully), everyone will then grab snacks, cocktails & beers for a picnic style evening while our favorite films play on a big screen (lets hope hes a Cornetto Trilogy fan too ;)) haha.

8. im still trying to find confidence in myself. sometimes a simple black cherry lipstick & high waisted jeans help. But i seem to always get compliments from girls than guys. ugh. =/ (dont get me wrong, thats not a bad thing. but it would be nice for a guy to notice. haha).

9. my dream house is Neds house, from the movie 17 again..

10. i love movies and i have too many favorite genres (like: comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, animation). the only one that is hard for me to watch are horror films. I actually like horror films but im too much of a pansy to watch them consistently. haha. if i was watching it with a group of people or even a boyfriend then i can manage. but you will never find me watching one by myself. my mind tends to focus on scary things after watching one. also, i get really queasy from the sight of blood (even when i have nose bleeds =/). have you seen House of Wax? honestly, it wasnt even scary but mostly GROSS. haha.

11. im a huge television fan. like, i watch tv everyday. when im sitting in bed, painting & even sleeping. haha. (also, reruns are satisfying).

12. did i mention that im kind of a pansy? yeah, i am also afraid of the dark. like ive mention in #10, my mind tends to have its own imagination. the only way ill be able to sleep in the dark is if there is another person in the room (hoping they dont snore, cause then, i wont sleep at all).

13. I tried a Dole Whip float for the first time this year (when i went to Disneyland on my birthday weekend - pictures later) & it was probably the best thing i have ever consumed (aside from buffalo wings). I love love love pineapple (pineapple juice is my favorite) so it was just an amazing treat!

14. Shaun of the Dead is my favorite from the Cornetto Trio. i mean, how could i not mention Simon Pegg in this post? that would be nuts.

15. my heroes are: Marty Mcfly, Tim Burton & Jesus. i have my reasons for all three too. i feel like it would take me a while to write it though. haha

16. im pretty sure the way im gonna die will involve some sort of insect/bug. that being said im also pretty sure i have a phobia of them.

17. any art related to a favorite film/tv show.. ill love it! im pretty sure i wear my Dwight & Kevin Pin at least once a week.

18. there are so many mediums i enjoy but not as much as watercolor. its my current obsession & really easy to carry around with me.

19. i hate summer. i hate the heat. i love cold breezes and being covered up and wearing boots. i love my boots.

20. i love coffee. but im pretty sure you already knew that. i prefer almost anything over starbucks. my favorites are nespresso & peets coffee.

hopefully this wasnt boring.
haha. if you have any "about me" type of post, comment below!
i would love to read them!

Rosa De Los Reyes or Roz ;)