Stanford Pow Wow 2014

im so was thrilled to have FINALLY attended the Stanford Pow Wow in Palo Alto, CA. I have a few friends who go almost every year and this past Saturday i got to go :) i was a lot of fun and really neat. My favorite part was seeing the Aztec dance. Im pretty obsessed, i kind of want to learn the dance! The Stanford Pow Wow happens every year on Mothers Day weekend. Friday - Sunday. heres some photos i got to capture from the event.
so i may or may have not fallen in love with one of the Aztec dancers. idk. haha. anyway, i would love to find more pow wows here in the Bay! I also cant wait to go to next years Stanford Pow Wow! What a long wait! haha. anyone living in Cali should possibly make it trip to next years! i came home with a dream catcher. hoping it will catch all of my zombie dreams and leave me with the good. that night i dreamt i was with Simon Pegg. So far, so good :) haha.

Rosa De Los Reyes

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