Sneak Peak - brooches

yesterday was kind of a rough day for me. i had a huge migraine and was in bed alllll day. even though i was in pain i felt like i had to do something. like, creative. so i started creating brooches. i have been wanting to start them up again for a while now, so why not! you can find my other handpainted brooches in my Storenvy shop: Pretty Clementine. im thinking of switching everything in there to my Etsy shop but im not so sure yet. i think these current brooches will be added there for now. the brooches above: pizza (because i love pizza), Louise and Tina from Bobs Burgers & the EW! from Jimmy Fallons Tonight Show sketch.
i wanted to create brooches that were things that i fangirl over. MOVIES! i decided to created brooches with quotes! one of my favorite things to do is quote movies. haha. ive been creating some from my favorite films. above: "im your density" from Back to the Future, "meet me in montauk" from Eternal Sunshine from the Spotless Mind. "scotchy, scotch, scotch" from Anchorman. "lets boo boo" from The Worlds End. "what the cuss!" from Fantastic Mr. Fox. i have a ton more from movies like Star Trek and Nacho Libre. haha.
the apple brooch is also Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired! Gosh, i love that movie! what are your favorite movies?? favorite quotes?? maybe ill be able to whip some up and add them to the shop! :)

Rosa De Los Reyes


  1. love the movie quote brooches :)
    maybe some adventure time quotes or Napoleon Dynamite ;)

  2. oh man, I AM YOUR DENSITY is like, my favourite movie line ever... complete with the shaky way that he says it. excellent brooch. LOVE it.