Fassy Friday : Tea Time

Happy Friday! or as i like to call it.. Happy Fassbender Friday! ;)
I feel like as a Fan-girl i should really express myself. haha. so, i created a topic on my blog for Fridays! Not sure what else it would entail just yet but, oh, you will be seeing a whole lot of handsome photos of Fassy.

To keep myself constantly blogging, because i have been terrible the past couple months, ive decided to create topics for each day. You'll see some changes going on in the next month or so. To give you a bit of what i want to do, heres a list.

Mondays: Movie Crush Monday (reviews/recommends/basically anything to do with movies)
Tuesdays: Animation (or Artist) Talk Tuesday (featuring my favorite & new artist')
Wednesdays: Everyday Cosplay Outfits
Thursdays: Sketch Dailies drawings or my art in general
Fridays: Fassy Friday (everything Michael Fassbender) or/& Friday Favorites
Saturdays: Simon Saturday (everything Simon Pegg)
Sundays: freebee

So, those are my current plans for my blog and i hope i can finally stay consistent! haha.
Anywho, hope you all have a great Friday! Dont forget to see A Million Ways To Die in The West! I hope i get to see it this weekend! x