20 things about me - just because

I really cannot call myself a blogger anymore. i mean, i have not updated my blog in so long. haha. i cant believe i didnt post anything for the month of April. I have a pretty good excuse though, life is just busy. its so very hard to find the time for things these days but im trying. So as my first post in over a month or two, i thought id do a little random "about me" thing. So, here it goes:

1. i love cola. just cola. like coca-cola. i dont like it flavored (cherry, vanilla, etc). coca-cola is my favorite soda of all time. i cannot stand flavored carbinated drinks. theyre not yummy to me =/ i wish i liked them though but my taste buds are like "EW".

2. in the art world & internet world, people call me Rosa (which is short for Rosalyn.) but everyone (friends/family) actually call me Roz. its been my "nickname" since elementary or middle school or something and its seriously the name everyone knows me as rather than Rosalyn (my real name). the reason why i dont go by Roz in the art world is because i prefer it to be my "real" name. So, yeah, thats just a little random info. haha. you are all free to call me Roz if youd like. Its basically my REAL name. haha.

3. Im a really huge Seth Macfarlane fan. hes just a ball of talent! & i really admire that. He sings (so very well), acts (& does voices), animates (i mean, Family Guy!! come on! i love BRIAN!) & he is super hilarious. I also find him incredibly attractive! ;)

4. i love collecting art. especially locals, art trades & especially from my friends. ive been going to a bunch of SF events and i always make sure to buy at least one thing. sometimes i end up buying more. haha. one thing i do love the most though, is people drawing me things. as much as i love drawing things for people its always nice receiving them too. not only that, but i love seeing peoples imaginations! So, if you want to do an art trade or anything, email me :)

5. pugs & miniature schnauzers are my favorite dogs. i hope to own either one of them in the future!

6. for woman crush wednesday, i choose: drew berrymore, kate winslet & miranda kerr.

7. my dream wedding: black, white, gold (& maybe hints of roseybrowns) will be the color choices, hot dogs/burgers/hot wings will be served & presented nicely while big band music plays (live, hopefully), everyone will then grab snacks, cocktails & beers for a picnic style evening while our favorite films play on a big screen (lets hope hes a Cornetto Trilogy fan too ;)) haha.

8. im still trying to find confidence in myself. sometimes a simple black cherry lipstick & high waisted jeans help. But i seem to always get compliments from girls than guys. ugh. =/ (dont get me wrong, thats not a bad thing. but it would be nice for a guy to notice. haha).

9. my dream house is Neds house, from the movie 17 again..

10. i love movies and i have too many favorite genres (like: comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, animation). the only one that is hard for me to watch are horror films. I actually like horror films but im too much of a pansy to watch them consistently. haha. if i was watching it with a group of people or even a boyfriend then i can manage. but you will never find me watching one by myself. my mind tends to focus on scary things after watching one. also, i get really queasy from the sight of blood (even when i have nose bleeds =/). have you seen House of Wax? honestly, it wasnt even scary but mostly GROSS. haha.

11. im a huge television fan. like, i watch tv everyday. when im sitting in bed, painting & even sleeping. haha. (also, reruns are satisfying).

12. did i mention that im kind of a pansy? yeah, i am also afraid of the dark. like ive mention in #10, my mind tends to have its own imagination. the only way ill be able to sleep in the dark is if there is another person in the room (hoping they dont snore, cause then, i wont sleep at all).

13. I tried a Dole Whip float for the first time this year (when i went to Disneyland on my birthday weekend - pictures later) & it was probably the best thing i have ever consumed (aside from buffalo wings). I love love love pineapple (pineapple juice is my favorite) so it was just an amazing treat!

14. Shaun of the Dead is my favorite from the Cornetto Trio. i mean, how could i not mention Simon Pegg in this post? that would be nuts.

15. my heroes are: Marty Mcfly, Tim Burton & Jesus. i have my reasons for all three too. i feel like it would take me a while to write it though. haha

16. im pretty sure the way im gonna die will involve some sort of insect/bug. that being said im also pretty sure i have a phobia of them.

17. any art related to a favorite film/tv show.. ill love it! im pretty sure i wear my Dwight & Kevin Pin at least once a week.

18. there are so many mediums i enjoy but not as much as watercolor. its my current obsession & really easy to carry around with me.

19. i hate summer. i hate the heat. i love cold breezes and being covered up and wearing boots. i love my boots.

20. i love coffee. but im pretty sure you already knew that. i prefer almost anything over starbucks. my favorites are nespresso & peets coffee.

hopefully this wasnt boring.
haha. if you have any "about me" type of post, comment below!
i would love to read them!

Rosa De Los Reyes or Roz ;)


  1. I love your heroes, hehehe. :)

  2. Ooh, this was fun to read!
    I'm not afraid of the dark, but what (really, who) could be in it. I've never (even as a kid) been afraid of monsters, but people. So I'm basically the same way with sleeping, lol. My husband used to work late at Barnes and Noble (by late I mean like... 11pm, lol,) and I'd be terrified the entire time watching our son at home; I was so scared.

    I would love to try a post like this. Too fun!