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In March, i got to FINALLY go to the Star Wars exhibit at the San Jose Tech Museum. It started in October 2013 until the end of March. I was so bummed that it took me so long to go but i seriously couldnt find anyone to go with. like ive said before (on my twitter).. i need more nerdy friends. haha. So, i ended up taking my niece and nephew. i was planning to take them anyway (hoping id go more than once). I love how i can inspire them to be geeky! both my niece and nephew have inherited my love for Star Wars. i love how i can talk to them about it and even other geeky categories, like; Captain America & Comics. The Star Wars exhibit was sooooooo awesome! i was so sad when we got to the end that i made us start over from the beginning again. haha. here are some photos i captured:

one of the things that i was hoping to see, was anything of Darth Maul (my favorite Star Wars character - & R2) but there wasnt anything of his. *sad faced*. i think maybe there was his lightsaber but i cant remember. anyways, it was pretty great and im so glad i went!!! i would be crazy if i didnt go! =O
Its a bummer that its over BUT i just discovered that theres this Jedi workshop thing happening in the museum.
i gotta check it out!! 

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  1. So rad that you finally got to go after all that time. It looks incredible, but a real shame there wasn't any Darth Maul.