its a new year

what is there to say about 2014? same as always. there was a bunch of ups and downs. 2014 included the Edwardian Ball, art events in SF, Disneyland a couple times, sf giants game with my bff, the star wars exhibit at the sj tech museum, going to my first pow wow in palo alto, Comikaze and Hello Kitty Con. in the middle of the year i got offered a job at my regular Coffee shop. accepting that job was probably the best and worst thing i could have ever done. lol. im so happy to have made friends with my co-workers and met so many regulars. though, it was not until a couple weeks ago that the exhaustion finally caught up to me. also, do you remember my Etsy shop? maybe? haha. anyways, because of my lack of communication and shipment, a customer filed a case on their order and well, my shop is now suspended (in the process of creating a new shopping site). kind of not a great way to end the year :( having two jobs and juggling your own little business is a challenge. never done it before and its pretty safe to say that i have learned a lot from it. handling all three will take a lot of getting use to, so my goal this year is (first and foremost) to take it easy.... then organizing and making sure i fit my customers needs. also, hopefully i get to have a break once in a while. because i kid you not.. 15 hours of work 4 days in a row.. can sometimes make you want to cry. haha.

2014 made me get off my ass and break out of my comfort zone. i did that a lot. so i think i did. im not one to be very social and i dont really like talking to people. well, not really like but more that it makes me uncomfortable because i never know what to say or talk about. but working at the coffee shop has made me a little more comfortable with it. just a little. another would be getting myself out there and meeting someone. it didnt exactly work out and i eventually got my heart broken but i broke out of my comfort zone. never thought id do anything like that. ive definitely changed and i am definitely a different person than i was a year ago. i learned a lot this year but the most important one is that i am worth a lot more. i shouldnt settle for anything less. also, never apologize for being yourself. never.

onto the art stuff! since my Etsy shop has closed i decided to start selling my work on my art instagram (@hellomartiangirl). but recently decided to open up a new shop (on Storenvy). Since i am still working like a mad woman, im going to be selling my things differently. which will make it a lot easier for me to get it together and ship on time! right now im in the process of getting supplies in and everything together so i should have everything done and set up by mid January to the end of January. Im really hoping that people will like the idea ive come up with (which will be announced on my art instagram soon)! oh and ive decided to make Hello Martian Girl my "business" name so i  am pretty excited about that too! i had other ideas and plans this year for my Hello Martian Girl brand and i hope i get to launch them before the end of the year!! as for my new shop, its currently under construction but heres the link :

thanks for reading and hopefully i get to write more blog post!!!!! lol


Favorite Lush Products

favorite lush products 2

when i was teen i use to hate walking by the LUSH store at the mall! it had that super strong smell and i never went inside. little did i know, they would be carrying my favorite products everrrr. haha. i ended up going into the store with my friend years back and realized how great their products were. i was so in awe of the bath bomb collection that its become a tradition now to gift them to my girl friends for Christmas! :)

one of the reasons i decided to switch to Lush was because i really wanted to try something more natural. i have terrible/oily skin and i never really use to take care of my face/hair/skin. every product that ive used has done nothing and i figured why not give Lush a try! especially since ive read such great reviews!
the first thing i ever bought from Lush is the Bubble Gum lip balm/scrub, mainly because my lips tend to dry out fast (chapstick is my best friend). its worked wonders but lately i have been forgetting to use it, haha. not only does the scrub help your lips but the smell and taste is delicious! haha.

1. Cupcake / Fresh Face Mask : i bought this specifically for my oily face. ive used it about 3 times since i bought it and it expires in couple days (so, i will be using it tonight and tomorrow). Cupcake has cocoa powder as one of its ingredients which makes your face smell like chocolate! haha. its pretty cool! but not only does it smell yummy, my face just feels so good after rinsing! one thing to keep in mind about the fresh face mask is that they have to be refrigerated and only last for a couple weeks (theyre also only sold in stores and not online). i actually keep forgetting that i have it since its in the ref! haha.

2. Shine So Bright / Hair Treatment : my hair has been damaged for yearrrrrrrs. i havent had a trimmed in forever and my split ends are out of control. well, couple weeks ago i decided that i wanted to dye my hair (which i havent done in about 8 years) so i figured, its time to start taking care of my mane! i trimmed my hair, dyed it and started using this product. its my life savor and its smells sooooo good! i apply it two times a day.

3. Herbalism / Cleanser : i use this product mainly for my face! i cut off my usual face cleansers and switched to this gem. i cant even tell you how amazing this product it. it feels so good on my face and feels even better after rinsing. such a huge difference from the other products i use to use. my face feels so soft! one of the perks is that it also handles my oily skin! ;) i use it every day, morning and night.

4. Breath of God & Aquatic / Toothy Tabs : ive always had a love/hate relationship with toothpaste. you just never know whats good for you and whats not. one day while scrolling through the Lush site i came across the Toothy Tabs and thought "hm. interesting". curiosity hit and my next visit to the store i walked out with two in hand! there were a couple reviews ive read about some of them having a weird smell from the natural ingredients. honestly, it doesnt bug me one bit. the results? amazing! my teeth not only feel good from them but theve whitened! tip: Toothy Tabs come in these cute little cardboard boxes which is good because its recyclable but sucks because once it gets wet your Toothy Tabs are over. i didnt think about this until i read a review and the next couple days the box started getting a bit wet. i bought the Shampoo Bar Tin to put my Toothy Tabs in! so now theyre safe! ;)

5. Sea Spray / Hair Gel : i decided to give this spray a go after reading so many good reviews from my favorite bloggers/instagramers. also because i dont usually put anything in my hair and if i do, its gotta be something good for it. it seriously makes my hair look good, feel good and it smells great! i use it after i curl my hair!

6. Sandstone & Ice Blue / Soap : on my last visit to Lush they gave me a small bag full of samples. out of all of them ive only had a chance to try these two.. and well, i love them! especially Sandstone! i love that it also scrubs. i cant wait to get it on my next visit to the store! :)

Do you like Lush? what are your favorite products?

The Nutty Professor (1963)

i got to see The Nutty Professor (1963) in theaters yesterday. Cinemarks likes to play old school movies here and there for about three days or so. i went searching on Fandango for a movie to watch with my niece and noticed The Nutty Professor playing! my chance to see Jerry Lewis on the big screen?! YES PLEASE!

you may be familiar with the 1996 remake with Eddie Murphy. in my opinion i think they could have done better with that film. its based off the original with a bunch of tweaks and definitely a different feel to the remake. i never really enjoyed it as much. maybe if they had toned it down a bit? different leading actor? i dont know but if youre going to remake a classic, at least make it GOOD. haha.

The Nutty Professor is about a college chemistry professor named Julius Kelps (Jerry Lewis). buck-tooth, accident-prone, nerdy kinda man. always getting picked out, even by the jocks! Given the impression that women like the hunky-hipster type of men, Julius whips up a potion to make him more attractive in hopes of winning the affection of his crush/student, Stella Purdy (Stella Stevens). His transformation makes him a smooth and handsome sleaze ball, who went by the name of Buddy Love. Turns out, Stella would prefer a man like the old professor. As Professor Julius' potion wears off, he is suddenly caught in center stage having stunned the crowed. in the end, he realizes he doesnt want to be something he is not.

it was cool taking my 14 year old niece to see this film in the theaters. what made it great was that we were the only ones in the theater and she really enjoyed the film. i know i very much enjoyed the film. why would i ever miss a chance to see Jerry on the screen!? hehe.

movie: The Nutty Professor (1963)
directed by: Jerry Lewis
starring:  Jerry Lewis, Stella Stevens, De Moore.

Her Universe Wish List

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

such a huge fan of Her Universe and a huge supporter of Ashley Eckstein! I remember first seeing Ashley on the show That's So Raven (who else loved that show?!) and that's how i recognized her when she joined Star Wars The Clone Wars (!!!). She became ten times cooler when she created Her Universe! ive been a longggg time follower of hers on Twitter and have been smitten over the amazing geek gear for years, it was not until a year ago that i FINALLY purchased my first HU merch!

if i wasnt saving for a car and for Hello Kitty Con + Comikaze right now, id be purchasing at least 3 of these right now! Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie's post, i am now eye-balling that Walking Dead Scarf (#5)! i need it to complete my Fall wardrobe! Also, how awesome is that Captain America cardigan (#9)?! Seriously! its perfection. And Im really hoping they stock up on the Spock sweaters (#7) because i pretty much need it in my life. everything, i just really want/need everything! Star Wars, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America and The Walking Dead... HU, youre speaking my language!

id love to meet Ashley someday and tell her how much of an inspiration she is to geek girls all around the world! Ashley, thanks for being YOU and for creating HER UNIVERSE for all of use fan-girls!
I should just save half my pay check someday and go on an HU shopping spree =O