Welcome to my blog, Hello Martian Girl!

about my blog: In my blog i share my art, inspirations, things i geek over, my love for films, Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender, adventures & the simple things in my life.

about my art: Id like to think of creating as a way of escaping from reality. its the most soothing and relaxing thing for me. my inspirations come from many things.. films/tv shows, cartoons (when I was younger, id wait for Daria to come on just to draw her), tim burton, Disney, desserts, pop art, vintage and basically anything disgustingly girly.

about the Martian: im Rosalyn De Los Reyes (but you can call me Rosa or Roz). im a twenty-something year old clerk/barista/illustrator/geek living in a small town in the bay area. i love Star Wars (a lot), i collect toys (they are my weakness), my number uno favorite film is Back to the Future and im such a huge Lord of the Rings fanatic that im planning to get two LOTR themed tattoos before the end of the year. my favorite things to do is draw (of course), watch movies and television, drink coffee and root for my favorite football team - the san francisco 49ers. im a huge fan of mr. rod serling, simon pegg, tim burton, chris delorenzo, seth macfarlane and jerry lewis. who have all inspired me in some way or another. my favorite bands are the strokes and the smashing pumpkins but i also really love big band music. when im not working in the office or at the coffee shop, i like to dedicate my free time to my online shop!

things i really likey: san francisco 49ers and giants, collecting toys, rod serling, captain america, darth maul, r2d2, san francisco, l.a., disney-pixar, old hollywod era, old school comedies, vanilla cappuccinos with whipped cream and cinnamon, iced vanilla lattes, pizza, sweets (macarons, ice cream, donuts), seaweed chips (obsessed), sushi (dont ever stick me in front of a huge place of salmon sashimi, i will devour it), bobba milk teas, tim burton, big band music, alien themed everything, comics (currently reading she-hulk), forever 21, funko pops, disney pins, disneyland, universal studios, jimmy fallon, snl, awesometown skits (before lonley island was lonely island), adventures.

music: the strokes, smashing pumpkins, the drums, pheonix, saves the day, beck, the shins, happy body slow brain, seth macfarlane, frank sinatra, bobby darin, dean martin, jerry lewis, benny goodman, nsync, nkotb, michael giacchino, danny elfman, randy and thomas newman, sherman brothers, the ramones, queen, kiss, plans for revenge, the killers, bjork, radiohead, musicals.

men i fancy: simon pegg, michael fassbender, elijah wood, chris evans, casey affleck, seth macfarlane, tom hiddleston, fabrizio moretti, angel pagan, jake gyllenhaal, jimmy fallon.

tv shows: the vampire diaries, the twilight zone, wilfred, the mindy project, once upon a time, walking dead, gilmore girls, the office, arrested development, 30 rock, family guy, snl, boy meets world, sabrina the teenage witch, sister-sister, martin and lewis, gossip girl, spaced.

films: back to the future, star wars, the lord of the rings, the hobbit, who framed roger rabbit, everything is illuminated, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, dead poets society, cornetto trilogy, scott pilgrim vs the world, stranger than fiction, beetlejuice, the rocky horror picture show, edward scissorhands, frankenweenie, vincent, mary and max, wallace and gromit, the faculty, coraline, detroit rock city, empire records, captain america the first avenger and winter soldier, mean girls, grind, harry potter, xmen films, adam sandler films, guardians of the galaxy, mrs. doubtfire, the avengers, the amazing spider man + more.

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thanks so very much for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it!

Rosa De Los Reyes (or Roz)

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