winner of my first giveaway

i got my nephew to pick a name out of a coffee cup and we have a winner!! and yes it is true, Elijah is helping me announce the awesome winner of my giveaway.. congrats Cam!!
Also, thanks SO MUCH to all the lovely ladies that entered! i will actually be having two other giveaways soon and will announce that later :)
hope you all are having a lovely weekend!!

friday faves : pinterest finds

happy Friday! I have been spending a lot of my time on Pinterest lately (well, before bedtime). So if you follow me, sorry for all the pinnings ;) haha. ive gathered some of my favorite finds and thought Id share them for todays post. Enjoy!

1 // a collage photo of Elijah Wood. this has got to me one of my most favorite photos of him. he just looks so dashing and handsome! it has also become my new wallpaper on my iphone. sorry Pegg.
2 // 1950's style. love! so classy at the beach. I also really love the umbrella! the photo itself is just all sorts of wonderful.
3 // a lovely photo of Mindy Kaling. im a wee bit obsessed with her. especially her style!
4 // I came across this incredible photo of a bedroom! it reminds me a lot of Anthropologie. I adore the color scheme so much and pretty much everything in it.
5 // Starfleet Insignia ice!! how amazing is that? like mega! Im getting them!
6 // an art piece of Chewie and his family. need.
7 // an amazing Spaced poster! Which was for a Spaced marathon night. If you have not heard of Spaced, its a Tv show from 1999 starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson. Also starring Nick Frost and a bunch more people you will recognize in Simon Pegg and Nick Frost films. I also must mention that the series was directed by the awesome Edgar Wright. The show is on dvd and some episodes can be found on YouTube. take a minute and watch, its hilarious.
8 // Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun - get it here. OMG. I just discovered this and the artist (Tony Larson). check out Megatone230 on Etsy! im kinda thinking of snatching some of his work!
9 // though im more in love with her hair; the style, the girl, & the color in the entire photo is absolutely darling.
10 // gorgeous cake with beautiful colorful fondant hearts!

welp, these were just some of my favorites!
hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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ive been having fun drawing with just pens lately. I mean, my hand is about to fall off from doing lines after lines after lines, haha, but overall it excites me. I thought for my doodle today that id actually draw eyes. a lot of the times I draw closed eyes, you see them open here and there but youll mostly see that in my paintings. I find it much easier to draw them closed and i don't have to worry about getting eyes perfectly the same. sometimes I mess up then there goes an inked drawing thrown in the garbage. Sometimes I cant get them the way I want them, but today, for some reason I just started drawing and had the urge to draw some eyes this time. so I did. and I really like her with eyes. then I tried to draw another and failed. hahaha. practice practice practice. I just have to keep telling myself that. :)

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Tears to being a woman

note to self: do not watch chick flicks when you're about to pms. I made the horrible decision to watch What to Expect When You're Expecting, which in result.. ended with me in tears. like huge tears. haha. after I watched that I thought id take my mind off pregnant women and watch one of my all time favorites; Shaun of the Dead. And guess what? yup. it also brought me to tears. haha. Seeing Shaun in the most dramatic part; in tears over the fact that his mum turned into a zombie. That touched my heart. Before I knocked out, I spent 30 minutes on Pinterest and came across Star Trek stuff. Which in fact gave me dreams about being apart of Starfleet! I probably almost kissed Scotty, like 10 times. I must have been really into that dream because I did not hear my alarm at all. I automatically woke up at 8:50 and rushed to work. At this very moment all I could think about is that Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream I had at Thrifty's couple weeks ago. and its making me sad that I cant eat one right now. *darn you cravings*. Also, I feel like im about to crash onto this keyboard. I want to sleep so bad! haha. Side note: ever since I updated my phone to ios7, the pictures I edit then place here look entirely different. whats up with that? is this the same problem every other iphone user is having? is it meant to do that? just wondering. Im actually loving the new update yet there are a couple things im not too fond of. anyway, I don't mean to ramble in this post. Today is just one of them days where I hate being a woman. haha.
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weekend snap shots

    1 // the Captain America toy I really really want! (from Target).
    2 // waking up on Saturday to a beautiful rainy day.
    3 // my sister took a photo of me zoning out to World War Z! oh and my baby niece fell asleep on me.
    4 // sushi dinner last night with my fam.
    5 // cookies and cream cookies. THE BOMB. bought the box mix at Target.

    hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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friday faves : blogger styles

happy Friday pretty friends! hope youre all having a good one so far! :) todays post is about the styles that I LOVE! here are some of my favorite bloggers and their styles. The one thing I love most about their styles is how their personality pops. Style is a favorite of mine, simply because its a way of expressing yourself and wearing the things that you... LOVE.

1. Ahoy Miss - im sooooooo in love with her hair. Often times I dream about having light pink hair then wake up and realize how funny I would look with it. haha. But doesn't Dee pull it off so incredibly well. I think shes so darling! Aside from her hair, I find her style sweet & whimsical.

2. Nerd Burger - how cute is Cazz' style? I love it to pieces. Her style reflects her personality completely. fun! nerdy! cute!

3. Scathingly Brilliant - I mean come on, so adorable right? I look at Kate for a lot of inspiration. I wear skirts and dresses all the time and the fact that she wears them regularly and puts outfits together really helps me out. though am not as cute as her, ive expanded my style horizons since ive followed her :)

4. Creature Type - I find Michelle's style to be sweet, fun and artsy! She has also been quite an inspiration in finding new ways to put outfits together!

5. Lark and Lace - I found EM's blog not too long ago and I fell in love with it and her! Her style is so fashionable! I love it! she has a lot of outfit post' and theyre my favorite. Theyre like something you'd see on Pinterest, *like* and pin it to your "style" board. haha.

6. Little Red Bowtalk - ive been following Marlyn on instagram before I knew she had a blog. ive loved her style from the beginning. she also has a little instagram shop where I would purchase a few things once and a while. her style is so cute, fun and simple.

all of these ladies are incredible and adorable in their own way! I love that we can express ourselves through style and they definitely show it!
who are your favorite blogger styles??

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all photos above belong to the blogger stated, I do not own any of them


for the past 7 days I haven't been creating at all (lifes getting a tad busy again). I truly hate it when its such a huge gap like that. I need to be creating all the time. it always makes me feel like im not doing anything with my life (even though I have a full-time job). haha. So, I started drawing at work yesterday and (above) are two of them. I decided to start a Fall series, since its quite near. I love cold weather so much. even when I complain about being cold, id rather have it cold than hot. I love the rain, even when Im usually terrified to drive in it, I still love it. I love Fall attire. scarves, coats sweaters, long socks, beanies, boots, gloves. Everything good comes with winter! hot cocoa, caramel brulee lattes, ginger breads. haha. So, that pretty much explains why ive decided to start this series (yes, I know, ive started a bunch of series and haven't finished. haha. they'll get done). These ladies will have their own personalities and style. my favorite so far is the girl with the R2D2 shirt. *of course*. haha. ill be putting the Fall series up in my shop October 1st.
oh yeah, do you all shop at Old Navy? I actually don't (anymore). Not because I don't like the store but because its just the last place on my mind. I went to the mall couple weeks ago with my sisters and we stopped at old navy. I ended up purchasing some adorable blue flats with straps, a 49er shirt and this awesome Beavis and Butthead shirt (above). OMG. I love it. Now if only they had Daria :)
*oh and please excuse the random placement of things on my wall. I rearranged my room couple days ago (again) and still in the process of taking things down from my wall and rearranging them as well.*

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a confession

ive dealt with so much insecurities since I was younger. too tall, chubby, thick eyebrows, broad shoulders, big feet, pimples, frizzy hair, the list goes on. High school is when I actually began to accept myself. There so many people taller than me, even girls! I tweezed my brows, lost a little weight, I learned to love my hair and people really didn't care so much on how I looked. Everyone looked different and that was the beauty of it. I felt good about myself, mostly because I was myself :) I dealt with insecurities from time to time but for the most part, I was happy with myself. Until a year ago. a year ago for some odd reason all of my confidence dropped. I hate photos of myself! I don't like when people take pictures of me and the only time I do is if im making a silly/ugly face or its me taking them myself, because.. well, I get to add the filters I want to make myself look decent. I don't know if its because im getting older but I haven't been happy with how I look lately. I gained weight (I started working out in Feb but haven't been able to go since July because work as been crazy busy), my hair got shorter (so many split ends) and my face has been breaking out like crazy. Not to mention there has been people in my life who have actually made me feel like im the ugliest person on earth (fyi: i don't associate with them anymore). Ive learned through all this to just make the best out of it, i should be happy with myself regardless of what others say. Yes, I still feel insecure sometimes but it helps to follow such amazing bloggers (KateCazz, MichelleEM, Marlyn and Bee) who actually gives me a bit of confidence. Sure, maybe I should give myself confidence but to be honest these ladies are inspiring. they are all beautiful in their own way!  I RARELY post photos of myself on IG or here on my blog (when i do, its usually half my face or not my face at all) but maybe that will change (maybe photos of me once in a while but not all the time haha. the photo above is a start). Lately, ive felt pretty good about myself. ive been wearing my favorite mascara, putting outfits together and figuring out what brooch to wear next! Sometimes, that's really all it takes to get a boost of confidence. Im doing my best to feel more good about myself! ill make that a goal!

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beam me up, Scotty.

If you read my Past Couple of Days post, i mentioned that friday night was a little Star Trek girls night at my friends house. i also mentioned that i was going to DIY a Trekkie shirt as well. That didn't happen. i had no time to create such a thing. instead, i thought id do a "Star Trek Bound" (in relation to "Disney Bound"). So, of course red and black would have to do it! I also did my Starfleet Insignia brooch and you could see it in the second photo :)!
you probably cant tell, but I went as Montgomery Scott! haha. I had a lot of fun. we watch both movies! We had delicious pizza, chocolate chip cookies and drank ice tea and milk from wine glasses. I hope we do "girls nerd night" again and maybe watch Star Wars this time ;)
Star Trek is probably my favorite movie of the year. Though, until I watched The Worlds End. haha.
Still, Star Trek Into Darkness was brilliant and if you haven't seen it yet, please do!

hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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the sweet sisters

finally, I got to paint and create! :) after I made myself a Starfleet Insignia brooch, I really had no idea what to do after. then I just sat there with a bunch of paint and disc in front of me and started creating. I just began painting on the disc without sketching my ideas down first. Which is actually good and bad. sometimes you get it the way you want it (key word *sometimes*) and other times its look crappy and then you gotta start over. Well, I had about 5 attempts until I came up with these (picture above). So I pretty much wasted 5 of those disc! haha. On the bright side, Im so happy how these turned out! Theyre called the Sweet Sisters. Im pretty sure you can guess why I named them that ;) Theyre exclusive, which means theyre limited and will only create more if people ask me to. Maybe more sisters (with different hair colors & desserts) will be added later on. They have all been added to my shop, so if youre wanting one... click here! yay.

oh yeah, its Friday the 13th. Am I the only one that believes in bad luck on this day?
well, one time on a Friday the 13th I slipped and fell in the shower and I now have a scar on my arm. and Today? I just had a failed attempt in my buying my ticket to the Danny Elfman concert and all I want to do is cry! ugh. :( oh annnnnnd I lost my Dwight brooch before heading to work this morning. I JUST got in yesterday and only wore it for about 4 minutes. it was pinned onto my dress. I remember still seeing it as i walked out of the house. but when I was checking the oil in my car I noticed it had disappeared. I even retraced my steps. I hope I find it. I seriously want to cry even more. hopefully today will get better with Scotty and Captain Kirk on the screen.

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p.s. shortly after I wrote this, I went ahead and tried to purchase my ticket (again) to the concert.. and guess what? I GOT IT! yes! Friday the 13th aint so bad after all ;)

past couple of days

the last time I babysat a 1 year old was 9 years ago. my nephew. haha. My sister took a work trip to Oregon on Monday (she comes home tonight) and brother-in-law works at night. So she asked me to babysit my nephew and two nieces for two nights (Tuesday & Wednesday). I have one word to describe how I feel.. right.. now.. EXHAUSTED. haha. it doesn't help that Monday night I went to bed at 4am :( *short story time: as I was getting ready for bed an ugly spider was crawling on my wall, right next to my bed. I tried to kill it which led to me missing and it ended up falling on my bed. yes, MY BED. so I spent a good while finding it, waiting and trying to kill it. Then there was a moment where I didn't know if I had killed it and I spent that time worrying my butt off and eventually gave up. I still wasn't sure where it went but I slept on the other side of my bed from where I last saw it. I slept so uncomfortably.* Then came Tuesday night. I think my baby niece woke up about 3 times and I don't remember even falling asleep at all. I was even 20 minutes early to work. haha. Last night, however, wasn't too bad at all. I finally slept and my niece woke me up once. On the bright side; spending time with them these past two nights was great. my baby niece seriously makes me smile non-stop.

I posted that quote above on my Instagram, on a picture I took at SF recently. Thought id share it with you all on here. I really like it. Recently ive felt that a lot of people have been looking at themselves a lot and not others. not really looking at others perspectives. this quote is not only for them, but an inspiration to myself as well.

Im ready to finally be in my bed tonight and start working on some more projects. ALSO, have you guys purchased your dvd of Star Trek Into Darkness yet? im getting mine tonight! Im also very excited that my friend is having girls night tomorrow and were going to watch the film while we pig out on pizza and chocolate chip cookies. Im going to go all nerded out and DIY a Trekkie shirt and create myself a Starfleet Insignia - Engineer Officer for non other than Scotty! im so excited haha.

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a tiny giveaway

ive decided to go ahead with the giveaway & do something different later :)
to thank you all for following my blog and for the kindest words, ive decided to do a little itty bitty giveaway. Now this is my first giveaway, which is why its "tiny" haha. I already have ideas for my second giveaway but for now lets see how this one goes ;) ONE lucky winner will get these 2 prizes:
1. One custom Sweet Sister brooch! you get to pick the hair color and dessert. Will be hand-painted on circle shaped wood - measuring 1-1/2" circle disc | 1/8" thick.

2. pick a print! this giveaway includes one of these four 5x7 prints! :) you can find all of them in my online shop, Pretty Clementine. For my love of movies, television and sweets; your choices are: Jonfen from Everything is Illuminated, Daisy from The Great Gatsby, Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project and Ice Cream & Sprinkles.

how to enter:
you must be following my blog, leave a comment on this post telling me which of the four prints is your favorite and some sort of way to contact you if you win! (email, twitter, instagram, etc.).

Friday - September 27th, 2013 - midnight.

spread the word :)
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updated 9/16/13: Sorry for the inconvenience but I have changed it to one winner AND a different brooch since I will be having another giveaway next month.

twenty-three days away

yes, I am counting days until The Vampire Diaries (TVD) comes back on television. ill have a life again! haha. seriously though. One of the things I hate about summer is the fact that my shows are on break. TVD, The Mindy Project, New Girl and I was watching 90210 & Gossip Girl but they ended *sad faced*. The photo above is of my friend, Bonnie, and I with the handsome Steven McQueen (also known as Jeremy Gilbert) at the Vampire Diaries convention. Do any of you watch TVD as well? I am so obsessed and such a huge fan. I think the last time I was *this* obsessed with a show was Gilmore Girls (I wish it would continue. I just want to see Rory's new life and Lorelai and Lukes life together! ugh). anywho, TVD's season 5 premiere is October 3rd / 8pm / on the CW. Also, The Originals (spin-off of TVD) premieres right after TVD at 9pm. IM SOOOO EXCITED!
and since were on the topic of tv shows: The Mindy Project premiere is on September 17th /9:30pm / Fox. im so excited that James Franco will be in the first episode of the second season!
New Girl's 3rd season also premiers on September 17 at 9pm! so near! im so happy Cece didn't end up getting married, her and Schmidt just need to be together already. haha.

what shows are you excited for!?