forgive me

I really hope you aren't getting annoyed at my recent brooch postings! haha. im a little too excited about them.. also its really the only thing ive been working on recently. they have been a lot of fun to paint and its been giving me a boost of creativity. im wanting to keep a bunch of these, then I remember that I can always paint another. haha. my favorite brooches right now are the Mickey ears. I hope to go to Disneyland before the end of the year and rock one of them! Im also thinking of making some super hero brooches with my nephew in mind :) If you want to purchase your very own brooch hand-painted by me, visit my shop Pretty Clementine.
on another note, remember when I told you that I was reading three books? Well, have I ever told you that I get distracted easily when I come across another book? Which explains why I was trying to read three. haha. Well, Simon Pegg (only the love of my life.. totally kidding.. ok, not really.) has a book called Nerd Do Well that I have recently purchased. Ive put the other three books aside and I cant seem to put Simons book down. Im not even halfway done and it has already become one of my favorites. ugh, i adore him so much.

have a lovely Thursday!


  1. YOUR BROOCHES ARE AMAZING! I am going to be buying the Mickey ears and the coffee cup next week. Soo cute.

  2. I will def be wanting one!! So cute!

    x Sara from

  3. will fo'sho be looking to get some!