whats in my bag

ive actually been seeing a bunch of "Whats in my bag" post lately. I think the last one I came across was Sara Elizabeth's post and I adored it. I like that people share things like that, it shows a little more about them and the things they like.
As for my bag; I seriously keep the SAME stuff in my bag. except the books, those rotate from time to time.

// mints. I ALWAYS gotta have some sort of mints on me. You just never know who youre going to be talking to. haha

// tums. I constantly have stomach issues. its been going on for a while. Not sure why that is but it also explains why I don't eat as much as I use to and I really do watch what I eat. If I know that my stomach is gonna go crazy ill stick to soup. (side not: I actually have recurring headaches and migraines, I always take a bunch of advil with me but it couldn't fit in the photo. haha).

// make-up bag. I got this adorable bag at Forever 21. I actually really wanted it in pink but I haven't been able to find it *sad faced*. But I saw the black one and thought it was just as cute :) They have the pink online, so maybe ill get it sometime soon :)

// wallet. of course, my wallet goes with me everywhere. ive been using this one for quite some time. I got it at Forever 21 a while ago. The color is what sold me. I love any type of green (except neon). heres a link to the actual wallet in a different color.

// chapstick. I always gotta have chapstick on me. I hate it when my lips are dry. I think its one of the worst feelings. haha. I use EOS' Strawberry Sorbet. I also use Burt Bees Hibiscus tinted lip balm, which is in my makeup bag.

// lotion. same as above, I hate it when my hands are dry. I cant go 30 minutes without putting lotion on. having dry hands is like nails on a chalkboard for me.

// perfume. I never really use to carry perfume around with me until there were days that I would forget to put it on before work. so, these roll on perfume bottles are perfect to just toss in your purse. I use Marc Jacob's Daisy. my most favorite scent ever. You can get it here.

// books. I either have a book or my sketch book in my purse. but usually its a book. this time its Simon Pegg's "Nerd Do Well", as ive mentioned before.

so, now I want to know.. whats in your bag?
leave me a comment and let me know if you posted one on your blog, id love to see :)

p.s. I wanted to mention to all of my readers how much I appreciate you all, all of your amazing comments and for even following me. Im incredibly thankful and it really means a lot to me. so, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Awh that bag is so cute!!! I almost bought it a few weeks ago!

    I recently did a post like this too on my little blog. :)

    1. buy it! so worth it! :) haha

      I saw your post, adored it, I actually mentioned you above :)

  2. I think I'll do a what's in my bag post soon too.

    My bag has...well, it depends on which size bag I have! Constants are my phone, 3DS, chapstick and maybe some candy

  3. I love your make up bag, such a cute print!

    Lovely blog, now following you :)

    Amelia x

    1. thank you :) and thanks so much for following!