i left my heart in..

Hello lovely bloggers :) How was your Labor Day weekend? Mine was pretty nice. Friday and Saturday we celebrated my nephews birthday. Saturday night we watched some of the VMA performances, I really wanted to see Nsync again. haha. After church on Sunday, some of my friends and I made a trip to good ol San Francisco. We ate at one of our favorite spots, Buckhorn Grill (mmm), and then walked around while we stopped at some shops (including Lush and Urban Outfitters). After that we headed over to the Pier were we watched gymnast do some daring moves on the streets, ate clam chowder for dinner, played at Musee Mecanique and had Ghirardelli's ice cream for dessert. It was a pretty long day but fun. The photos above are my favorite shots from the day. On Labor day I didn't do much but stay home and then headed over to my sisters where we watched Tyler Perry's Temptation and Argo. Both are really good by the way. One part of Argo I got up and started pacing back and forth in the living room having crazy anxiety haha. I cant even imagine if I watched it in the theaters. haha. I really want to buy that movie, it was really good.

Those of you who are wanting to purchase some brooches, they will be added to my shop by 6pm tonight :)
Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday!

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  1. who doesn't love Lush and Urban Outfitters ;)
    sounds like a fun trip