Birthday Wish List

So, like i have said before.. i have been pretty indecisive with my birthday plans. I finally decided today that i didnt want to do any party anymore, but i will be spending the saturday before my birthday at the Walt Disney Family Museum in SF. I love that museum, so what better way to spend my birthday? :)
Heres a collage i made of the things that i want for my birthday. I think the only thing i could afford would be Mindy Kalings book. haha. but it doesnt hurt to dream :)
Top, left - right : Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling, I'm All Cheers Dress in Sundae Best, BIRKELAND.
Bottom, left - right : R├ůSKOG, Girl's Heart Sweater, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Art and Creation of Walt Disney's Classic Animated Film Book.


Adorable Pinterest Favorites

If anyone can tell me the name of these flowers, id love you forever.
I saw this picture on pinterest a while back but it didnt have the name of the flowers.
This has got to be one of the most cutest things ever.
definitely doing this at my wedding some day or simply at a party!

My favorite colors together are rosey-pink/brown colors with gold! I LOVE IT! This picture i found off pinterest caught my eyes immediatly. Such a usefull picture for the color palette! I especially love the macarons (im a sucker for those)! :)
my ideal wedding ceremony is a tie between an old school carnival setting or a picnic type setting with a big inflatable (sp?) screen playing mine (and my future husbands) favorite films. or maybe even both? haha. anyways, i found this picture on Pinterest as well and its just simply perfect.
my ideal cake would be a Disney type of cake! haha or somethine nice - yet playful! BUT i dont mind having something very simple like this cake above. Pink and gold - FTW.
I had saved a photo of an UP cake i saw while back on my phone. But now i cant find it!
I claimed it as my wedding cake or birthday cake since im not getting married anytime soon, haha.
I found this photo on Pinterest, an UP party. This is adorable and the cake im talking about is sitting right there on that table!
pretty pastels always catch my attention!! and this photo is just lovely!
a mint green bridesmaids dress and gorgeous flowers! i die!
and last but not least, another favorite: music sheets holding the confetti. I mean, really? This, im stealing for sure!



yes, i got my coffee today :)
and if you have not tried the Margherita Crossaint from Starbucks... YOU MUST!




Almost a year ago, The Avengers movie came out (May something)! I think i saw it about 5 times in the theater. a little too much? haha no! Same record i have with seeing Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Yeah, im really into movies. haha.
Well for my friends birthday last year i had drawn him his favorite character from The Avengers, Hulk. This was tricky, because, well.. i have never drawn the Hulk before. I posted the final drawing on my Instagram, but wanted to show you some of the process.


Edward Unfinished

I began a new drawing of my version of non other than Edward Scissorhands and Kim.
But i have yet to finish it. Not sure if i have ever posted it, but heres the unifinished drawings.


No Coffee Tuesday

No coffee tuesday?
pretty much says it all! i didnt have my ice caramel macchiato yesterday or had any dose of coffee whats so ever! Its really insane how much of a difference makes without drinking it - because i was soooo exhausted the entire day! and by 9pm i wanted to crash! I can stay up till 1am! thats how much i am addicted to coffee. haha. that is so bad.
I figured a Jamba Juice would help.. but, no =/


Birthday Party: Disney

So, im pretty much indecisive at the moment. haha.
My birthday is really soon and im not sure if i could go through with a 1940's party.
I figured id do something pretty easy and fast!
hmmm.. so why not have a Disney party?
i mean, im such a big fan.. it just makes sense!
decorations are easy to find! and dressing up in our favorite characters, DISNEYBOUND style is so much easier than finding 1940's outfits! at least for me and my friends.
Just hope they all participate! im going to make it MANDITORY! haha.
My first choice for my Disneybound outfit is non other than Roger Rabbit! My second is Pinocchio!
BUUUUUT im leaning towards being Roger Rabbit :)
Of course, im totally tweaking this! haha
With sleeves for my white button up, a red skirt, red suspenders, a blue with yellow polkadot bow tie (instead of a headband), white flats and a yellow purse!
Hopefully i can find a bunny pin to put on my suspenders :)
here are also some great ones!

all photos were taken off google and pinterest

Fitness log: 2

Sunday 3/24:
- Eliptical // 15 mins - 6 resistance
- Leg Press // 3 sets 15 reps
- Squats // 3 sets 10 reps


Girls Luncheon

Yesterday my girl-friends and i decided to do a girls luncheon!
Wished a lot of the girls got to go, but was glad some of them made it!
We ate at one of my favorite places, Black Bear Diner!
There is one located in my town, that just opened not too long ago!
I got my usual, Country Fried Steak, but the breakfast version this time!
Their menus are newspapers! :)

After we ate, we headed to non other than.... STARBUCKS.
everyone knows i need my coffee, haha.
After that, we headed to the mall where we did some shopping!
I bought a wallet from Forever 21, ill try to post that some time today.
Im in love!
Anywho.. to make the girls luncheon simply amazing, we took a picture with the Easter bunny =P
we had some good laughs! :)

1940's Inspiration

My birthday is in about 3 and a half weeks or something! Already?
I have been super obsessed with Big Band music and the 1940's era!
Sooooooo.. for my birthday this year i want to have a 1940's Big Band theme!
I went extra crazy on google, searching for pictures and ideas!
Here are some photos that i have been inspired by