Universal Studios - day trip

my friends and i decided to do a day trip to Universal Studios: Hollywood. Though it was extremely fun it was incredibly exhausting. We left Saturday morning around 3:45am, arrived at Universal Studios around 8:30am, left Universal Studios around 8sih pm and got home around 3:30am. it was a very very very, did i mention very? long day.

the beautiful sunrise we got to witness.
we have arrived!!

first stop: Studio Tour!
my favorite ride out of the whole park.
i would say Transformers, but i love movies so much that i could spend all day learning about them.
We actually rode the Tram ride twice, because the first time we rode it they actually didnt show us a lot of the tour, apparently a tram had gotten stuck in the King Kong ride =/
but they fixed it! and they ended up giving us a "front of the line" pass! :)
some of us rode the Transformers ride for the first time! i gotta say, it was awesome!! ended up riding it twice!! so awesome!
my friends and i got these awesome sweaters for our trip!
(i just noticed that i said "awesome" way too many times, haha) 
Transformers sweaters with Autobots and Decepticons logos with a Transformer nickname!
mine was Razz, after the Autobot "Jazz" :)

Studio Tour: War of the Worlds scene

Studio Tour: Jaws

Studio Tour: Psycho.
the cool part about this one was that there was an actor!
he even came after us with a knife, haha. scary!
Studio Tour: where old horror movies were shot. 

WaterWorld show!
Simpsons Ride: love it!!
my friend, Felicia.
more details.
The DeLorean is usually seen in the Studio Tour but they pulled it out and displayed it!
i was so happy i got to see it up close!! just wish i could sit inside! :)

my friend, Tiff and i with the handsome Jimmy Fallon.
The End :)

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