Girls Luncheon

Yesterday my girl-friends and i decided to do a girls luncheon!
Wished a lot of the girls got to go, but was glad some of them made it!
We ate at one of my favorite places, Black Bear Diner!
There is one located in my town, that just opened not too long ago!
I got my usual, Country Fried Steak, but the breakfast version this time!
Their menus are newspapers! :)

After we ate, we headed to non other than.... STARBUCKS.
everyone knows i need my coffee, haha.
After that, we headed to the mall where we did some shopping!
I bought a wallet from Forever 21, ill try to post that some time today.
Im in love!
Anywho.. to make the girls luncheon simply amazing, we took a picture with the Easter bunny =P
we had some good laughs! :)

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