Birthday Party: Disney

So, im pretty much indecisive at the moment. haha.
My birthday is really soon and im not sure if i could go through with a 1940's party.
I figured id do something pretty easy and fast!
hmmm.. so why not have a Disney party?
i mean, im such a big fan.. it just makes sense!
decorations are easy to find! and dressing up in our favorite characters, DISNEYBOUND style is so much easier than finding 1940's outfits! at least for me and my friends.
Just hope they all participate! im going to make it MANDITORY! haha.
My first choice for my Disneybound outfit is non other than Roger Rabbit! My second is Pinocchio!
BUUUUUT im leaning towards being Roger Rabbit :)
Of course, im totally tweaking this! haha
With sleeves for my white button up, a red skirt, red suspenders, a blue with yellow polkadot bow tie (instead of a headband), white flats and a yellow purse!
Hopefully i can find a bunny pin to put on my suspenders :)
here are also some great ones!

all photos were taken off google and pinterest

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