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Lately, i have been having a grand time drawing.
Mostly because im starting to develop a new style (i.e. numbers 1 & 4).
I picked four of my favorite right now, that are available in my shop.

So todays post, i would like to share some info on these 4 pieces.

1. BFF - Minnie and Daisy: I am a huge Disney fan and i have been trying to figure out how else can i incorporate Disney into my work. Well, since ive been practing my new style.. i decided to draw something Disney-ish with it.
So, i started off with a girl dressed as Minnie Mouse & eating Disneylands famous Mickey Mouse ice cream. OH, then i drew a girl dressed as Daisy Duck out of the blue, I also drew her holding Disneylands incredible churro! I was just at Disneyland 2-3 weeks ago, sooooo i was craving that churro pretty badly while drawing that. I guess that was my inspiration. haha.
During the process of Daisy i then thought of putting them both together and making this a Disney BFF print. You can find this beauty in my shop!

2. Ice Cream Head: So, for those of you who do not know, i love dessert. I am a huge donut fan but ice cream would be my other lover. I drew Ice Cream Head as a doodle & colored it with color pencils. I fell in love with it so much that i decided to make it into a print! You can find this print in my shop.

3. Postcards: I just recently decided to add postcards to my shop! it took me a while because i really didnt know what type of art i wanted to display on them. Not to long ago i finished 4 paintings, i actually feel that theyre probably some of my best work and if someone decides to purchase the original paintings ill never see them again.. or other people wont get to see them or purchase them. So, i turned those 4 paintings into postcards :) you can find a pack of all four postcards here, available in my shop! Also, the original paintings: Ms Winona Winchcombe, Ms Bianca Bunny, Ms Delilah Dillingham, Ms Scarlett Skunk.

4. Donuts Does the Body Good: Of course, donut lover over here. that was pretty much my inspiration for this print! It took me a while to figure out if i should add some color to it or not! but i love the black and white simplicity to it and wanted to at least make the donut pop! So this is what i got! :)



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