Sketches into prints

These sketches arnt new, but thought id make them into prints! My sketches are sloppy but are also my favorites! I will add these (plus more) to the shop tomorrow! :)

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica

my monday night sketch before bed time. missing the office dearly, so i thought id sketch Jim as Dwight. :)

Flo's Circus Party!

Yesturday was my best friends birthday! She threw a circus themed party with a face painter! Duh! it wouldnt be a Felicia party without a face painter. Yes, we're grown people who still waits in line to get our face painted. haha. The party was so much fun! Here are some photos from my phone:






Prints added to the shop!

Im about to add some more prints to my shop Pretty Clementine! If you havent taken a look, please do, i have a lot of pretty things in store :) Also, i have reduced the price of my 5x7 prints!


Rosa Clementine Logo Pins

So excited! You can now purchase Rosa Clementine pins! I had these made especially for the RAW San Jose showcase! They were a hit! If you want to purchase your own, you can here!

Also, a post about my showcase experience and images will be up soon!!

Happy 13th Birthday to my niece

 My niece turned 13 today! oh my word. I cant believe it, shes so grown! Time flies so quick and it really makes you think to savor all the time you have with your loved ones. For her birthday dinner she decided to go to Spaghetti Factory. I swear the only time i go to the Old Spaghetti Factory is for my nieces or nephews birthday. haha. Seems to be the popular choice for them. I think my favorite part about that restaurant is the ice cream at the end (insert smiley face with heart eyes emoji)! I always get Spumoni! mmmmm. We had a great dinner! i gave her a card with a little coupon saying "this coupon entitles you to: a trip to yogurtland and a movie (your choice)" haha she liked it :) hopefully i will get to take her soon :)

Theres always money in the Banana stand

Is anyone else an Arrested Development fan? That show gives me so much feels. haha. Im a huge fan so that pretty much inspired this sketch. Since my art show is coming up in about a week, im thinking of creating new pieces based on my favorite tv shows and movies. Im pretty excited and i will try to post some photos and more sketches throughout the process.
Here are some ideas i have so far:
  • Arrested Development
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Mindy Project
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Hot Fuzz
  • Back to the Future
  • Hearts in Atlantis
So thats what i got so far and will try to whip something up tonight. Im also thinking of adding a bunch of old Hollywood film inspirations. I will have to go through and see which films i want to do! yay! :)


Fast 6 + Like Crazy

Tyrese Gibson (Roman) in Fast & Furious 6

Sunday, i FINALLY watched Fast & Furious 6! WOW. I pretty much didnt care that there were a ton of other people in the theater because i kept gasping & saying "omg" "noooo!" out loud! haha. It was pretty amazing and i recommend it! I cant believe how many Fast & Furious movies there are, its insane! haha. But this movie really lived up to the hype.
Anton Yelchin (Jacob) & Felicity Jones (Anna) in Like Crazy

I also got to watch Like Crazy sunday night. This movie isnt new, but i have been wanting to see it for a while and just found out that it was on Netflix. If you havent heard of it, its an indie film starring Anton Yelchin & Felicity Jones - directed by Drake Doremus. Its about two young college students who fall in love but distance seems to get in their way. I loved the film. I think it showed so much realness of the struggles and love between a couple.


Tea Party Wonderland: Finale Part 1

So, i have been working on my nieces birthday for like a week and Saturday was the big ol day! Some of my decor didnt go as planned because well.. i didnt realize how exhausted i was going to be AND i cant even tell you how hot it was Saturday. oh, my, goodness. Decorating outside was such a pain, i could only last about 5 minutes before i started to sweat like crazy. haha. I did what i could and im pretty satisfied but most importantly, my niece had a great time! :)

displays: these were printed on construction paper then glued on cardboard for support. It was kind of tough time trying to find good quality pictures of the characters, so i searched Alice in Wonderland coloring pages or printables and found just plain black and white pictures. I saved them, then vectored them on Illustrater and then colored them myself. Not sure if there is a much simpler way, but that was simple enough for me and the quality came out perfect!
Alice in Wonderland props: made from construction paper.
 I found all of the tea cups at Good Will! $0.99/each!

 I also used those vectored Alice characters and made them into stickers. Plus, a little tea pot with my nieces name.
 The backdrop for the photobooth, which i didnt get much time to work on :(
 favors: cut and hot glued an adorable fabric to make into little baggys then filled with gumballs and gummy bears.
 Simple Strawberries and Cream cake i made for my neice.
it was a super long week and day but overall it was a lot of fun and im glad my niece had a great time :)