Tea Party Wonderland: Finale Part 1

So, i have been working on my nieces birthday for like a week and Saturday was the big ol day! Some of my decor didnt go as planned because well.. i didnt realize how exhausted i was going to be AND i cant even tell you how hot it was Saturday. oh, my, goodness. Decorating outside was such a pain, i could only last about 5 minutes before i started to sweat like crazy. haha. I did what i could and im pretty satisfied but most importantly, my niece had a great time! :)

displays: these were printed on construction paper then glued on cardboard for support. It was kind of tough time trying to find good quality pictures of the characters, so i searched Alice in Wonderland coloring pages or printables and found just plain black and white pictures. I saved them, then vectored them on Illustrater and then colored them myself. Not sure if there is a much simpler way, but that was simple enough for me and the quality came out perfect!
Alice in Wonderland props: made from construction paper.
 I found all of the tea cups at Good Will! $0.99/each!

 I also used those vectored Alice characters and made them into stickers. Plus, a little tea pot with my nieces name.
 The backdrop for the photobooth, which i didnt get much time to work on :(
 favors: cut and hot glued an adorable fabric to make into little baggys then filled with gumballs and gummy bears.
 Simple Strawberries and Cream cake i made for my neice.
it was a super long week and day but overall it was a lot of fun and im glad my niece had a great time :)



  1. It’s impossible for anyone to hate your party! Your artistic talent and love for Disney characters really made this one a day to remember for your niece. I wonder if you can make stuff for a Mickey tea party. I already purchased tea leaves yesterday. They're just waiting for the tea party on Sunday! :)


    1. haha aww thank you so much!! i love throwing theme parties and when i get the chance i try to make it as pretty as possible! :)
      Hopefully there are more tea party themes in my future!

  2. I love the party favors! I'm sure this idea will make my daughter's party a lot more interesting! We'll keep the content a secrets, but we plan to order toys from an online wholesaler. They're giving away great deals for party accessories.


  3. You did such an amazing job. I'd kill to have a party like that. The decorations are all so cool and the little gift bags and that cake. Yumm